Rural and suburban genocide when?

Rural and suburban genocide when?

She saw petty-bourgeoise farmers?


I don't get it.

You will lose, city-dwellers.

Counter-Pol Potism?

kill yourself my friend

Come at me you collectivizing piece of shit. You aint getting my family farm unless it's from my cold dead hands.

quality thread

someone post the no fun allowed pic thank you

The biggest impact on my life that Holla Forums has made has been to mythologized pol pot as a tragic hero. I can't help but look at his pictures and see an incredible courageous man. I've actually been intending to write a fictionalized account of his life

y'all friggin yankees couldn't do shit

The South will rise again, but next time it will be against the yankee bourgoise

It would definitely need to be fictionalized if you wish for him to be a tragic hero.

Yah I'm not denying it'd be a myth. Idk what the truth of the matter is but as a character he seems lit as hell.

Daily reminder that the majority of "Kulaks" Stalin killed weren't actually Kulaks.

Kulaks, by definition, made up a very small percentage of the peasantry. Even if he killed every single one of them (which is doubtful), it still wouldn't be nearly enough to account for how many people were murdered in the collectivization process.

t. kulak

Stalin starved the peasants by forcing the kulaks to burn all the grain. He also did an anti-raindance to stop it growing.

user, that's preposterous. Everyone knows Stalin paid the clouds to not rain. Gimme a break.

t. someone without any arguments

I don't want to live in a world where the only people I meet are self important, delusional city folk

Literally a made up definition stretched and expanded to meet arbitrary quotas.

can be arranged

but user I've already started one


No way. Have fun eating burnt grain.