So I've been watching this Mouthy Buddha situation unfold recently and it is really fascinating...

So I've been watching this Mouthy Buddha situation unfold recently and it is really fascinating. If anyone is interested in watching someone in the process of going from a civil nationalist to a fascist listen to this, watch his videos on the alt right and keep an I on how this continues. I think we really do need to understand how this happens on a individual basis if we want to stop people from becoming fascists. It seems Xexizy was right about the liberals.

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Kill all forms of liberalism. There you go.

Because it's totally that simple and it's always the liberals that reactionaries are responding to. How do you reconcile the liberal social left with the economic left? Do we just tell them all the fuck off their gender theory shit? Couldn't that be seen as reactionary?

They're literally the same thing anyway

Collectivize the boypussy.

Naw, they really aren't though. Civic nationalists are a couple steps away from fascism, but there's other ways that they can and often do progress politically.

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One of things that all these guys hate are antifa. Are you really going to tell everyone that they're just liberals? Do you think anyone is really going to buy that? I mean sure a lot of them are probably are liberals but the symbolism antifa uses matters. Optics matter.

Fascists are liberals. They are just really reactionary. They hate antifa because it stands in their way.

No they're not.

yes they are you dumbass

Nope. Fascism is inherently and historically anti-liberal. But please enlighten me what liberal enlightenment values fascists promote, could it be civil rights, freedom of speech or maybe representative democracy?

liberals do not promote civil rights, liberals promote proprietarian rights, they do not fight for freedom of speech, the fight for the right to property, and there is no such thing as a liberal representative democracy, the only representation in liberalism is the representation of the proprietor as the dominant figure in politics

fascism is literally the same, the only difference here is that the proprietarian has to have certain ehtnno and social background, nazis want exaclty the same as liberals

read Proudhon

Fascism is largely a product of the failures of liberalism and shares many of liberalism's characteristics and focuses. Obviously fascism runs counter to liberalism in many ways, but it's not exactly unfair/wrong to call fascism a form of liberalism.
Yeah, that's not what liberalism is necessarily about. You're thinking of social liberalism, which is not the only kind of liberalism there is

And what characteristics are those?
It's exactly extremely wrong, it's about as wrong as you could possibly get

But liberals do promote civil rights as well as propretarian rights, and freedom of speech is one of its core values.

you cannot have civil rights without property, as property is the basis of all liberal civilizations, those who have no property, do not have civil rights, as they are not part of the civilization, they have been left outside

same with freedom of speech

liberals aim to mantain private property, so do fascists, the fact that liberals promote buttsex and fascist don't is irrelevant

So far your only argument that fascists and liberals are the same is that they both believe in property rights in some way. By that logic even Stalin is a liberal.

well duh, he didn't abolish production for exchange nor abolished private property

Fascism cannot be considered a form of liberalism because it absolutely rejects the percieved solutions to the social problem that create the basis for liberal ideology and workdview.

picture of you

That doesn't make him a liberal. If you want to yell liberal at everybody you don't like, fine, but that won't help you understand the world any better.

Political ideology aren't predicated on specific proposed solutions and definitely aren't predicated on surface-level social or cultural issues. Liberalism (which I'll remind you encompasses both "conservative" and "liberal" thought in the west) isn't even remotely in agreement on what constitutes a "social problem" or what their solutions should be.



I agree

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the guys getting done for shooting at protestors in florida,I think



what the fuck how is this real


What was there?

was, but it was a thumbnail because I'm retarded

Guy in the middle is this guy btw

Hold on so is that the "What about the memes guy"?

yeah it looks like it

Fuck you couldn't make this shit up. What a mess of a fucking movement.


I'm pretty sure Holla Forums is mentioned in that video as well.

it's just that fascists of XXI tend to call themselves liberals, or moderates, or centrist. the whole buttblasting about fascist aesthetics is quite informative. socialists can stand against fascists on ideological grounds, while liberals have no argument and must resort to gorillions.

Did we just bully him into a shooting spree?


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