19th Congress of the Communist Party of China about to start


Opinions? What directions will they take? It is reported that they may include Xi's theories into their doctrine - which includes the goal to the "fully developed" for socialism by 2049.

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C-can they make it guys?



Is it so unthinkable that communists can run a capitalist state while its convenient?



"fully developed" means order 66 will finally be in place for the initiation of jinping's "communist" empire.

Not so fast, comrade. I've seen the movies and I know how this shit really ends up. China's going to export their industrial hell over to America.

in India that's called "Karma"

Here we call that a spook.

Daily reminder that China is opening up "Red Army" schools. Their curriculum includes detailed study of Confucianism and Chinese traditional culture.

Isn't Confucianism insanely reactionary?

Of course not. Centrally planned economies don't work and China's current economic success exists since they rolled most of it back. They make the big plans like this because it looks good even though there's no sensible way they could plausibly implement it. For example, just look at GDP growth. Last year it was planned to be 10%, then revised down to a "realistic" 9%, then down to just 8.5% as the year began, then 7.7% after their stock market took a huge shit in late 2015. Meanwhile the CPC has no clue what to do other than stopping people from selling their stock, which stopped the crash but left investors with an unsellable toxic asset.

The current celebration is being done out of spite for the millions of Chinese who are hurting really bad, whom Beijing ignores because they can keep their end of things stable for the time being. It's porkyism at it's worst and why anyone promoting centralized economics should be shot in the head for being the moron they are.


I don't know if you're being serious or not but it is far more likely Trump crashes that all to the ground by announcing steel tariffs after his China trip next month. Which of course will net him the Rust Belt and give him a second term. He's already begun this by nuking China's attempted takeover of America's semiconductor components industries. This even assumes such a trip is possible because we might be at war with North Korea.

This is the background Xi and the CPC choose to conveniently ignore at their own peril. The world is waking up to China's embrace of the worst of capitalism, and other porkies will use it as a way to enrich themselves.


Yeah, People's War theory basically relies on turning people away from age old spooky ideas like Confucianism. Which is why it is so ironic, China is literally capitalists with red flags.

I don't think you know what the government did after the stock market crash.

China massively overproduced steel. It's a problem, actually. It exports 3% of the steel, maybe less, to the United States. Don't know where you are getting your commentary, but it's not a good source.

It's the curriculum. It doesn't mean it's indoctrinated. When you study medieval history at uni, does that mean they want to promote feudalism?

China bolsters lessons in Marxism:

China educates journalists in Marxism:

China teaches socialist values in school:


Meant for

At least not the CPC's attempt at it. Obviously there was Mao (who killed over 60 million through his famines and purges) but in more recent times their attempt to apply communist things onto their markets only encourages the worst traits of capitalism. For example, applying a quota system to the amount of loans their banks are supposed to make which encourages reckless financial wizardry (like using meme coins which the CPC recently banned) as banks then have to create new ways of generating capital that doesn't break other CPC financial policies. A similar situation exists in the United States with the recent Wells Fargo quota scandal.

The same applies to their attempt to take over various markets by price dumping them (cement, steel, solar panels) which is a classic capitalist move and led to all the other capitalists hitting them with punitive tariffs. When this didn't work it left Beijing with massive industrial surpluses that make new production uneconomical unless they bury it in pits - a classic communist move.

The goal is DEcentralized planing.

Stopped reading there. Go propagate your PragerU talking points somewhere else.

3% is a lot when it's able to outcompete American firms on price. Additionally the whole point of price dumping is so that they can grow that 3% into a larger number.


Does anybody speak Mandarin? I'd really like to have a look at these CPC apps lmao

Mao is not a shining example of Communism given how he ruined his country so bad his replacements got very friendly with Reagan & friends. This friendship later led to the total destruction of communism everywhere else except within North Korea and Vietnam. Don't defend shitty leaders who harm their ideology.

China has steadily expanded its "parallel" international financial system and its network of bilateral trade agreements. Why do you think they are being punished with tariffs by others? It's not what's actually happening.

What? 3% is 3%.

If China's financial system was so good they'd have made their own credit card/currency and subsidized payment terminals at American retail brands. This is exactly what Google and Apple did with their respective "wallet" systems (with mixed success). They didn't because they aren't that smart.

