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rojava isn't leftist

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t. reactionary anarkkkist

this tbqh

New article from coopertiveeconomy

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So whats their game plan now that Raqqa has been taken? Other than securing safety in the city and rebuilding ofc. Continue to expand to the south east? Or move into the Euphrates shield controlled area or Idlib?

Is there any logical reason why you would do an agricultural "women's only" cooperative except as LARPing as Khmer Rouge?

All you need to provide for women to be liberated is economic quality and incorporation of maternity into the workplace, like the GDR did it.


maybe they will try to kick out turkey from the idlib region, or maybe they send volunteers/aid to iraqi kurdistan. Expansion to the southeast is mostly meaningless, since most of those areas are desert.

You forgot those deserts have quite a lot of oil.

in that case they would be risking a full blown conflict with Assad

That's inevitable in one form or another once the war is won for Assad. They either have to fight the SAA, or they reach some sort of compromise and get reintegrated into the Syrian state structure.

Both outcomes are far from terrific. With the former, Rojava will continue to be an asset of US-imperialism and to be used to slice up Syria, and with the latter, they basically have no chance to become socialist or to expand their ideas.

Probably has something to do with the fact that the ME is reactionary as fuck and unkind to women, so projects like these help to empower women who have been relegated to being nothing more than housewives till now. Not sure what you mean by "economic quality", but it stands to reason that women could easily fall back into behaviors of subservience in mixed gender cooperatives, since that's what they've been conditioned to most of their lives

Read the OP

They already took the oil fields north of DeZ

Probably moving into idlib. That's what the whole idlib council is for anyways, and they have a joint operations room with SAA now so it seems like the natural course of action

You're not using that term correctly, or at least not in any way Lenin used it.


End yourself you brainlet

Always the tanks with this thread. I swear the tanks get worse with each new edition of the Rojava general thread


inb4 ban and deletion

why would the mods ban anyone for that post?

The USA and its allies have clear economic interests in Syria - how is this not imperialism? Pipeline didn't fly with Assad so he had to be toppled.

What the fuck did I even say? I didn't even bash Rojava, apparently the simple fact that US-imperialism exists seems to make you sperg out. Thin-skinned much?

Because pretending that the US dindu nuffin in Syria is fucking retarded, I assume.

Apparently making fun of someone's misuse of the term imperialism is somehow supporting it according to the BO

There are literally no economic ties to the US. DFSNS is not trading any oil to them, nor anything else for that matter

Reminder that kurds are american lapdogs, and your "revolution" will be as succesful as it was in Spain in the 30's

Read the OP

I meant "economic equality", it was a typo. I think economic incentives ultimately empower you more. For example, paying women for domestic labor would be a start to make them independent of the men's income. This seems to be a project for unmarried, Kurdish female fighters rather than average women in families. It might be quite alienating.

I'm predicting ahead of time that this will turn into shit

That was not what I was trying to say.

So criticism is not allowed in this thread?

Gotta love that Marxist back stab. Was amazing, deleted at least a quarter of the fighters for the Spanish Republic and paved the way for Fascism to reign endlessly in Spain for generations.

No I'm just saying ahead of time. You tanks always love to do some revisionist shit, remember the Hungarian Revolution?

>The USA Russia and its allies have clear economic interests in Syria - how is this not imperialism?

I think the idea that women should be relegated to domestic labor is part of the problem though. Women are not forced to join these cooperatives mind you.

Apologies for misunderstanding your point then. Please elaborate. I've heard speculation that this has something to do with a turkish pipeline, but the idea that DFSNS would want to help turkey's economic interests is pretty absurd IMO.

You mean anarchist infighting?
Lel, you guys are a fucking joke, no wonder you stayed irrelevant during history


Glad that Anarchists continue their tradition of antisemitism and collaboration with the CIA. Read Ludo Martens. Also, why did you claim that this is turning to shit because of me? You bring up the Hungarian Revolution in a fucking Rojava thread, you autist.

Russias economic interests are in the preservation of Syria, not in its destruction.

