Can we have a thread for the Japanese snap elections

what the fuck is going on in the land of the rising weeb ?

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They might as well be socdems though.
They aren't even favor of scrapping the monarchy.

It's been noted before that at most levels of government, the JCP is really the ONLY opposition party because the other major parties just collaborate with each other on major issues.

non-euro Eurocoms

their commitment to pacifism will be their undoing

I hope the JCP wins by a landslide not just because that would be a win for the left in general, but because of the apocalyptic amounts of asspain such a victory would generate among reactionary weebs.

This vote might save or kill millions of nips if Abe lets himself get tangled in Trump's retardation.

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The emperor is actually quiet leftist


They are demsoc. They want to fuck up all relations with the us.

It's a position in line with the views of the Japanese public and Japan's neighbors will never accept an aggressive state anyway, even a revolutionary one. It's the right idea given their situation; the best they can do for world socialism is set a good example.

I hope they win, at least people are cheering their election vans here, maybe that's a good sign.

The JCP is meek even by eurocommunist standards. They're hardly more radical than what we know here as socdems.


I'm looking forward to this.

imagine being so much of a weeb asperger that you seriously care about japanese politics LMAO

It's actually worse for me. I'm a total weeb AND I care about politics.

Reminder to never to respond to any poster using LMAO/ROFL etc. They are likely a boomer from r/the_donald and you can expect the back and forth to be to that standard.

That is… not at all likely.

can anything other than internal problems stop the LDP

Didn't they lose control of government 10 years ago due to some issue with postal reform?

Any candidates willing to overturn their porn censorship? That's all I care about tbh.

The already beleaguered Japanese economy going into free-fall due to the continued failure of the LDP to push for the immigration, workplace and economic reforms that Japan desperately needs?

One wonders just how depopulated rural japan needs to get, how many rural villages need to be abandoned and just how severe the labour shortage needs to get before the Japanese government wakes up to just how badly they need mass immigration.

Remember how the silly laws restricting fetish porn went thought almost unopposed in Britain?

No politician wants to commit the career suicide that it would be to attack such laws, regardless of how stupid, ineffective, overbearing and disgustingly moralist they are.
Not in Britain and certainly not in hyper conservative Japan.

Automation will make immigration irrelevant in just a few years, fam.

Just google it

By the time that automation is both advanced and cheap enough to fix Japans labour shortage, it will be to late.

Japan is already in dire straits as it is.
It simply cannot hold out another decade or two with things the way they are now.

The Japanese economy had the highest growth for just under three decades for the last quartal. Don't know if that's anything to extrapolate from but the economy might just get going again.
JCP did defend eromanga sellers and authors some years back though, they are the party of free speech and freedom of expression in 日本。

Japan's problems are worse than most: their fertility rates are extremely poor and their oldfags refuse to die, so they either work till the grave or get workforce from outside, ie. mass immigration.

So, last election the Communists Party gained 13 seats. Any predictions if they will continue to grow, or will they just stagnate for now? Also, what will it take for the Communist Party to gain a significant fallowing? Is Japan classcucked beyond saving?

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Korea is projected to be fine up until 2080 which has greater problem with a labour shortage than Japan. Japan isn't in dire straits according to anyone but the metropolitan left that wants to import immigrants.

lmao of course it was a lelnist that said it


Goddamn that post misunderstands the situation. The population isn't 'declining' as Japanese of all ages are dying en masse but growing far older.

One big issues you seem to ignore is that they have a rapidly aging population, (one of the oldest in the world, at that) that requires expensive care, often provided by state pensions, low birthrates and a shrinking workforce because Hideki-kun and Miyuki-chan would rather play dating sims than get a job. And seeing the monstrous social pressure they're under and their horrible workplace conditions, who the fuck would blame them.
I'm no fan of mass immigration myself, but as it stands, I don't see another solution that would work in the short term. Also, they have a ton of Hikikomori that are basically not self sufficient and when their parents start dying off shit will hit the fan hard.

You really can't blame them, given Japanese corporate culture.

Population is already decreasing, and major demographic transition is set to occur starting about a decade from now.

Similarly, this "crushing" pension problem? Sure, it sucks, but it's entirely within the fiscal capabilities of a 1st-world economy for the . If they bring in immigrants, however, it will only stall the problem and leave future generations an even worse debacle to tangle with.