China was one of the poorest countries in the world, when Mao took over with Shanghai having about half of the entire population being drug addicts. There was hardly anything to ruin there. Life expectancy skyrocketed under Mao. Just a question, do you ever read pro-communist stuff? Because you can't be this dumb to think that Mao killed 60 million people. That's - as I said - PragerU tier.

Do you think China was rich before the communists took over or something. It's probably never going to return to the poverty that was forced into it by imperialism again, and there is one group of people to thank for that.

Planning under Mao was decentralized.

The US uses about 100,000,000 metric tons of steel per year, China produces about 800,000,000 tons per year. 3% of China's market is (very roughly) a quarter of America's market. This is the largest of any single county.

China's yuan is more important than ever, it has massive gold reserves which it has established to allow yuan/gold backed exchange deals to overcome skepticism of its currency (in favor of usd). It's been able to get yuan-backed oil contracts. The economy has made huge strides towards being cashless. What are you talking about,

Yes but do what? It's 3% of China's exports. So it could be 100% of the American market. It could be 1%. The importance is what difference it makes to China.

I live around chinks who had to escape him, so yes I fully believe that he killed 60 million. And he didn't improve anything in China other than cause a massive famine (the scale of which not even the Imperial Japanese army could do) in the late 50s. He did develop nuclear weapons, but this was largely to keep the US out of his joint. He's not a good communist. All of his USSR and Eastern Block contemporaries were far better in that regard.

Yes by either using credit cards issued by American-based Visa or using Google Wallet issued by American-based Alphabet. How many people use Chinese owned banks in their daily life? Very few outside of China.

1 USD is about 7 Yuans, that's why America is so important. Every ton of steel sold to an American buyer is worth seven times an equivalent ton of steel sold to a Chinese buyer. Which is why they tried price dumping the US market.


Communism is inherently Anarchist.

It's the 21st century. We can centrally plan things without massive state bureaucracy.

So you live arround the sons of Chinese land owners who tell you that Mao killed 100 gorillion. That's as believable as North Korean defectors who claim that everybody in the DPRK has to wear the haricut of Kim Jong Un. Luckily we have actual data:
You know, except rising life expectancy, liquidating illiteracy, liberated women, industrialized the country, defeated unemployment, etc.

Central planning actually reduces bureaucracy. Bureacracy is only an issue once you allow enterprises to produce for profit.

Who the fuck is this anti communist shit head? put the Nazi flag on

If I had to put money on which country could have a successful socialist revolution by 2050 and usher in global communism, it would be China.

All statistical models indicate that they will be the most advanced economy on Earth in just a decade or two. This, combined with the fact that large sections of their economic and political spheres are already socialized, makes them a very promising, fertile ground for future communist activity.

It is undeniable that Xi is trying to morph the national ideology and philosophy of China into a more nationalistic and traditional mindset instead of Maoism.

Meanwhile, a guy from HK gained access to the official archives and his research did indeed find the millions.


now kys tankie scum

That's a very weird article. It doesn't give any statistics or data about the claims that it makes. Not only that, it leads very fishy anecdotal evidence into the field. Pic related are the actual death rates published by Deng (which is the same source your Dikötter uses in his book) - what this hack intentionally doesn't show, are the birth rates! We can clearly see that the reason there is a seemingly relevant slow in population growth in '60 and '61, this doesn't conclude that Mao killed 15 millions as claimed by Dikötter, but rather that people didn't gave birth to enough children, as it was a time of turmoil. Declining birth rates during the Great Leap Forward are the reason for the 100 gorillion meme, not actual deaths. The whole thing was a ruse and a lie to begin with and you are probably from Holla Forums anyway.

Additional reading:

Mind you, I'm assuming these numbers are correct, so I'm implying that they are based on good faith. There is good reason to question them as well, as the other article shows.

In any case, Dükitter argues so blatantly dishonest that he might as be the Chinese Robert Conquest. That users on a supposedly communist board reurgitate anti-communist bullshit all the fucking time is simply depressing.

Did you not notice that the total population in the chart you gave me just up and dropped by 10 million starting from 1960 and then dropped an additional 5 in 1961 coupled with a "baby boom" in 1962 symptomatic of recovery from famine?

Holy shit how delusional are you? Most tankies just claim that less people died than is actually stated, they don't outright deny that the famine happened.

Read a fucking book

Out of a population you can probably expect 5-10% to die each year of old age. So thats 30-60 million deaths, combined that with people being smart and not having children when theres no food means you cannot say the drop of 15 million is majority attributable to famine.