They are claiming non-kurdish territories. The Syrian people should be allowed to choose themselves who they would want to be ruled by. USA has economic and geopolitical interest in Syria'a destruction, therefore they fund the Kurds, which makes them as asset for US imperialism. I'm fine with Kurdish self-determination (despite its rather complicated history) as long as it doesn't turn out to be a war or conquest. As long as there is no proletarian movement with revolutionary momentum within Syria (communists are backing Assad) I'm not okay with it.

Kill yourself naz/pol/

In before more baauthists cheering on invasion by Erdogan's Turkey because they're just being "pragmatic"

the lack of pragmaticism and longterm reason is what buried most revolutions.

DFSNS is not a purely kurdish project, and becoming apart of the DFSNS is a choice. In joining the DFSNS they are making the choice to rule themselves. The US is not even outright giving them weapons, they expect to be given it back to them once they're done fighting Daesh (whether or not they'll actually give it back is up for debate). You claim communists are backing Assad, but what evidence for this is there? The communist party in Syria is just controlled opposition. Actual revolutionary Marxist Leninist groups are sending their support to DFSNS, not the Syrian government. IIRC greek fascist militias are fighting with Assad. You say that the DFSNS is not a proletarian movement, but the fact is that they've done more to organize and empower the proletariat than anything Assad's government has done. All of this still doesn't address your claims of imperialism, since DFSNS is not a new market for burger capitalists to sell to, nor a new opportunity to extract resources.

Projecting much.

Perhaps, but ultimately irrelevant since the "pragmatism" you want entails supporting the bourgeois

Reminder the Soviet Union was the puppet of Amerikkkan and British Imperialism.

Like clock work

we got khruschev afterwards and everything went to shit so maybe you have a point


Stalin supported Kurdistan, thought.

Qatar turkey pipeline doesn't make any fucking sense. It is literally conspiracy theory tier. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are also opponents of the qatari pipeline, and the pipeline could easily bypass Syria altogether. Iraq already has pipelines going to Turkey. futhermore, the basic dates don't even work out, there was no contemporary reporting of any Syrian rejection of the Qatari deal prior to 2011, and in 2009 no proposal existed for the pipeline. it was only in October that Turkey and Qatar agreed to a working group to develop a proposal.

Also reminder that retarded "moderate rebel" supporters literally think Rojava is a puppet of the Syrian government.



Then stop being retarded and taking their bait.

Hey, I'm not the one taking the bait



When it comes to Marxist-Leninists online I'm convinced none of them have actually read Lenin or are familiar with revolutionary defeatism. Baathism is class collaborationist and bourgeois nationalism. Why support it? It's social chauvinism.

Given that there was recently an anime convention in Baghdad, how long till there's a similar event in the DFNS?

The MM keeps talking about ISIS's defeat by "U.S. backed forces".

MM has been shit when it comes to DFSNS to begin with. This is nothing new

Everything is true in that picture though.

looking forward to the victory parades

Iraqi Kurdistan will be Afghanistan 2.0 The Iraqi Army will invade and take the KRG over within a weak. But they will face a strong Guerrilla pushback by the PKK. Afterwords there will be an internal civil war between the American backed Soc-Dems and the hardcore Bookchinite fundamentalists who seek to abolish to immediately transition to full communism. The Fundamentalists will win, but then they will get invaded by America, who will succeed at first but eventually be beaten back by the Kurds.

Capturing Der-Ez-Zor oilfields then trading them to Assad in Return for land which connects Afrin to the rest of Rojava.

I know this guy is the worst of the worst. But he’s right about controlling food. A government that can’t feed it’s people has nothing.

Real Tankies support Rojava

Its for single/widowed women who've been abducted and traumatized by ISIS and escaped it.
Or I suppose for any woman who doesn't want to get married.

why should I support these guys again?

That's the Iraqi Kurds not rojava.



Considering the climate catastrofuck we're in, any movement that has ecological considerations as more than an afterthought is probably worth either supporting or at least lifting ideas off of.

The Lion is dead! He died for real this time!


press f to pay respects

He was a true warrior

t. EU shill


RIP to a hero

oops guess i should read thread before posting>>2165240


It's amazing how many armchair tankies shit talk yet there's leftist out there fighting and dying.

