The ‘Final Solution’ was deportation and not extermination

Can these 4 arguments be refuted? I don't know much about the Holocaust (next to nothing).

I made a thread on 4/pol/ and these were some of the answers/arguments I got in relation the the legitimacy of the holocaust. I wanted to hear from you guys though. What are your thoughts on these arguments and the holocaust in general? Can you refute these 4 arguments?

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There are documents upon documents and telegrams explicitly ordering for extermination, either through outright violence or hard labor. Even if true, a "small" number of Jews being killed does not refute that there was at the very least a planned holocaust. Hitler not signing something doesn't prove that that thing never happened. There's also more than enough testimony, even from Nazi officials who really had nothing to lose by telling the complete truth, to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it happened.

Those are claims, user. Not arguments.

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here you go….
literally rips the entire denier narrative to shreds with no please to emotion


also this

No, the final solution was when they switched from the former to the latter. They originally wanted to deport them but as shit started going south, they said "fuck it, kill 'em all."
Yes they were.
Only if you consider about 6 million a small number. Maybe those figures are inflated by Zionists, but it's not far off. The total deaths in concentration camps was closer to 12 million in total (it wasn't just Jews).
Actually the important implication here is that something like the Holocaust doesn't need one crazy man in power to decree it. All it needs is rampant bigotry and nationalist programming, combined with strain on the infrastructure from war, at which point the enforcers will find it more expedient to just fucking murder people. We have a common view of Nazis as being similar to the KKK or similar racists who overtly advocate extermination, but that wasn't their program. Their program was deportation, and nationalism only had to be that extreme for the Holocaust to happen under the circumstances of WWII. So the lesson is we need to be more sensitive to nationalism not less.

Serious question, is it possible to believe in the Holocaust and believe Jews actually do run the West? This where I think I lie tbh

i dont honest know and/or care tbh
you can believe whatever you want for all i care
but eh at least read all of what i linked ok?

I believe the Holocaust happened because I’m not a history brainlet. I consider myself a communist but you can’t deny how prominent Zionism is in burgerland politics. 30% of America’s billionaires are Jewish and Jewish capitalists control 1/3 of Canada’s total capital. Jews make up at least 11% of the worlds billionaires.

I’m not even a revisionist, I think 4-6 million is a pretty good number but the blank check the West has given Israel to commit genocides and atrocities across the world is ridiculous. No one who knows Israeli history in-depth would even disagree their insanely influential for a shitty country on the Mediterranean with only 6 million people and higher inequality/lower wages than the US.

I agree with you that that document is pretty good, I’ve seen it before and read most of it.

So Zionism is just one of a variety of different nationalist ideologies, they just happen to be disproportionately powerful relative to most countries of a similar size. Holla Forums and other conspiritards would have you believe that's due to Autism Level or whatever, but it's really a ploy by western interests to destabilize the region geopolitically. Ever wonder why Israel gets so much aid? It's not because our politicians suck kike cocks (well actually it kinda is, but they don't do it because they enjoy it, they do it because it furthers their policy interests).

It's possible to believe anything if you're retarded.

That's not what zionism is though

oh well of course Zionism dominates Burgerland and some parts of europe
since the industrial revolution Protestantism and zionism have been more or less full intertwined thus the massive influence these zionist groups like AIPAC hold in the US and a few more places
i agree fully
imo that goes to show just how susceptible capitalism is to cronyism and nepotism and having family cliques that hold massive wealth then anything
obvious other factors have to be taken into account like the history of banking/usury etc

the important thing overall is to not confuse a raving Zionist or a rich banker with the average Israeli/jew

can't deny what you haven't showed proofs of inb4 gaylystormer, dildowars, blogs, youtube and the pisswater
Published in the Israeli edition of Forbes, I wonder why it wasn’t published in English?

Pg.14 “The Power of Israel Over the United States” James Petra’s

While the US has the greatest number of billionaires, China is fast catching up.
Despite China’s advances, the US remains the center of world capitalism with the greatest concentration of wealth, as well as the greatest and growing inequalities. One reasonably can argue that who controls US wealth controls the world.
‘Jews’ among the Top 25 Multi-Billionaires in the US
A review of the top 10 US multi-billionaires finds four who are identified as ‘Jews’: Mark Zuckerberg with $56 billion, Larry Ellison with $52.2 billion, Michael Bloomberg with $47.5 billion and Sergey Brin $39.4 billion. In other words 40% of the super-richest Americans are ‘Jews’ while 60% are non-Jews. Among the top ten in the US, billionaire Jews with a total of $195.1 billion are collectively less rich than the top billionaire Gentiles who own $282.7 billion.
Of the top 25 multi-billionaires in the US, 11 of the 25 are Jews. In other words ‘the Jews’ represent 44% of the top 25 biggest billionaires - outnumbered by Gentiles but catching up.

Zionism isn’t confined to Palestine and the Middle East. It has worldwide ambitions. How many of the Jews in the US and Canada on that list are active Zionists? It’s hard to know. Whether they are supporters of Zionism or not they benefit from the Zionist program to spread Jewish supremacy and promote a rising Jewish elite wherever it can be found and tie its cart to Israel.

Every imperialist power dreams of world domination and Israel is not an exception. What is the goal of Israel today? For the most extreme faction within it it is to fragment the Arab states, finish ethnically cleansing the Palestinians and build “greater Israel”

What will be the goal of “Greater Israel”? It will seize or effectively control the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. It will grab a hold of World oil supplies and the world powers that will suffer least are: US, Canada, UK, and Russia. All countries with major oil industries and a prominent Jewish elite. Norway is the only major oil producer in Europe that lacks substantial Jewish representation in its upper-class but it will not oppose Zionism.

I basically agree with everything you say here. No Jewish worker should ever be harmed for the policy of the criminal Zionist elite.

I want nazbols off this board.

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