Are jobs the biggest spook of our time? It seems to me that almost everything can be justified by jobs. Not just the tax cuts to the "job creators" or "restructuring" to "save" jobs, but even everyday things. At around high school, sometimes sooner, everything must be connected to your future job. Grades, extracurricular activities, don't waste a single moment because you will forever fall behind the others! You should get fit and meditate to increase your productivity, and don't forget to go on vacations once in a while so you can start working again with refreshed energy! You have a hobby? Make sure it's something that looks good on your CV. Take care of your self-brand! They are not even trying to hide the fact that you are a commodity anymore.

At the same time hating your job seems to be a pretty universal sentiment. Of course it's not something you would talk about. It's impolite, you don't want to remind others of their own misery. Could we use this as an opportunity? A widespread, open refusal of jobs would shake capitalism. It seems like a good way to go forward.

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a-are you implying that strikes are good thing? who would have known, especially on leftist forum?


Strikes are a refusal to work, not jobs.

you can do this as a note on your experience with something

have you ever had a job before

In fact strikes usually are refusal of work for better jobs.

You mean like going off the grid?

There a lot of things workers can do to completely fuck up capitalism in like a week, tops. It's just the amount of ideology is too strong and everybody is blind to how much power they really have. Plus it would take agitation on a massive scale.

*imports cheap labour*
*cuts welfare benefits*
nuthin personnel OP

yeah, I wonder why contributing to society is so valued OP. It's a mystery

But it's a sentiment that's already existing just needs to be clarified and amplified.

People wouldn't be able to buy comodities anymore, and then it becomes a starvation game.

Honestly hostile worker takeover of industry is what's going to have to happen.

Not in most of Burgerstan, a lot of people legitimatley believe the economy runs on e trepeneurs and ideas, this is something drilled into us very early on in school, you either have good ideas, or you fight hard to get good jobs is something that was literally taught to me in 6th grade.


I know what you feel, OP. Please listen to my story

I know I am moving in a very good direction I probably need, I just had to share my story because I feel I am too fucking deep in this point. Studying about design process, branding, marketing etc. necessary for preparing for better jobs (my current job has me stuck in my hometown, pretty much alone and friendless, I need to make a move soon or I'll start drinking myself to death again) has pulled me in so deep into capitalist ideology that I am afraid of becoming a ruthless monster that only thrives on success. I didn't use to be like this. I used to be a boy who just liked to fucking draw - I feel like under socialism, I could be just like that.

I am deeply sorry for such a long story, thanks for everyone who was patient to read :ˇ)

*sells commodities to other capitalists and wagecucks that didn't decide to voluntarily starve for Jesus Marx*
*watches as commie wagecucks starve to death*


you mean yourself or me?




This hits me man. I don't know how people are supposed to reconcile that their lives become, at one point or another, just a continual collection of capital until they die and you're expected to just put aside any personal goals that didn't involve making more money or marketing yourself.
I can't even imagine how things would be better in a socialist society though. I just wish more people could freely engage in what interests or actually effects them without starving or taking on massive debt.

I'm pretty sure he was playing along m8.


You forgot:

*gives UBI*

nat soc is best soc

Exactly how it feels sometimes. My greatest dream and personal goal in the beginning was to learn how to draw or paint really good, but it was crushed when I learned that people may say nice things about your drawings or paintings but nobody really appreciates that shit unless you have superhuman connections. By appreciating, I don't mean them even buying it, but not even considering it as a useful skill in the design field at large, when compared to all these people who are tech savvy or business-oriented.

Makes it hard to imagine how good it might be under socialism - I would imagine myself living in the small commune of other poets, artists and such, where we would learn to draw or paint beautiful, somewhat realistic pieces and give them away for people who would love to have them as centerpiece of their living quarters or working spaces.


read Manifest Gegen Die Arbeit by Gruppe Krisis

the economy is a tool of political control and

“Society no longer exists, at least in the sense of a differentiated whole. There is only a tangle of norms and mechanisms through which THEY hold together the scattered tatters of the global biopolitical fabric, through which THEY prevent its violent disintegration. Empire is the administrator of this desolation, the supreme manager of a process of listless implosion.”

it was an accident, sorry if I stole that get from someone who deserved it more (like from someone posting in OC cyclical)

Most jobs in modern society are service sector shit which contributes NOTHING to society.


this is terrible

Is it any good? I thought they were considered to be pretty bad.

the thing is, is anyone who actually thinks that worth listening to?

Holla Forums-sensei

Little Rumia is the cutest and also a leftcom


How is she leftcom

It's pretty much an anti-work manifesto.

The second part of my post that was in quotes is from another group, Tiqqun. What I mean to say is, work is among the mechanisms that holds 'society' together.

What is it that the Job is? A job is activity of accumulation of economic and social power. I don't think it could be called a spook, considering it's a necessary condition for having any sort of survival as well as independent agency.

People are annoyed by their station in society, its' balance of power. And the job gets the hit first.

Well, striking did shake it quite alot. That said, you need to be sure someone wouldn't be overjoyed to do your job.

Nice read.

So, I see you are still spooked a bit.
and then you grew up.

Is having a concrete aspect means it cannot be a spook?

bumb, interesting thread

Nigga you need labour in commie land and porky land.

Also what you are proposing is anarcho-syndicalism I believe, in which job and all that you mentioned is still necessary.

Become the child love of Robert Owen and Chester A. Arthur and do stuff.


But the Fatherland has a concrete aspect too, yet it's still a spook.

Keep up with the news, communicate with other communists, lurk here. It's good to keep in touch with fellow comrades as to lose your class consciousness. Channel some of your creativity into revolutionary art.

I AM SURE 100% that any socialist org/left online community/leftist meme page needs talented people who are good at art and graphic design for agit-prop, etc. Your skills have uses in the struggle man. Use them!

*as NOT to lose