Unironically desiring a system of government that starves its people

Do you guys just hate eating or something.

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you seem lost user, >>>/liberty/ is thataway

Yeah, what a horrible system, I mean, what kind of person would support such a horrible fucking system, ya know?

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*February 26th letter from Kramer****

Harvard University Press sent me your e-mail correspondence about The Black Book of Communism. The points you raise in No. 1 and No. 2 are certainly correct. My original translation of these passages used the European symbol for "per thousand" (as the French edition did), but evidently the typesetter wasn't accustomed to the symbol and read it as "percent" rather than "per thousand." I should have noticed the erroneous switch when I looked over the galley proofs. I appreciate your drawing the misprint to our attention. It will be fixed in the next printing of the book.

Best regards,

Mark Kramer
Director, Harvard Project on Cold War Studies
Senior Associate, Davis Center for Russian Studies
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

February 27, 2001

Dear Mark Kramer, ed. & Gail Graves, Harvard University Press:

We received Mark Kramer's letter of February 26th agreeing to fix the most egregious errors in the "Black Book of Communism" that claimed that 15% of the people of China died in a single year in the Great Leap and 29% in 1960. (p. 495) Since the note did not indicate what would be done before the next printing of the book, we would like to inquire if you can publish an erratum before the next printing, at least on your web site.

Expansion of point 2 from original letter

Our original letter to you is now available permanently at prisoncensorship.info/archive/etext/agitation/blackbook/blackb.html

Pic related is the guy that wrote Gulag Archipielago. There weren't even 110 million Russians in the Soviet Union when Stalin died.


But that's wrong you silly goose.

But we don't desire Capitalism.



Average calorie intake in the USSR was higher than in the USA.

You are right, Churchill is is evil SOB

Only tankies support that.

The holodomor was good and necessary in order to eradicate the kulak class

Jesus cane, why pirate flags are always the biggest liberal on this board?

They were both right tbh

Neck yourself.

A little starvation wouldn't hurt you, Holla Forums neckbeard.

Yeah, I cant really understand why people would want to live under capitalism either

When ML states did intentionally ever starve their people?

You're right, fuck Churchill.


if you apply the same logic of "if someone stubs their toe in a socialist country it's cause of socialism" to capitalism you can easily claim 3 billion deaths

subtle but still overt bait.

everyone who responded should read more.