/r/T_D, Holla Forums, and /r/KIA user murders parents because they were "leftists"

This is your mind on Holla Forums,/the_donald/, and /KIA/.



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Who knew most rightists are mentally ill?

And these are the fags that say we're lazy fucks.


Listen, I am in graduate school and in night classes for industry certifications.

Do you think that he was yelling shit like "cuck" and "shill" while he was killing them?


Their little boy is all grown up.

he wasn't black though

I'm 25 and moved back in two years ago take care of my mom when she was going through chemo and to finish my degree, on top of that I got a 30+ hour a week job. The difference between us and Lane or Millenial Woes is that we're working while they're floating.

I bet his dad was on medicare and that made him think his dad was a leftist.

Ol' boomer should be a videogame boss

Then you have a legitimate excuse. If you were just leeching off welfare while shitposting on /r9k/ in your parents basement then you would indeed fit the parasitic millennial stereotype.

Really makes me think.

Well technically I recall there being a murder of a cop by a BLM dude, but still, rightists have clearly proven themselves much much more kill happy than antifa.

So much for being pro-family.

Dad didn't appreciate Kekistan

Parents probably thought their son was a lost cause tbh.

i guess this is the white working class Holla Forums represents


Fascists are always petty bourgeoisie.

10 quintillion years in the hell realms for you, kid.

top top lel

guess video games really do make you violent

Satan pls

Holla Forumsyp is a frustrated, alienated petty-bourg leech

What the fuck is the context

Anyone know where this takes place?


ikr? finally RWDS becomes real

I also leech but it's mainly because literally no one in my area is hiring anymore.


laugh… and grow fat!

For some reason this is the most pathetic part about it to me. If the guys articles were up there in the first place, then he must have agreed with what he wrote, but now that he committed a crime you're going to shit on him and try to pretend he never worked for you?

Also I got fired like a year ago when the company got bought out.


holy nostalgia
that was my favourite game as a kid

Here's the social media presence of the guy who killed his dad, boys. Want to dig up anything meme-worthy?

Guy seemed like a typically /r/the_donald tard.



the biggest, fattest cat

Whew lads, do people actually still listen to that dumbass?

who said white people can't spit bars

What makes a grown fucking man think he should do this?

that name seems vaguely familiar; I remember people making fun of some his spergouts a while ago

I'm 30 and living off my dead grandmother's pension (government hasn't found out she died yet).

nice numerals my aryan friend


This proves 8/pol/ is becoming reddit

Apparently S4T posted quite a bit on /r/the_donald but mods have since scrubbed his posts.

Last I heard Ralph went to jail for taking a drunken swing at a cop. (Nora Ralph is his fat ugly wife.)

was it autism




reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/34b0be/anonn_spots_something_really_odd_in/cqtex93/?context=3 (deleted)

nah, this was way back before trump had even announced his nomination.
If this proves 8ch is reddit then it's actually proving 4chan was reddit over two years ago.
remember that Holla Forums pretty much handicrafted T_D, it eventually took a life of its own but it was always the work of gators.

I guess when Hotwheels called this place redditchan he wasn't talking only about board creation.

someone needs to archieve these

Look at all the people in that news video old, Baby Boomer Porkies. I guess Holla Forums did something right for once.

This is almost what happened to me, except more years ago. I was so excited to be one of the few people in my generation who wasn't going to be living with their parents into their 20s - I gtfo when I was 19.

I did too, unfortunately the cancer shit happened and my previous roommate was a flaky faggot who almost got me fucked over on rent. I'm done with my degree next spring and will move out shortly after when I don't have to worry about tutition or shit.

Is that pisspig?

user where did you hide the body.

Is Holla Forums now against political murder? Also was it Mike Enoch?

Holla Forums must be mocked at all times. Especially when they out themselves as the petite bourgies that they are.

manchild failson Holla Forumsyp killed his petty-bourg boomer dad, I don't think that qualifies as a political murder

God I love happy endings!

