Daily News Thread 10/18

Somalia bombing may have been revenge for botched US-led operation

The man who killed more than 300 people with a truck bomb in the centre of Mogadishu on Saturday was a former soldier in Somalia’s army whose home town was raided by local troops and US special forces two months ago in a controversial operation in which 10 civilians were killed, officials in Somalia have said.

Somalis defy police to protest against deadly truck bombings

Thousands of Somalis demonstrated on Wednesday against those behind bombings that killed more than 300 people, defying police who opened fire to keep them away from the site where their loved-ones were killed.

Xi Unveils New Chinese Communist Party Programmatic Guidelines

The Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era "represents the latest achievement in adapting Marxism" in China, he said.

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Third Travel Ban

President Donald Trump struck out again with his third try at a travel ban, as federal judges temporarily blocked it from taking effect nationwide on Wednesday.

Far-right extremists arrested in France over terror plot targeting politicians and migrants

Ten people with close ties to a far-right extremist group have been arrested in France on suspicion of planning terror attacks against mosques, politicians and migrants.

RT provider shut down amid Israeli raids & closure of Palestinian media

RT’s broadcasting provider in the West Bank, Pal Media, has been sealed off following raids by Israeli security forces on Palestinian outlets. The raids led to the closure of some broadcasting stations suspected of inciting terrorism.

New Documents Reveal US Complacence in Indonesian Massacres

Newly declassified reports reveal that U.S. officials documented the killings of hundreds of thousands of civilians by the Indonesian government.

Iraq takes disputed areas as Kurds 'withdraw to 2014 lines'

Iraq's military says it has completed an operation to retake disputed areas held by Kurdish forces since 2014.

Victory for Corbyn as government announces Universal Credit helpline will be free

The government has been forced into a major U-turn, announcing that the 55p a minute Universal Credit hotline for benefit claimants will be scrapped in favour of a freephone number.

Officers who dragged a doctor off a United Airlines flight are fired

Three law enforcement officers who dragged a doctor off a United Airlines' flight in April are no longer in their jobs. Two officers were sacked, while the third officer resigned.

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Wow when will Trump ever get tired of winning guys maga


Prosecutors Are Banding Together to Prevent Criminal-Justice Reform

A new investigation shows that DA associations are thwarting changes to the death penalty, sentencing, and more.

What is to be done? The question of a proletarian revolution


Mental Health and Neoliberalism: an Interview with William Davies




Lmao! What a fucking joke.

Soon we will be able to harness the energy of Marx spinning in his grave to power the whole planet

I chuckled.

Tankies will defend this

the CCP is full of the descendants of Qing dynasty bureaucrats and must be eliminated

Reminder Xi is celebrated for being "anti"-corruption


So much for the anti imperial left :^)

We have figured out that rather than doing a complicated realpolitik dance of divide-and-conquer tactics with imperialists, we should just use suitcase nukes instead. Easier, faster and more effective.


The chinese article is absolute garbo.

All it really says is that there is a plan and that it's being implemented but never talks about what is actually in it or what their plan is.

tbh, I'm not a tankie but I still defend the PRC as a deformed workers' state

Not many other Trots agree with me, but they're wrong

Not to belittle it, but this is perhaps the smallest political victory ever achieved.

Bigger than the average "political victory" in burgerstan tbh, where 99% of "politics" is nation-wide virtue signaling.

The left haven't had a politcal victory in the US since the labor movement put the pressure on FDR to do the new deal, and that's what killed it.

Is that supposed to say "slava oktobri"? "Slava" doesn't mean red, does it?

The links between social system and mental illnesses is terribly understood, especially where it concerns capitalism.

yes, heating up their pockets further is clearly the most pressing concern facing the chinese """communist""" party
lol r/the_donger cucked again, but why aren't survivalists/NWO tinfoils/at this point normalfags more concerned about him trying to tighten the borders so much?
kosher hotpockets
you can still do 15 years for looking at something, whoop-de-shit

fuck off, if you don't post ushujima, you're a faggot.