Fucking brainlet the deaths from old age are already accounted for since you can determine the average death rate from the years preceding the famine and see that they are far lower and were on a downward trend until they suddenly spiked up again.

Has anyone read about China's campaign to eradicate their definition of rural poverty (a relatively low line) by 2021? An interesting and very ambitious program, though not without flaws.


No need to get defensive it's not your family dying. Even if you believe these stats for death rate, the highest count you get for 59-61 is around 10 mil (rounding up). So even the 30 mil Chinese figure is an over estimate.

Are you having a seizure? Did you actually read my post?
I never said there was no famine. After all, we see a birthrate decline. I do claim though that the numbers you pulled out of your ass have as much historical validity as Lord of the Rings. Americans are so fucking gullible, believing everything the media tells them.

That's not true at all. Historical bias tought in school for polticial reasons usually starts with the beginning of the 19th century.


high key some of the lowest quality posting I've seen in a while


I believe Cockshott also says his system can work in a decentralized and distributed manner.

Given how hard the PRC has been pushing not only Chinese nationalism, but Chinese history and Confucianism.
One has to wonder whether the 'Communist' masquerade will still be useful by then.

I think there is a distinct possibility that some of the membership of the CC are 'priming the pump' for the emergence of another Dynasty.

Get a load of this faggot.


hmmm.. it's almost as of all forms of government are trash..

makes you think………..

Anybody care to wager which capitalist policies they'll enact in the name of """"socialism"""" with Chinese characteristics?

As much as I want to be optimistic I can't say I am.
Maybe he'll spring a trap or some shit but as for now not much hope.

Chinese President Xi Jinping touts successes of 'socialism' at Communist Party Congress

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday stressed the benefits of "socialism with Chinese characteristics" at the beginning of the Communist Party's once-every-five-year Party Congress.

The president told the assembled members of the party that his nation's prospects are bright, but it faces severe challenges. He proceeded to lay out his vision for a socialist future.

"We will unite the Chinese people of all ethnic groups and lead them to a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and in the drive to secure the success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era," he said, according to a translation from China Daily.

Xi touted the success of China in recent years during the address, including what he characterized as overwhelming momentum for his anti-corruption campaign.

Under Xi, Beijing has waged a relentless fight against deep-rooted graft since assuming power five years ago, with more than one million officials punished and dozens of former senior officials jailed.

The president also claimed during his address that China will let the market play a decisive role in resource allocation in the economy. Beijing has called for a greater role for market forces in the economy in order to improve efficiency and develop a more sustainable growth model, but some have been skeptical of its progress on that front.

On the economic policy front, Xi also said Beijing will push mergers and acquisitions for state-owned assets, it will expand market access for the services sector, and it will deepen financial reform. He also said the country will deepen its market-oriented reform of exchange and interest rates.

China, Xi said, will continue to open up to the world, including relaxing market access for foreign investment.

The president also highlighted Beijing's firm opposition to Taiwan independence over the last five years.

The full title of Xi's working report that he presented Wednesday is "Secure a Decisive Victory in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects and Strive for the Great Success of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era."

This is literally impossible by definition.

What China has done is truely phenomenal. 3/4 of global poverty reduction in the last 50 years. Over 700 million people and millions more every year. It's amazing honestly, one of the greatest achievements ever. I don't think a country like the US, where poverty is increasing and mobility has stalled and started to slip into decline, really can get that there is a place where these social transformations are happening. It would been easy for it not to have.

Isn't that what they do every fucking time, add even more nonsense to their patchwork?

Even in the US, people can tell which way the wind is blowing.

We had some burger on here just a few hours ago that was still under the impression the USA had the world wrapped around its finger.


>Enlightened Chinese democracy puts the West in the shade

>Every five years CPC delegates meet to draw up the strategy for both Party and country in the lustrum to come. This year, the primary objective is "Xiaokang," the first centenary goal. A mere three years into the future, the establishment of a moderately prosperous society in 2020 will be the culmination of 100 years of work by the CPC. The second century goal to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 will see the fulfillment of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.


>Unlike competitive, confrontational Western politics, the CPC and non-Communist parties cooperate with each other, working together for the advancement of socialism and striving to improve the people's standard of living. The relationship maintains political stability and social harmony and ensures efficient policy making and implementation.



>As parties in the West increasingly represent special interest groups and social strata, capitalist democracy becomes more oligarchic in nature. The cracks are beginning to show, with many eccentric or unexpected results in recent plebiscites.

