Paris Commune Disscusion

We really should talk about this.
it was the first proletariat revolution and caused the
split between Marxists and anarchists.
what caused the split?
how did we get from this to the ussr?
can it be expanded on? and how?

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What is the recommended reading on the Commune?

How did it cause the split? Seems to me that backing the commune was a big thing they both backed, even despite blanquists and proudhonists were the most important revolutionary factions rather than marxists or bakuninists.

Get acquainted with the important French political figures of the period through wikipedia and then read "The Civil War in France" by Marx. I don't really know what's next on the reading list though.

could somebody kindly point me to good literature about the commune? thanks


I think I have one recommendation list that includes the Commune, I'll try to find it.

don't limit your reading on the Paris commune to Marx. this is a cornerstone of marxism, meaning if Marx's analysis is wrong, it has wide implications for the leftist project.

unfortunately I haven't figured out what to read either, though.

Bakunin write that Marx's proletarian state conclusion was wrong but Bakunin was usually too busy being a revolutionist to finish writing anything lengthy.

Kropotkin touches on it in conquest of bread and in a pretty short essay on it– I hope he wrote more but I haven't found it, and it's especially annoying since he wrote hundreds of pages on the French revolution.

there are some history books on the Paris commune, I think even contributed to by communards, so maybe that would be a starting point.

I wish I knew what Marx himself read on it at the time tbqh

My understanding is that the disagreement stemmed from *how* the commune should have been directed rather than whether or not it should have been supported.

Found some stuff buried in my folder

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Isn't that what the disagreement is today?

Mac Mahon and Thiers did nothing wrong ! Communards deserved it ! It was a sin against God ! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

bumping because the Commune deserves it

When will we Commune be reborn, camarades?

Fucking anarchists, handed one of the greatest shots of global revolution and what do they do with it? Do they expand to the countryside? Do they work to militarize the population and spur revolutionary activity outside of Paris, let alone France?
Nope, none of that. They sat on their hands and made art and music workshops.
ffs, anarchists man not even once.
pdf related, get a useful hobby anarchists


You dont know much about the Commune, do you?


Nobody tell him about the other communes.

The realization of the importance of the state. Anarchists, as they always are, didn´t apply their work on helping the worker or destroying capital and most importantly their theories weren´t scientific. They just whined about muh state and muh hierarchy
The methods. Lenin created an one-party state, dissolved the councils (soviets) and imposed buerocracy, such things didn´t happen in the Paris-commune.

I'm an anarchist and I've read SICP, what now?