Neo-Nazi and National Front organis

is this the power of right-wing identitarianism?

our sexually varied multi-ethnic multi-confessional sister board should perhaps learn from this

On some days when I read shit like this I think LMAO we are gonna be fiiiiine there is no way a group with so many internal contradictions could ever seize power.

Then on other days I think about all the contradictions in capitalism and I realise of completely fucked we are if this level of dissonance gains a foothold.

Thats when I start thinking about acquiring arms

To be fair, everyone born after the industrial revolution is a gay jew, which renders the nazi shit pointless.

The far right has always had Jewish infiltrators. I dont really think this reflects poorly tbh

does it really count as infiltration when its just a lonely, alienated guy who just happened to be gay jew?
why are right-wingers always so pathological? the right wing is full of anti-gay homos, anti-jew kikes and anti-rasemixing mulattos
there was that one Hungarian Jobbik member/leader who went from nazi to hardcore zionist after he found out he was Jewish - is identitarianism/reaction really genetic as some anons post-ironically claim?

I dont think you understand how infiltration works. You get a much greater effect by claiming to be reformed, then jumping on the payroll of an anti racist organisation. I've never heard of him personally but usually with the outspoken ex neonazi antiracist you can tell from their shit tier rhetoric that they were never really involved.

infiltration would imply that he seeked to work for another organisation or to take over the organisation from inside, what you are describing is more a false-flag
eh, this sounds like post-hoc damage control, "he wasn't really one of us"

You can call it what you want. Like I said, I've never heard of him or read any of his opinions, but I'd bet my left testicle that he never actually held white nationalist opinions. I find it very hard to believe that a homosexual Jew would feel at home with white nationalist, most whites dont.

Don't you know that white nationalism is actually very racially diverse?

I don't think throwing a meme salute makes one a white nationalist

Irony is dead. What you pretend to be is what you are. If you don't want to be seen as a nazi don't act like one.

The trump tards have been labeled as Neo Nazis for the last couple of years. If you don't think they're going to joke about it, you probably have autism. Either way, if a South East Asian wants to role play as a white nationalist I'm not going to try to stop him. It's only going to help normalise the more cringey aspects of the ideology.

That picture is from before Trump you moron.

Lol. How was I supposed to know the origin of your meme? I thought you were only joking but do you actually believe that the people in your picture subscribe to Not Socialist though?


Lurk more.

Your meme was shit, m8

It wasn't mine. Stop posting until you've lurked enough to not have the board spoonfed to you.

I'm not asking for spoonfeeding. I'm just saying that you're autistic if you think the people in the photo are actually fascists and can't into irony.

Sic semper dextra.