This is a choice between suffering a manageable problem now, or an apocalyptic one later.

They were polling at 4% last election and got 13%. Japanese polls are garbage

The Japs could socially engineer higher birth and marriage rates through financial incentives

Polling is on the same category as astrology now

from what ive gathered the JCP is a bit above soc-dem tier but still far below outright socialism
their basically allende tier

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Democratic Socialism just means workplace democracy. Social Democracy is red fascism. Two completely different things.

why do people spam this nonsensical distinction everywhere

To be fair Social Democracy is just the humane version of neoliberalism. It is a system that suits countries which are too smart to fully embrace neoliberalism but which don't mind being dominated by an oligarchic government working mostly against their interests the same way as overtly neoliberal countries, such as the USA or UK, do.

Democratic Socialists are just temporarily confused Marxist-Leninists, and they at least are mostly anti-imperialist, unlike succdems


That's a lie spread by autistic Anglo expats living in Japan who have their own retarded trot chibi group and who are calling the JCP socdem one week, Stalinist and what have you the next week. It should be clear that the JCP is not pro-monarchy. And calling Japan a monarchy is a bit weird, given the very limited symbolic/ceremonial role the Tenno has. That said, the JCP is even opposed to that little role, but says it will be up to the people to decide whether they want to keep the Tenno system:

Do you think they would design it to look like a mech?

Japan is right wing as fuck. They always vote LDP except for like once or twice ever. JCP has a while to go before anything actually happens there.

The JCP is pretty much the only thing stopping Japan from being effectively a one-party State.

JCP has captured about 10% of the vote in recent elections, on the other hand it is literally the only alternative to economically liberal conservatism there is

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To understand how Japanese politics actually works I would recommend reading this book. It was written after the LDP lost its absolute control over Japanese politics for a brief period after 2006.

Basically Japanese politics combines the worst of both American and European parliamentary democracies. It is structured in such a way that actual representative democracy (i.e. a politics that somewhat resembles the will of the people) is impossible there.

"Muh social security deficit" is one of the most infuriating canards of economy, tho I have the feeling it was made up by neoliberals.

But that's the whole point of a representative democracy.

Yes but in most representative democracies there is a constant struggle between bourgeois parties. In Japan it's just the LDP and a handful of tiny little parties that have almost no influence. The LDP has ruled Japan for over 60 years.

Bright side from this election is that the PoH(former right-wing of the DPJ) has not effectively become the new opposition(there were even rumors they planned to caucus with the LDP). Also the CDPJ(former progressive wing of the DPJ) did better than was expected actually outperforming the PoH and hopefully cementing them as the true successors to the DPJ. Also given the implosion of the DPJ they will hopefully be dead for all foreseeable future elections.

On the negative side the the rise of the CDPJ has pulled votes away from both the CPJ and the SDP. Not super important in the grand scheme as those three parties are guaranteed to be working together. Another negative is that this snap election has further cemented the rule of Abe and the LDP in Japan.

Worth noting we are seeing what looks like record low turnout in the election which shows growing disillusionment with politics in Japan. Probably a result of other parties having been impotent and the LDP constantly in scandals.

Begone JCP shills

FWIW they're still the best major party in Japan. Not really saying much. Will be happy if they rebrand as some have said they'd consider.

What's your evidence that the JCP is for the Tenno system? The post you reply to has an interview with the leader Kazuo SHII stating the party's position regarding that. What do you have (aside from brain problems)?

so this is the power of marxist leninism

He definitely isn't leftist, but the emperor has frequently been a voice of reason rejecting the insane far-right slide in Japan.

If thats true that I guess thats better than a crazy nationalist emperor that riles up the retards. The best would be a Japanese republic tho.

I'm hearing new that things didn't go well

Unfortunately, where bourgeois democracy is concerned, the outcome is hardly ever good.

LDP won like they do, but they and Komeito lost seats, LDP wins just about automatically because of the unrepresentative seat allocation system and ridiculously corrupt local politics
the barely, vaguely leftist constitutionalists (Rikken-Minshuto) got quite a few seats, I think their ascendace is the biggest reason why JCP lost so many seats, maybe some electoral trickery
the other LDP stayed relatively small, much smaller than was expected at one point
honestly I'm mostly interested in how JCP vote share was in the PR block

Could you elaborate further?