I said nothing about the E.U., how am I "shilling" for them?



no, its purely american with various militias being incorporated in it.

yet your "revolution" entails supporting the global monopolar status quo

now thats a hot take

because millenials like you have only been following the conflict since 2016 and dont know fucking shit.

not to mention the US has been trying to topple every fucking thing that isnt its subject for decades

the 5$ qusteion:
whats the war in syria about?

because everything else can also be called

i didnt know the US backed the SAA and PMU


The Kirkuk/Iraq General gets cyclical instantly but this thread in it's 7th(?) incarnation is still shat on by BO.
Brilliant board management right there.

Please send help to a comrade stuck in Iraq get back home after fighting in Rojava;

well, he really flew to his on grave on that one.


As the fall of Raqqa and Iraqi punishment of the KRG independence referendum coincide almost precisely, what are the chances of DFSNS going full-ISIS across the border? Also, what is the current state of the trade-embargo against Rojava by the KRG?

I'm more curious if the Peshmerga and the PKK are going to start infighting now that KRG is goign to fall within a week.

SDF going across the border would trigger a direct iraqi action against all kurd-affiliated groups from rojava to KRG. it would literally be a drop over the edge.
the US would immidietly try to pull SDF out to save any relations they have with iraq, and iraq would just jump to allying itself with turks and syria.
it would polarise the region in the "red" and "yellow" sides, with some "black" still betwen in the desert

m8 turkey can't even stop shelling them

Fighting and dying for who exactly?

the proletariat dumbass

fucking larping anarchists. I know that if real communists like Gorbachev were still around they would also oppose the kurds.

What’s more likely then SDF going full-ISIS is SDF taking US supplies it get’s and giving it to the PKK in Iraq who use qurila warfare to take of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Protip: If you are younger than 37, you shouldn't be calling other people millenials

Yeah, that's about what I'd expect.


Reminder Syria General posters think they're superior to other posters.

hahahahaha perfect timing for a referendum guys thanks hahahaha thanks barzani

well I guess I have to find something else to do with my existence now

I know this feel.
t. supposed to leave end of June, when smuggling stopped and the YPG lost control of their email.

Life is suffering tbh


I thought Assad was literally Hitler?

I thought it was only retarded "moderate" rebel supporters who think Assad is literally a Shia Hitler who is carrying out some kind of Sunni Holocaust.

If you fucked up something as simple as managing an e-mail account, it's best for everyone involved that you didn't go.

They don't just declare territories to be theirs now, they establish self-governance, run elections and then let people decide for themselves who they want to be ruled by.

Pretty sure you meant to say the U.S state department.

pathetic shills

no, accept no ones, USs, Israels, Russias or Irans
everyone is divide and conquering this situation dumb fuck

- Future of the YPG.
- Future of the US bases in SDF held areas.
- A political solution for Kurdish question in Syria.

The Syrian Government and the SDF. The field may be handed over to the Syrian government, reports said.

So much for Rojava being under US control.


are you retarded?
if everything went according to plan FSA would take control of the country and there wouldnt even be any SDF or similar shit because turkey and its FSA allies in northern syria would wage a campaign against YPG.
but FSA got destroyed, and the US had to create the SDF to have some reliable proxy in syria


they are. they use more than just one source consisting of a random alakbar twitter post.
unlike, you know, SDF fanboys here

Just as planed.

You clearly don't know about the history of the SDF do you? It started as the 'Euphrates Volcano' alliance between the FSA and YPG in Kobani against ISIS and then transformed into the SDF as the YPG started taking more Arab populated land from ISIS. At least back up what you are saying before you say dumb shit like this.
play at 20:10

the history of the SDF started when statedept needed someone else than alqeada to run the show for them.
before that you just had a few villages cornered by ISIS

Then why does the US have no diplomatic or economic ties with SDF? This is like how everyone calls the Houthis Iranian puppets when the support is small at best.

The SDF is actually a Hibernian conspiracy set up to hide the fact that the world is flat.


will niggers from Holla Forums continue to claim the YPG is trying to land grab and steal oil and build whatever retarded pipeline project that didn't exist when the civil war started?

commies sold out to the porky

Tankies are historically illiterate

Not just historically. Can any of you Rojavafags refute J Barg?

nope. We totally got Be Tea ef oh. Barzani = Ocalan, murray shills for his own people. now that everyone is convinced, we can all forget Holla Forums

All he talks about is the KRG, Jews and how much he wants to kill someone.