Mao Zedong Thought
Deng Xiaoping Theory
Three Represents
Scientific Outlook on Development
New one:
Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a new era

My god the constitutional theory names are getting long

wasn't the original plan to reach socialism by 2040?

They will start work on reducing capitalism by 2020.

Jiang Zemin said even getting past the primary stage of socialism would take 100 years or more but it looks like he was wrong.

Those words tend to be more concise in Chinese, for example "Scientific Outlook on Development" is much shorter "Kēxué Fāzhǎn Guān"

t. hayek

The new one is long in chinese as well

How is that supposed to work anyways? I mean, they could for example pass a bill abolishing intellectual property as one of the "steps" of going past commodity production, but frankly I can't see this happening without causing a planet-wide shitstorm.

They won't do it, the chinese state serves capitalist interests. Revisionism is a feature, not a bug of state "socialism".

It is very unlikely they would do it like that. It is more likely they will slowly reduce free market policies, increase union power and control the currency.


China has entered a "new era" where it should "take centre stage in the world", President Xi Jinping says.

The country's rapid progress under "socialism with Chinese characteristics" shows there is "a new choice for other countries", he told the Communist Party congress.

Listing China's recent achievements in his three-hour speech, Mr Xi said that "socialism with Chinese characteristics in this new era" meant China had now "become a great power in the world", and had played "an important role in the history of humankind".

The Chinese model of growth under Communist rule was "flourishing", he said, and had given "a new choice" to other developing countries.

"It is time for us to take centre stage in the world and to make a greater contribution to humankind," he added.

Since Mr Xi took power in 2012, China's economy has continued to grow rapidly. But correspondents say the country has also become more authoritarian, with increasing censorship and arrests of lawyers and activists.

Last two president didnt have the honor. Last one to do this was Deng Xiaoping.

It would probably start with nationalizing all foreign assets in China.

1 USD is about 7 Yuans, that's why America is so important. Every ton of steel sold to an American buyer is worth seven times an equivalent ton of steel sold to a Chinese buyer.

this is why I killed Rosa

Read Cockshot

so are all of guys finally going to admit that the Deng Geng was right all along?

Ive gotten a fuckton of mixed messages on the topic of what Xi Believes in and his views on how chinese socialism should function
is he pro-"""reform""" or Anti-"""reform"""?

Honest question asked in good faith. Are we just supposed to believe that China will just stop being capitalist as it barrels toward being a global hegemonic power to replace the USA and just won't be an imperialist power like the US or the UK before it? Is there any evidence whatsoever that "socialism with Chinese characters" isn't just ideological and political lip service given by politicians and is an actual goal of the contemporary CCP? I would like to see the proofs tbh.

there is none

You can deduct this from the fact that capital doesn't actually dominate the polticial process in China, whereas in the West it clearly does. Billionaires in China are literally on a hit list and often get arrested or even killed. Capitalism really does exist only in the Special Economic Zones but a huge chunk of the Chinese population are living outside of them where land and means of production are still somewhat publicly owned. Land can't be bought in China and all investors and capitalists have their rent contract with the state expiring by 2050. Private companies often have the state as the biggest shareholder. State enterprises still run very successfully, but even if they didn't, they are kept for development despite a potential lack of profitability. Chinas policies are often based on scientific development, they put people first, such as the reduction of poverty, providing of living space and construction environmental friendly sustainable towns.

pdf related, State Department admits that China isn't really a market economy

nah, Lenin did it just fine himself.

Reminder the modern CPC is unironically sympathetic to Chiang Kai Shek



How does that contradict anything I wrote?

Xi has branded himself as a reformist but has mainly focused on his anti corruption campaing to get rid of his critics in the party. People are hoping that the next five years will be about economic reform and not political power struggle.

More like fully developed for Blade Runner 2049 by 2049



A) Not going to happen
B) Even if it did happen, would still not do anything to displace China's manufacturing dominance over Amerikkka

10/10 delusional satankiddie

it already happened

That was back when king nigger was president. You do have a point though if someone as neoliberal as Obummer did this then chances are high for Trump to do it too. Oh well point B still stands.

and that was under Obama, imagine what Trump can do, think… many times stronger



So? What do you say to that, Holla Forums?

lol sure, it will be obongo with chines characteristics mark my words

Parts of China already refuse to enforce IP laws. That alone is fairly anticapitalist