Youtube ID content system may become law in the EU

Youtube ID content system may become law in the EU.

I foolishly thought this type of idiotic laws would pass more easily in burgerland rather than here.
Honestly if this actually becomes law it would be pretty much the end of the chans. At least in Europe.

That's the most powerful European propaganda; the idea that it is so much better than America in every way by default.

I know… It's not so easy to see through propaganda though, especially when it makes the world around you a bit more bereable.

Sorry burgers…


Its nice to see some honestly here. Too often I see people here falling for the succdem propaganda of "hey at least we aren't as shit as the yanks now plz look the other way while we do equally terrible shit"
I blame /int/ "bantz"

Honestly, as a burger I think it's justified to be pissed at Americans for being unusually fond of the taste of boots, and for the military hegemony thing. Scapegoating America as an excuse to ignore problems with other countries is just not a good idea though.

Fuck this gay earth

More so than the Chinese or English? Nah. We're certainly up there but we have a culture of mistrusting our government moreso than many countries, its just that Americans get caught up in scapegoating the common citizens of the opposite side of the political aisle as "the establishment". Also the fact that we have less avenues to actually change shit (for better or worse) than Europeans do. We dont have referendums & etc.

To be fair, if it wasn't us then it would be the Chinese or Russians, or British Empire or whomever in an alternate history. The current capitalist world just ends up that way. We didn't have to rebuild in WW2, and thats pretty much it. If it wasn't for having influence over so many informal client states ("we'll put our bases in your country, then you can spend less on military and more on succdem stuff!") Europe would've caught up to us by now. Russians almost have, but we've been trying subtle and not so subtle methods to cock block their economy for many years now.

I mean, I would certainly move to Canada if I ever get the money. No doubt. im certainly no patriot

To be honest, fucking up the internet will probably be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Without the constant feedback and distractions that the internet offers, the proles will awaken to their true stations in life. Unburdened by cyberspace, their fury will carry them straight to the revolution we've all been salivating for.


But what does this "youtube ID content system" really mean? If I create a website, will I have to check every new post if there is nobody in the EU who created that post before? Can I avoid it by moving servers to Ukraine?

just fucking drop the nukes tbhfam

Is that image real?

sites will be considered responsible for copyright infringements made by their users. Essentially forcing every single site to act like Youtube.

Now for sites like Youtube/Facebook/etc. shit is not too bad (or better it's already a cesspool), but if you start to think at sites like github, with laws like this they might as well close everything down and piss on it.

I hope user, I hope.

of course, how long have you not used new version of any text editor made by big corporation? Go and try to save file with text "I'm loving it". Not so bad tbh, you get free McMenu for paying a fee




forgot my shitposting flag

can't wait for some faggot to blame this on jews or some other bullshit, still nor realizing this is all capitalism protecting it's own interests.

nevermind then.
this was under like the 4th or 5th comment
youtube comments are cancerous

Sad thing is that the UK is passing internet laws even worse.

At this rate, we're all going to end in the deep web by 2022.

Umm…what? No one gave a fuck about this stuff back in the 90s and practically no one was on the net back then.

Yeah, but in the worst, most right-wing, lamebrained way. Besides, mistrust does nothing if it's not acted upon in any meaningful way, and it isn't, most people who are vocal or militant about government mistrust are alex jones watchers and tea-party washups.

This cannot be real.