In September 1989 Soviet opposition leader Boris Yeltsin...


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Shame it wasn't at that point required to run the USSR.

Because I'm sure you're very smart

How'd you know I was a woefully unqualified world leader?

I never understood this. None of my family members ever complained about Soviet markets and none of them praise current one. My uncle has denounced UK many times thought.

All the deficit and horrors started under yeltsin

Yeltsin was a tool. I recently discovered a bunch of empty shelfs in my supermarket. I really should take a picture and pretend is Venezuela on Twitter only to reveal later it was in fact Germany.

Full supermarket shelves are the price we pay for malnourishment (and I'm not even talking about the third world, there's plenty of malnourishment in the US) and food banks. Pretty sure Russia didn't have those until after 1990.

Is the meme picture laughing because then Yeltsin went on to preside over one of the biggest drop in life expectancy in the western world during the transition to a market system or just because global capitalism causes at least 10 million deaths by hunger yearly and this moron is complaining about lack of free cheeses?

Clearly Yeltsin was drunk at the time, since it doesn't state he was sober.

I suppose this happened after Stalin laughed evilly and declared millions of deaths to be merely a statistic and that he loved rigging the vote?

Maybe this was after they found him drunk in the middle of D.C. trying to hail a cab

I'm just going to assume that all recorded interactions with Yeltsin occur with him in the bag unless otherwise noted.


Wasn't Khrushchev more impressed by IBM's break room then anything else IBM showed him?

I, too, frequent reddit

This. Most of that food is low-quality shit.

this sounds like one of those "and that student's name?" pastas

Not restoring NEP after the war was a mistake.

yes clearly you are the intelligent one here


Yeah cause Russia is doing such a better job at making sure everyone gets fed. You marketfags are fucking delusional.
Not even a tankie but the 90s were a fucking shitfest for FSU states.

scorbut was actually a problem for the red army in the 80's though, since menus were 95% potato, beef, cabbage and vodka.

it's pretty hard to grow fruits and berries in siberia.

So what were the economic reasons of USSR? One might naturally think of a bloated and oftentimes ineffective bureaucracy that had to accompany value-based economy based on one source of planning.
True, but I want to heat an alternative because frankly I don't see many possibilities other than the 90s shitfest and something akin to NEP/"Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"

soviet production wasn't any more or less efficient or effective than western production

So what were the causes of the economic problems with Eastern Block that resulted in its collapse?
inb4 sus scrofa domestica did it

Nah, Yeltsin was that much of a tool.

Which gave rise to corruption, and the second economy.

that's just wrong

In part, the Soviets didn't have a financial sector to exploit in the same way that the US/West did, financing growth and production off of the sale and trade of debt. I don't think it's a coincidence that the US and USSR both experienced severe economic downturns in the 70s. The US was able to escape (if but temporarily) by financializing their economy, leading to the (apparent) prosperity of the 80s as they both decouple economic development from actual material production, while government and corporate policy disassembled and cannibalized the existing material accumulation within their economies (recovering capital that had conglomerated in the post ww2 "middle class" for example).

You can see where that similar practice got Japan though once those recuperation processes reached their apogee at the end of the 1980s, where pretty much from the 1990s on they've been in perpetual stagnation.

With the final collapse of the USSR and Eastern bloc, the West was finally granted unrestricted access to these formerly isolated centers of accumulation, the looting of which, along with the reintegration of these countries into the system of global capital, provided tremendous influxes of capital into the Western economy, which in turn contributed to the apparent prosperity of the the 90s and early 00s.

Not an argument.

>Throughout the Stalinist period, most Soviet workers had been paid for their work based on a piece-rate system. Thus their individual wages were directly tied to the amount of work they produced. This policy was intended to encourage workers to toil and therefore increase production as much as possible. The piece-rate system led to the growth of bureaucracy and contributed to significant inefficiencies in Soviet industry. In addition, factory managers frequently manipulated the personal production quotas given to workers to prevent workers' wages from falling too low.
And what about those problems ascribed to Stalin-era USSR?

"significant inefficiencies" is meaningless without elaboration on in what way they are "inefficient"

Then what should've been done from the perspective of the economic policies in order to prevent the collapse and dissolution of USSR?

Lover spending on military. Invest in commodity production, science and agriculture.

I've manged to dig the source, it's from page 92 onwards, specifically page 95 wage reform#v=snippet&q=the wage reform&f=false

Russia now has more bureaucrats than the whole USSR did because you have both government and corporate bureaucrats now.
The USSR had a lot of problems but to insist it's better of now is beyond delusional.

At no point I claimed Russia is better off now, in fact my passing mention of NEP implied concern about preventing the dissolution of USSR. Also, would you mind answering ?

ok but do you have anything that isn't western propaganda?


What's wrong with Donald Filtzer?

The long words and umlauts will give it away

It'd be a learning experience if you actually did this and they went for it. They'd ignore your subsequent clarification. You'd be seeing your own "Look at Venezuela's empty shelves!" picture for years, and learn how powerless you are to clarify with the truth.

The internet was a mistake.

Dunno about his "we", but he and his fellow crypto-porkies killed up to 10m Russians until 2009.

That's more than Stalin did according to Timothy Snyder, by the way.

Nonsense, I'm sure most people can tell when they're receiving disinfo. Very sure.

By that logic US troops in Alaska live entirely of salmon and berries and you know damn well that's not how it works