Bernie Cruz debate

Is anyone watching the Bernie Cruz debate?

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I'd like to remind you all that Bernie Sanders is just a Chavista and Social Democracy can't work in the 21st century.

Chaves actually did peasant co-ops and nationalised industry.
Berno is the lowest-tier socdem in yoropean standards, except when he's larping as debs.

then why are lower-class Venezuelans struggling to find food in some places?


doesn't sound like nationalized industry and co-ops to me

didn't this happen months ago?

no the one today it's, just the pic from a last time.

Reminder Bernie is considered “far-left” by most burgers.


mr. social democrat bullet point guy vs. mr. we should run America as a third world country

both are idiots

there'd be nothing to learn

like seriously Sanders, he's not a bad guy, but he is reallly slow, leave this debate for the normies

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There's no way anybody buys that shit, is there?

I have family that take it dead serious. One of them is a political science major that thinks Obama was a Marxist.

It's America a lot of us sadly buy that shit.


That is not possible, you would never be able to get a degree if you believed neolibs have anything to do with Marx

he was a Marxist, just not by the time he actually had a political career and became president.

polsci is a really shit major. Ben Shapiro has a degree in it and he thinks Keynesian economics is giving poor people free money and that Hitler was inspired by Karl Marx.

Yeah wasn't he like a pot smoking teenager before all the politics shit?

This guy seriously believes this shit. He also tells me that global warming is actually God's wrath and it's a sign of the Rapture. I hate rural Pennsylvania so much.

Global warming really is God's Erath though.

Fucking phone I meant wrath

im in polisci right now. I've found that since they present politics as a soft science thats pluralistic what happens is they give you an overview of the several different theories, and then you sort of just take what you want from it. it gets pretty frustrating after a while cause theres not a lot of right answers its all just theories. so what happens a lot is people will form a general opinion like conservatism for example and since theres no "right" answer just basically cherry pick theories that they like and use shit they learn to further inflate and back up their already established opinion. it is incredibly frustrating sometimes.

is there a more pathetic display of liberal naivete and delusion?

oh yeah, well i believe this!

two people farting on stage would have the same value

You gotta educate people over there.

Fuck of christ fag

they did not nationalize industry
they did export-oriented industrialization instead of import substitution
the fascist opposition burned 1,400 tonnes of grain


Educating is pretty hard, but I try to do it as well as I can. You have to tiptoe around certain issues because years of Fox News have wired them to think that anything gubbment or public related is communism.


different user but this is what t've found
not nearly 1400 tons but its something, and its also not the first time the opposition was caught destroying food

Yes, and that is why achieving socialism through reforms will never work

That article pretty much has the definition of "not caught", they didn't find anyone or any evidence leading to a person who might have burned the food, or anything to prove whether it was someone that supported the opposition or a group of Lithuanian basketball players.

What, do you think the government burned its own food supply to frame the opposition?

The governor said it. That's all that they have. They were close enough to identify the attackers as two men linked to the opposition armed with molotov cocktails, but they had enough time to burn 40 or 50 tons of food and escape in a city with a population density of 8100/km2?

The articles aren't even consistent, most articles say 50 tons but that one says 40 tons.

If they didn't frame anyone it'd just be yet another strategy imported from the Russians.

Wait, I got the wrong city. When you actually see the place on Google Maps, doing all that and getting away with it sounds even harder.

To the people who criticize Bernie for being a SuccDem (especially Europeans) , how likely would you consider it that he's just hiding his power level?

Remember, American politics were fucked by two Red Scares. After serving as the gilded beacon of Capitalism for half a century, we've just started to bring actual leftism back into the political vernacular.

Combined with the fact that almost everyone is politically illiterate, anything left of Social Democracy would currently be political suicide.

As long as a guys is charismatic even communism would be accepted by the US population. Thats why the left needs their own Hitler(only in oratory ability) when the inevitable crash happens

No, that's fucking retarded because when the powers that be set him up to fail then his ideas will go down with it. When you rest your entire political stance on one dude's shoulders it's bound to fail. Conservatives always have the political advantage because they're entire ideology is based on projections and tribalism, they don't actually have to do any of the things they say or improve anything, they just have to not be the other guy and scream about how horrible change is because muh good ol' days. All it takes is one popular actual lefty politician to have a single skeleton (real or planted by the CIA) in their closet and the public will turn their back on them.


Right-wing images that ironically support communism are my favorites

Bernie did score a lot of points I believe, in the two answers. How he responded to the Danish guy and the obese guy who wanted tax cuts for all Americans were great responses. Ted Cruz's uncomfortable smirks and smiles were cringy and telling.

Refusing to defend election integrity by contesting election fraud and defending people who had their votes suppressed is going a little beyond "hiding his power level".