What is wrong with Americans?

Not a fan of the Turks but as of right now Based Turks tbh



I also love it when Turks bomb Syrian homes.


No, I like when they bomb Syrian homes whether they're occupied by the SDF or not. each dead syrian is a blessing regardless of where they're living.

Fuckin' this. Especially the ones living in Europe. If we could get some Turkish f16s in Germany, we've got plenty of rapefugees for them.

uses Baath flag

sorry, forgot to remove my flag from my previous post.

“After Raqqa, the intention was to proceed downriver through Mayadeen to Bukamal, where SDF fighters would link up with Iraqi government forces trying to regain control over the Islamic State-controlled town of Qaim, just across the border inside Iraq. A major goal was to block Iran from securing a land corridor, through Iraq, between Tehran and Damascus.”

And few lines after that
“We’re not in a race, we’re not in the land-grab business. We’re here to defeat ISIS,” he said, using an acronym for the Islamic State.”

Few lines below
“That’s what you get when you make a deal with the Russians,” said Jennifer Cafarella of the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War, which monitors the fighting in Syria. “What we see is a push by the regime and its backers to seize key infrastructure, such as oil and gas fields, and to position to disrupt U.S.-led anti-ISIS operations further down the Euphrates.”
With the remaining Islamic State strongholds in Syria increasingly likely to fall into Syrian government hands, the Trump administration will have to decide whether the U.S. military remains in Syria to protect areas that have been captured by the SDF — which is dominated by Syrian Kurds of the People’s Protection Units, or YPG.

So was Iran the target of the operation, or was it IS?

Things aren't going according to the State Department's plan, that's for sure.

As a militarily relevant actor in Syria yes it was created by the U.S.


Anti-imperialism of this strength hasn't been seen since the Hanoi - Laos - Beijing axis.
These liberal nation states will be the perfect bulwark against imperialism.

oh of course remember all those anarchist/collectivist/communalists who did such a great job fighting imperialism?

I like how I always know which baathist flag is you, because you can't make an argument without strawmanning. you've argued as if I'm an anarchist and not a Stalinist. and that I support the SDF

If you think liberals can resist imperialism, you're an idealist beyond help. It will end exactly as it did with Vietnam. it's clear this useless regional alliance you imagine will be far from impervious to US influence, all they have to do is offer investment, and the bourgeoisie of each nation will leap to sell out their country.

The US driven and its puppet state destroyed?
Iran has done it decently the last 4 decades
Lebanon managed to fend of israel on multiple occasions
Syria is in the process of mopping up the US proxies after the US/NATO regime change failed

seems to be doing ok atm to be honest

such a geopolitical expert, you think Vietnam is an anti-imperialist success story?

Also, will anti-imp bois ever realize their own position is way more hardline than Russia/Syria's actual stance on Rojava? I honestly thought this would end after both sides agreed to numerous mutual defense agreements, but it appears not.

well not much at this point i admit

Also left on the other flag

I didn't know there were formal "De jure" agreements.
De facto, Russians and Syrians are defending Rojava from ES, De facto they are supporting the YPG and PYD, de facto they are running air support for them, periodically. so much for anti imperialism.

t. Mehmet

it was created by the US, yes.
there should be plenty of 2016 articles from MSM like washington post and chicago tribune that openly claimed this

thank you for confessing you were wrong

it was done so after a Ru/Sy conference with YPG commanders in Hasakah if youre even remotley aware of whats happening

name one lasting anarchist revolution

well they LARP for some bullshit at home but do the exact opposite thing abroad,
with things like freedom, terrorism, independance etc


it is. the chinese invasion that followed afterwards is mainly what forced vietnam to jump sides.
your "vietnam is now a US ally" argument is irrelevant


Occupying Russian helicopters land in Tal Rifat held by Russian puppet state of Rojava in Afrin to deter anti-imperialist Turkey's plans to liberate Northern Syria.

can't wait for assad and the iraqis under baathist shia ideals to murder all these commies


i think youre in the wrong board

Literally just rebranding so they could pretend that they weren't giving weapons to the YPG. Implying that the alliances and military structures that constitute the YPG and it's allies is the responsibility of the US is just factually incorrect.



so from "it was their creation" to "they just got rebranded". ok. the alliance is also a statedept brainchild when they saw they ould need more than kurd militias to expand over syrian territory. and your "military structure independace" isnt shit. the pentagon doesent have to reorganise the cadres of SDF militias because they already function on the field, the only thing they have to worry about is their "advisors" guiding the SDF toward important objectives like dierezzor oilfields.


weird, it works well on facebook

Looks like the SDF just captured al-Omar oil field, the largest oil field in Syria.

