Alex Jones has been making his followers infertile

Alex Jones has been making his followers infertile

Is he /ourguy/?

It's like rubber bullets in a gun that's never fired

The 2008-2014 paultards probably smashed trashy lolbert sluts. Comrade Jones was doing the world a favor by ensuring they didn't breed.

Alex Jones may be 90% bonkers garbage, but 10% is gold.

Now THIS is 4D chess.

someone call the health ranger. He can verify in his lab

Oh hell yeah


Comrade Jones is secretly /ourguy/. I lost my doubts when he used "I was just pretending to be retarded" as legal defense.

This is just natural selection at work.


Da NWO can't keep getting away with this.


Plus blood lead levels were much higher in the 1920s and 40s back when men were men, and it's the soyboy age that has the lowest sperm count.
This is grasping for straws and based on Commiefornia Law.

I'm sorry you have no sperm


Nice meme.



Lead poisoning at least as a kid makes you more prone to violence as an adult, this is much more sinister than it appears, he has chemically manipulated an army of cultish, violent followers

anuddah shoah confirmed

He has brought Gorilla Mindset to his followers.

it´s even worse than that since they are cultish,violent AND sexually frustrated

this is manipulative as fuck
also I'm pretty sure this decline is related to an aging population and obesity


lel, Filter Salesman btfo


Jones has been cucking the retards that fall for his scams lmao

Male Vitality is codeword for White Gen0cide