U just got memed on lol

u just got memed on lol

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Don't forget they don't want to use child labour!

Or that they don't want to fuck kids, like any good anarchist should

You can't meme anarchism if it's already a meme.



ancaps will never cease to amaze me, just astounding


Ancaps are perfectly fine with McCops throwing "degenerates" into McCamps though.


Thats why we seize the means of production you autism.

Take the pork cock off your head and think for a second


anarkiddies hate the USSR though.
unless there were labor camps in a catalonia, this meme is shit. J

First result when I typed in catalonia labor camp.

this doesn't even violate the United States Constitution.



In my state I'm constitutionally prohibited from holding office because I'm an atheist. If I tried, I could be arrested and imprisoned, on paper, anyway.

So no, it doesn't.

he says, concern trolling as he downloads more cp


They wouldn’t f there economic conditions didn’t cause it.

it's really not much worse


wow an ancap doesn't actually want a better world. whoda thunk

Porky's existence at all proves this false you pathetic classcuck

I've never heard an ancom advocate for gulags except while ironically mocking tankies.


Being poor doesn't kill you with universal healthcare.


So far as I know such a circumstance has never come up so the law is still official since it's neither been legally overwritten or examined by the judiciary.

The first amendment though only explicitly prevents the government from establishing an official religion or persecuting people based on their religious beliefs. It doesn't guarantee equal treatment for all people based on their religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

I don't know about all the legal opinions that might effect the first amendment either but it doesn't seem like the letter of the law has been much of an impediment when the state wants to crush you. Especially in my state, assuming I were even popular enough to win office, considering the state of the legislature and the supreme court, I wouldn't be able to buy a lawyer influential enough to win my case anyway.

So even if it did violate the first amendment, it doesn't really matter.

i'd take a giant waiting list over no healthcare at all


you misspelled 'private health insurance' faggot


that's not even a consistency but really what's with this pathetic meme about lines? like it's better to starve or die than wait a little bit

That's what we've been saying all along. If the state wants to fuck you over, they'll bend, twist, or ignore the rules.

This. Camps like that are questionable at best in principle alone, but the kinds of people they threw into the camps deserved it.



the point is that they don't need to because there's no law stopping them from doing so anyway

Those are massively exaggerated, and even if they weren't it's more desireable than not even going to the emrgency room because your afraid of what it will do to your finances.

MarxistMatey here. Would you like me to make another meme for your board?

Post boypussy first.

There are plenty of laws and legal principles that go against actions taken by modern governments, but they get ignored.

they are about as religious as George Carlin. do you literally eat bullshit for breakfast?

show us your ass first


a class bio for larpers who think they're in a RPG

do me do me

I'm French, we have an hybrid single-payer system, and you can always pay more if you don't want to wait a bit and be treated by a doctor who don't really give a fuck about your health and just want to cash in that big fat check of yours.
Yes, there are long waiting lists in some public establishements, because the staff actually does a good job there for cheap. In bonus, we don't have to pay 1000€ for a ride to the ER.
Stay cucked.

he never said they belonged in labour camps, he said they deserved it and ots understandable.