Great news for the U.S state department.


Or for Assad considering Rojava is talking about handing oilfields over to Russia.
Roaches about to get stomped


this was done with a strategic oilfield north of DeZ in accordance to an agreement reached by Sy/Ru and SDF. imguessing the syrian end of the deal allowed SDF to advance souther

YPG had alliances with non-ypg militias long before the term SDF was ever used bakka. Taking oil fields to later negotiate with the government isn't rocket science.

Holy fuck the SDF just can't stop fucking winning


That's not a good thing, whenever someone just steamrolls through a war, as soon as the momentum stops they'll start to lose, see: Daesh, Hitler, Napoleon.

Mein gott

Gotta prevent that Iran corridor

I think that's a gross oversimplification tbh. SDF has more soldiers than ever.

SAA should join the SDF


Just blew my mind imagining some ballsy madman General couping Assad at this point.

Would be best timeline tbh


The dialectic is in motion.

I would literally cum in my pants if this happened

being serious, the SDF just uses the official map of Syria in their flag, which also includes the Golan Heights. Hatay was seceded by the French to the Turks over a century ago, and Assad was pretty much conceded his claim to it.

though Syrians are oppressed in Hatay, and Syria has absolutely every right to retake it.


If only he was more like his father.




STOP! I can only get so erect !

CIA is FSA. SDF is a State department operation. Get your facts straight.

Great timeline

Hashd al-Shaabi Sexually Abuse Civilians in Kirkuk: KRG


t. Schlomo Shekelstein
Neat little video on Öcalan and his influence on the soldiers that fought in Raqqa

Also nice to see plenty of qts and IFB/RUIS graffiti.

Based catgirldrawfag

This image has got me thinking, I think my life's dream is to have a cum town style podcast but it's Rojava. I really hope there's some ironybros in the YPG, like half the jokes are just how Erdogan looks like a sad retarded dog or something

It's probably the part with a coup against Assad user has a problem with.

Looks like Rojava has some back up plans in case of the US backstabs them to gain favours with Turkey, which to be honest, you can see coming kilometres away.

Hatay should've remained a republic.
Now the average Ameritard knows them as a fascist friendly sheikdom, who traded all their arms for a German car in Indiana Jones.

I don't know if you are making a joke but Hatay isn't a sheikdom.

Hatay was featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

So will the YPG stop respecting daddy U.S then?

5 years from now YPG paratroopers will land all over the east coast and burn down the white house.

And if the U.S doesn't? Then it makes it ok for the SDF to steal Syria's oil?

Do you know what communism is?


You're telling me

The french had no legal authority to cede Hatay, they were obliged to protect territorial integrity under the terms of the Mandate of Syria

I guess it's denying oil from those who need it under cover of U.S air power.

Looks like Bush was /ourguy/ all along

Or just handing it over to the Russians and Syrian gov under cover of U.S air power.


The cyclical Kirkuk/Iraq thread has been 404'd after two weeks and our thread stays standing.
When will BO just stop trying to get rid of us?


It's almost like Syria has been devastated by a foreign backed civil war and needs oil revenue to rebuild its cities and provide services again.

I'm not sure what you're getting at. Civilians in govt held territories need energy & fuel and so do those in DFNS territories.

if that's what it's almost like, I wonder what it's actually like, you fucking mange ridden interjecting redditor.


funny you say that, that's what Syria needs oil for. too bad it would go to lining some Syrian porkies pocket instead.

Don't worry, you're surely happy that it's going to be used rebuilding Raqqa, and Kobane, right? and Assad's porkies will also have to get a cut when it's shipped through their ports, so everyone wins.