Well it's kind of interesting that this guy's social media is full of "SO MUCH FOR THE TOLERANT LEFT" and "WOW THE LEFT IS SO VIOLENT" when he went and murdered his dad.


like 90% of all leftists online are that tho.

We need to get Alex Jones on this.

These are alt light talking points

He's a Holla Forumstard alongside being a ledditor, see

I'm looking through his leddit comment history, most of it's pretty boring actually just a bunch of conspiracy shit he posted on le_donald for the most part.

I'm not seeing any ethno/Jews from him. He looks like typical nu/pol/ cancer tbh

Nu-Holla Forums is literally Holla Forums. They made their deal with the devil when they openly embraced reddit and now they have to answer for it.

Yeah, Holla Forums is dead. 8ch autism bans anyone not towing the line and cuckchan is now a cancerous reddit/b/ fusion. I mostly just circlejerk on Twitter now.

Holla Forumstards are legitimately the dumbest people i've ever had the displeasure of seeing. it's truly a feat when you appear to be a bigger fucking idiot than your regular batshit teaparty conservative.

i actually met some trump supporters IRL the other day for the first time, started talking about how las vegas was by the government to take our guns and deep state trump blah blah. mind you, this is within 3 minutes of meeting me.

i genuinely am at a loss as to how one can be so delusional. it's like there's some sort of mass delusion going on and half the country exists in another reality. what in the fuck is going on


All burgers who haven't moved out of the US must face rations

He stabbed the wrong people but I feel bad for him.

Not surprising at all. Most Holla Forumskins have a deep inferiority complex that they mask through an "enlightened contrarian" stance whereby widely held truths, values and accepted systems are inherently evil, are the cause of the impending doom/rupture/degeneracy that they alone "understand" and "can stop" because they "see the lies that they are". And yet, when you look under their thin surface, you usually find people who have merely projected their own failures into a convenient punch bag where they can justify their own shortcomings.

That a literal NEET, Holla Forums poster and drump chump then went ahead and murdered the very man that raised himbecause they triggered his ego-based politics shows the state of mental decay these people live in. Pics related, the story of another super snowflake, hero of the West, Holla Forumskin-kun


He wasn't actual a fascist.

yeah, sure because a "muh conservative traditionalist" will murder his own fucking family because they voted for Hillary.

He was a revoltard who abandoned Gamergate for being too liberal. Reminder that our dear BO helped created ggrevolt. And GG was, is and will be right about everything. Now let's play "spot the SJW entryist".

Milkshake ducked again!

I know, right? I turned 34 just just yesterday!

GGR was not caused by be GGHQ being "too left" or "too right" specifically, it was caused by Acid instituting heavy handed tone-police modding, and reacting to outcry against this by clamping down even harder as BO. Ironic, considering BO's own bout of anti-"imperialist" spergout.

Really, it's a shame GGR flamed out by taking "light moderation" to mean, "don't even delete spam", since GG was at low enough ebb on Holla Forums for that tussle to kill GGHQ without a viable replacement, leaving its main presence outside r/KiA as an eCeleb circlejerk thread on Holla Forums.

I suspect that becoming less radical has made Holla Forums more dangerous and daring.

Before, the (unironic) Holla Forumstards only had "le merchant" to oppose, and nothing to actually support. They had only enemies and nothing that they felt that they could support. Everyone was against them. They were hampered by their own sense of helplessness against an overwhelming enemy.

Now, as a bunch of neocons, they have something to actually support, an actual cause that they think they need to get out there and support. They're pro "establishment" in that they now can genuinely believe that there's some beleaguered "true" establishment being overrun by the "corruption" that needs their support. There's now a chance they can "make a difference" by their actions, because they're actually less radical than they were before.

I'd say Acid's purge was warranted, because as far as I recall, the board was turning into an appendage of Holla Forums, full of conspiracy theory threads and thinly-veiled personal army requests against some liberal fag or other. I always figured GGR was made by the more unhinged Holla Forums types – and infiltrated SJWs egging them on, of course. Which is why I found it so bizarre that our BO was involved.

