Several police vehicles, an armored tactical vehicle...

Yo m8 you should really have a title or something. Or have the big ==RED TEXT== to catch people's attention.


lol another commie coup stopped in a foreign country hostile to the usa. good job to their police and all boys in blue in the free world. fuck you antifa


I don't know man, given the average burger intelligence there's a good chance he's sincere.

I don't know why the hell you would do disaster relief as Anti-Fascists instead of something more explicit like IWW or a lefty political party.

I don't know why the hell you would raid a disaster relief organization instead of something more explicit like domestic right-wing groups or a former lockheed martin employee who killed 58 people.

so whens the "revolution" happening ehh?

puerto ricans aren't human. go back 4/pol/, conservative embarrassment.


When the fuck will these people learn to arm themselves with high power guns, body armor, and powerful IEDs?

Is this what the Masketta Men from two days ago was for?


Probably when cops just start executing them and all the liberals run back home to their parents' suburban mcmansions

>tfw/mfw the establishment feels so threatened by independent crypto-anarchistic parallel-organization which make their lopsided efforts seem obsolete and inefficient, that they employ near-literal mob-tactics to put pressure on those who dare to compete in their heroic business of saving people.
You'd expect any government would more or less without question or doubt accept and celebrate all additional assistance that arrives. Hell, most local leaders would gladly suggest opening formal lines of communication with the organizations in order to coordinate the relief efforts more efficiently.



fuggin saved


Mark it well, because this is what's gonna happen in the USA when shit starts to fail and people can't get food and water. The military-style cops and national guard will be killing/arresting Americans who organize to feed everyone or create networks of protection from violence when the infrastructure fails. Cap this post.