What do MLs believe was the inspiration/cause for revisionism...

What do MLs believe was the inspiration/cause for revisionism? If everything was going so great under Stalin's leadership, why did Krushchev enact De-Stalinization?

Because he was a revisionist.

Hard question, I believe by the end of the 40s there has been a missed opportunity to actually merge party with the state, Stalin should have probably done something more in that regard. This allowed a certain clique of opportunists to use party structures to evade democratic processes, the dislodging of the politburo from the party base originally designed as a fail-safe in years of war and turmoil but should have been controlled by the Supreme Soviet at least once the USSR reached the 50s.

It's hard to blame Stalin personally since the circumstances of his death are fishy as fuck, he probably didn't think to die in 1953. Foul play may have been involved.

Okay, but why? Ideas and opinions don't come from thin air.

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khrushev was a revisionist/capitalist that undid most of the accomplishments made by the Soviet Union

molotov should've taken power tbh

Ok but why? How?

How did he undo most of the accomplishments made by the Soviet Union?

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If you want to know why opportunists like Krushchev had such a weak ideological conviction: Cold War and the race with the west which tried to outpace the USSR with consumerism.

Why would Krushchev make such an intense effort at De-Stalinization if at least something about Stalinism wasn't demonstrably flawed? Are you seriously suggesting that revisionism emerged primarily due to decades of individuals with "weak ideological conviction?"

Yeah that's like the basis of all your analysis.


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But if he had said that all of it was Stalin's fault, and there wouldn't have been revisionism if only Stalin did something different, then you would accuse him of great man theory and idealism.

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"Everything was Stalin's fault" on the other hand is great analysis.

Indeed. If Stalin had done something different that wouldn't have changed a thing: he would just have died early, along with most of Bolsheviks, by the hand of another opportunist. But he didn't do something different; he was the opportunist, and he killed most of Bolsheviks. So I get to blame him for that, meaning that next time I don't intend to be on the side he chose, the opportunist side, but among the Bolsheviks who will successfully lead the revolution or die trying; while ML, on the other hand, who find it "hard to blame Stalin", well they have already chosen the opportunist side before things even get started.

tl;dr Stalin shouldn't be blamed for making the revolution fail, but for siding with counter-revolution.

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