How do I convince liberals that guns are cool without revealing my power level????

How do I convince liberals that guns are cool without revealing my power level????


good luck bump

if you're living in America just point at every single branch of your government

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If you live in the United States I would show them the votes for the AUMF
Do they really think it is a good idea for Trump to have more authority over them?

the only answer to their "gun control" is to shoot enough of them that eventually they might realize that the only way to stop their friends from getting shot is to shoot first

theyll probably just cry aboutgun control more thought because theyre useless, mentally deficient fucking liberals

or more honestly theyre idealists and idealism is in practicality a denial of material reality and consequence

Depends. If they like BLM ask them why they trust cops with the task of taking away guns.

Pretty sure trumps actually increased gun ownership among liberals. I mean you already have our crazy cops and then Trump comes in with the general posturing of "yeah our cops are fine even if they're bad lol".

Appeal to idpol.

"Why would you trust racist cops with guns rather than your own community?"

"Marginalized communities need to be able to defend themselves."

Says the kid who's ideology is literally based on sci-fi fantasy.

Get them to play Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 for a few months.

if Holla Forums flag was anything more than an identifier then I'd have to assume the USSR's technology was actually so far advanced that their true greatest failure was not in their inability to pull through on socialist goals but in their development of a time machine just to send you forward to shitpost on a mongolian breast feeding forum

Once again, a NazBol poster brings quality to a thread. Thanks comrade.

and also when you protest armed and organized, the police are more wary of beating you down. As it stands the right-wing militia types are the ones to tend to have guns and when they protest well-armed and organized (see Bundy Ranch, Charlottesville) the police back down, whereas with unarmed liberal protests like standing rock, the police have free reign in terrorizing protesters.

This is the first time I've ever seen a decent post from one of them

he's already given several speeches telling the cops and ICE to just fucking waste people.

Honestly, don't worry about revealing your power level. McCarthyism is long over, at worst you'll be seen as a mis-guided youth. You won't be fired or shunned.

Worrying about staying in the closet is for Nazis and pedos.

It happens from time to time. Its like some bizzaro form of shitposting where one sees the flag and before even seeing the rest of the post expects to see something stroke-inducingly stupid. Then, upon reading it one realizes that no, everybody else is a pack of retards and the Nazbol poster was right all along.

I'm pretty sure he said "WITHOUT" revealing his power level.

- Focus on how over 65% of gun deaths are the result of suicides
- Focus on how mass shooters are mentally nuts or socially alienated
- Focus on how other gun crimes are done so because of poverty and such.

Basically say that the problems that cause people to abuse the privilige of using guns need to solved first and it is a societal issue not one of simply guns.

The most insidious thing about McCarthyism is that they worked retroactively. A lot of people got put on black lists because they tried a communist meeting once when they were young adults, 30 years before, when McCarthy was just a shitass little faggot teenager whining about his classmates to the principal. Today, the past's records are far more complete. Google, facebook, microsoft, etc. all have data on you. It doesn't matter if you don't personally use any of that- your grandma talking about her grandson's soviet flag poster on her own facebook page, or phones passing by you tracking things you said to someone in public, may still give them some information on you. If McCarthyism ever comes back we'll all be screwed.

Just reveal your power level you faggot

Point out how leftist nogunz "protests" like Standing Rock get walked all over and ignored by the authorities, whereas rightist yesguns protests like Bundy Ranch get fearful respect and concessions without firing a single bullet.

Guns don't necessarily mean violence, they are an indisputable promise of sincerity to your cause.

That first pic tho

Can't beat a bit of policing by consent with American characteristics.

I am suddenly horrified

Keep in mind that both the establishment response and protester manpower were broadly comparable between the two, the key difference that caused one protest to fail and the other to succeed was the presence of guns on both sides. For instance, first pic is protesters at Standing Rock, second pic is establishment response forces at Bundy Ranch.

you can't. hatred for guns is a psychopathology and thus irrational. only they can change their minds. most nogunz retards also lack the actual intellectual capability to comprehend the concept of 'the freedom to own guns;' liberals in particular, as they have authoritarian and servile personalities


This rarely works though. Liberals take for granted that these societal issues will remain constant and use that to justify their anti gun status. These points need to be coupled with the reveal of your powerlevel. They need to be shown a new world it's possible. I think only then will the liberal be pro gun
This will probably help in the short run but I can see it flooding the leftist movement with idpol garbage in the long run.

Native Americans protesting industrial progress to defend spooks is idpol garbage. Not my comrades.

This but ironically.


Reveal your power leavel.

they'll just say it was white muh privilege instead

You made me laugh so hard that you've probably fucked me for the funeral I'm going to attend later.

You can't.