Why don't you guys go and create communes in places where no one lives

Why don't you guys go and create communes in places where no one lives.

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because in burgerland, nowhere is safe
move to europe, even Žižek confirmed that based EU has better laws to counter mass surveillance and spying on citizens

1. Not enough natural resources there anyways, that's why no one is there in the first place
2. Capitalists are imperialist to their core, if you started building them do you really think they would just let you?

Go away Robert

Most places that could be used for a self-sustainable commune are already inhabited. And you'd need an assload of capital and natural resources if you want to be fully self-sustainable: you'll want to be able to produce all kinds of commodities with a small group, which is fucking impossible.

It's pure utopianism and anti-materialist.

all land worth owning is owned
all land not worth owning is also owned

This is a pretty stupid question, since no one historically or presently who has grievances with the prevailing political or economic system is told to simply move to a wasteland and create a different system there from scratch, segregated from the entire world. Telling people who, say, are fighting against an autocracy to simply relocate to the mountains and create a democracy there is something not even the biggest idiot in the planet would propose. So the only reason you're even asking this question is because somewhere in your worm brain you think Communism is supposed to be a return to a communal lifestyle of simplicity and semi-primitive bliss, which means you're a colossal fucking moron

Because "we guys" are the vast majority of the population.

The desert aint very appealing to me

oh and I gotta watch out for drop bears


I don't enjoy zero access to resources

No one lives there for a reason

Also just because no one lives there doesn't mean it's just free land. A lot of that northern green is protected national forests, good luck trying to form a community unseen and unheard in the middle of Yellowstone, the most visited park in the world.

Cuz im not a lifestylist looser

Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god.

Good quote, I agree with the point you're trying to make, but that's somewhat of a mistranslation
Aristotle believed man is a political, in the sense of the Greek polis, animal
While this absolutely has overlap with being a social animal, primitive hunter-gatherer tribes were social animals but not political animals and would, in Aristotle's view, be considered beasts because they were in no way taking part in political life

Because you can't.

Because I read the attached pdf.

great idea guy, ill go live on the peaks on the rockies right now

the systemic fact of capital is inescapable and creating communes won't remove you from the logic of capitalism

What the fuck Nevada

I unironically think that more people need to start doing this. Kill the beast by starving it to death.

Yes, the capitalists shall tremble once a hundred people who overdosed leftoid ideology will settle in some uninhabitable shitholes.

It's more than just leftists who are dissatisfied with the modern world.

Walking away from the system doesn't matter. You'll just suffer until you're thrown in jail for trespassing because there's no such thing as unclaimed land.

A hundred million people could 'walk away' and all it'd cause is famine.

If a hundred million people voted a certain way, however, they would get what they want.

If even one million people fought hard and campaigned hard, they could change the system, at least locally.

Communism can only exist as a global system

Found the trot jkjk we even the most committed stalinists know that

I could buy land and start a commune or live in someone else's commune.

Capitalism is going to collapse in on itself sooner or later anyways.

I can still live off the grid and vote.

read Bordiga

There actually are people doing this in America right now but it's only possible on a very small scale.


fucking hell that was an ordeal