Former Neo-Nazi Comes Out As Gay, Reveals Jewish Heritage


Just one of many.


sometimes i think freud was right about a thing or two


Someone post the "remove faggots and fascists will disappear" guy

Why are there so many Jewish neo-nazis? Though I guess their very existence undercuts the whole "biology is destiny" bullshit that nazis believe in.


user delivers
OP's article deserves a handy compilation to use against shitposting Holla Forumsyps next time they talk about dege.neracy so I made a quick one :ˇ)

Thought they went outta fashion when shaved heads and Doc Martens did…

this thread deserves a second maymay

doc martens are in fashion at the moment tbh

They are always gay, ALWAYS.

The level of self-hatred involved in this shit makes me sad

Infiltration and subversion.

Just confirms my theory that fascism is not only about hatred of others, but hatred of one's self. That's why you first give them the stirnerpill so they learn to appreciate their self interest, else they retain their hurt, fragile ego turn into nazbols.

No wonder they have enough gay porn saved to spam it here all the time.

Aryan Internet Ginyu Force is out and about already, I see

I mean, it's not false, after all faggot is etymologically derived from fasci.

Post more

I’m starting to think nazism was a Jewish psy ops from the get go

Posted this on another topic about this.

Wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last.

It's inescapable under capitalism.


But what about all those edgy Wyatt Mann cartoons?!?!?

Fascism literally translates to "faggotism."

I have a pic for that, too.


here you go

Also, apparently communist are responsible for gay Jewish Nazis now.


It's almost as if fascism is a giant defense mechanism for narcissists who are in denial.

oh wait

What's up with eastern european white girls and nazism?

pretty sure it's eastern europeans in general

and part of it is the whole region adopting reactionism over being triggered by the ussr.



Needs more labels

ahh yes vice
very trusted source

I absolutely despise Vice. I wonder who is financing this bullshit journalism?

Rupert Murdock or someone in his family, such as his son

just tried this, can confirm that it isn't even remotely pleasant

Daily reminder George Orwel was a socialist so they can't play the rebel in 1984

This is why the USSR purging soft socialists was one of the biggest mistakes they could have done. With the USSR falling and the purging of the Marxist-Leninists it has fucked Eastern Europe completely. Even sucdems don't have power there.

Asking the real questions. Thank you liberal media, you are truly our greatest ally. I can't fathom why the the people's trust in you is at an all-time low.

A porky. Which one doesn't really matter.

Don't remind me, the only party that could be confidently called a social democracy has a bit less than 5% and tons of tards here call them communists because of progressive taxation mirroring the western welfare states.

God I feel for you.

Absolutely, but the mistakes go all the way back to suppressing the Hungarian uprising.

I can't find any info on this guy besides the several articles about this.

Fake news???????????

Why would you even want to try having sex before SRS?

If it's fake news, what's its purpose?