I think you may be misunderstanding dilution as "de-radicalization". While old Holla Forums was already stormhugs central, the election cycle brought in new magnitudes of hordes seeking a trump oriented medium which diluted the original, much smaller Holla Forums crowd. However, over time, these people will be radicalized through confirmational bias and down right propaganda as has been the case for every Holla Forums in existence since 4chan. If anything, we are moving to even more dangerous waters as these people take ever more extreme positions and start trivializing authoritarianism or openly attacking democratic institutions. Just look at them rabidly trying to equate antifa to nazis–it's only beginning.


One of the key points of disagreement, Deep Freeze for games/devs (lo and behold DevDex is still vaporware, while OpenCritic doesn't measure up to the task, though the current furor over RMT might fix that), was something a lot of people supported, in spite of KiA/Acid stamping out discussion. Not being allowed to mock trannies or whatever was just the icing on the cake.

I don't mean de-radicalization as in they are less fervent, I mean they literally hold less extreme and off views than the old Holla Forums crowd.

But that's what I was talking about: it seems that way because of a much larger crowd, new, election-based crowd that has drowned out the original, smaller stormhugs people. Give it a couple of years and things will not look much different once they've been pulled extreme right all the way.

I can't even tell if that's just satire or if they are actually this fucking retarded.

didn't our BO create one of those as a honey pot?


He is a hero. The NAP doesn't apply to leftists.

I thought BO was joking about that, like when he said he was the BO of Holla Forums. I miss when BO was fun and not a massive faggot.

There's gamesense.co, made by one of us, and it has some fancy way to… I don't know the proper term. To organize and link information? The dev claimed the goal was to use an innovative system in order to get a more accurate score for games than the ol' average of scores given by """trustworthy""" publications. He's having trouble spreading it tho, it's not even on the first page of a Google search for "gamesense".

tbh I always was extremely in favor of it, but didn't support that because it would be inconvenient at a time we desperately sought support. But I know jack shit about web development, and gathering all the dirt on devs and publishers would require either full-time work (fat chance) or crowdsourcing, anyway.

Strictly speaking, I think the Deep Freeze approach of a curated Db might be impractical for something as wide-ranging as cataloging game/dev bullshit. Something like PC Gaming Wiki strikes me as the gold standard such a site should be aiming for: Wiki but with a Db-style strictness to its structure, tables that clearly lay out whether there is or isn't BS at a glance, precise descriptions of problems or good things and what/who caused them, solutions to anything that can be fixed, links to forum threads and other resources documenting everything.

The forum-based structure is a neat idea, but their tagging system boiling everything down to one score is too limited and vague, so it comes across as pretty messy.



seems about right

Anyone know the source of that image?


definitely looks like him, its the way he holds the cig

Right wingers aren't going around disrupting and shutting down events through violence. Silencing that is supported by the masses is FAR worse than sparse murders conducted by individuals without public support.

No it isn't.



found the buttblasted aut-rightist

No, I'm a liberal living under a national crisis of public opposition to free speech and discourse. Anyone who opposes the right of fascists, communists, anarchists, progressives, liberals, primitivists, monarchists etc to assemble or supports disrupting their events is a scumbag.

stopped reading there

Makes sense

silly pirate poster, cops don't count

(and BLM is liberal)

It's funny because that's exactly what he let it turn into eventually anyway.

I had such high hopes for that. I was ready to build a massive database of DRM and everything.


S4T is the martyr of /ggrevolt/
He killed for your sins.

Spam is deleted.

Holla Forums BO created /ggrevolt/, it's a fact. He gave the board to me.
Holla Forums is actually an alt-right Op. You're all getting played.

Wrong pic

Is The Ralph Retort still in prison? Maybe S4T can request a transfer so the two can have butt sex.