Wtf? This is full blown liberal bourgeois finance imperialism!
t. Tankies

Jac Holmes has died…


we're coming buckos.



Is there a single instance of American imperialism that hasn't received at least some Trot support?

Slightly annoying.

Interested in that book. Can you summarize? Worth the read? Sum up the American interests in the region?
Salih Muslim, former Co-Chairman of the PYD tweets article defending KRG written by none other than John McCain

if youre so much into dejure then your post might not even be ironic

the main american objective is staying in afgan as long as possible so they can both exploit opiod and mineral productions, and corner iran from the east and russian client states from the south, while also simply projecting force in that particular region.
thats why the taliban will never be completely taken out.
the problem occured when this allowed taliban to adapt and now theyre having big successes against NATO forces, effectively controlling almost half of afganistan.

what a cancer
*tat-tat ta-dum*

The fuck is Dejure? Isn't that some Crusader Kings 2 empire shit?

by dejure he means de jure the latin of "by right" or "by law"

in the game Crusader Kings 2 and IRL a sates borders "de jure" are what they are on paper vs "de facto" or by fact how they really are on the ground

…dont shit on one of my fav games like that bitch


Who cares, he’ll be dead in a few months.


are you a homeschooled orphan or something?

Post an actual link then you nigger

you are the ledjend you are the pisskeeper

Picture of based Apo with with Ali Kayyali; the founder of the Marxist-Leninist group Syrian Resistance.

Also known as Mihraç Ural.

Was a ML for most of his life

I forgot to add that this is relevant to the thread because Syrian Resistance is fighting for the the Syrian Government.

i tought any url that had "twitter" in it was good enough for you guys

You weren't even the one who posted it

you missed the point

Just reminder that the Syrian Government purposely left northern Syria to the PYD and continued to gave them weaponry and ammunition supplies.
(sorry for the shit choice of sources but the quotes and references they use are still valid)
(Sorry for posting Daily Sabah)

were in octover 2017. anyone who hasnt lived off the grid for a year or two has been watching the syrian govts plan to take some pressure off their lines with the help of kurd militias backfire.

Who are these "local forces"?

local unaligned militia, usually

I don't even know, but they're still willingly or unwillingly playing into the hands of America and Israel by being against assad aka "neutral". I hope he fucking gasses everyone in that pocket with the chemical weapons he doesn't own.


I think that's supposed to be a neutral zone where different sides do trades and shit

there's nothing edgy about a consistent position on anti-imperialism.

Fantasising about gassing people is fairly edgy.

YPG is just as bad as ISIS as far as ethnic cleansing goes.
Ethnic cleansing by the kurds: sit rep 26 May -n6_0.pdf

Makes one think

If you are an ISIS supporter here you get sent to prison. If you are an ISIS supporter over there you get told to fuck off and live there. Seems like theyre getting a better deal.



Show me the debunking

it's biased trotshit but follow the sources, actual investigation shows no such thing. Some of the sources for the initial ethnic cleansing claims seem to be the families of combatants fighting against the YPG, so possibly jihadist misinformation is at play, but I will not jump to conclusions.

Opinion discarded

This did actually happen. There are pictures of it. The perpetrators will probably get arrested as they usually do when stuff like this happens.

Are there any sources on other times this has happened and how they were dealt with?

In response to the first Amnesty international report; this has been widely discredited by numerous people and organisations but I'll use this to some it all up:

In short the displacements carried out by YPG was temporary and they were done with military necessity whilst being in full accordance of international law.

As for the OCHA report: absolutely nowhere in the report did it ever say "Kurds are responsible for the displacement of 200,000 Arabs" You are either a liar or did not read the article posted. The report claimed that the conflict caused displacement which, surprise surprise, wars usually do. The report mostly points out the shortcomings of the SDC's effectiveness with dealing with the refugee crisis, that is, it points out areas of improvements. Who would of thought it was difficult to manege hundreds of thousands of people in a war with no international support, right?

As for the UN Security Council report; I have no idea which part of the article you think is relevant to your accusations but the report mostly talks about logistical issues of international refugees and airstrike killings. I'm in serious doubt you have actually read these articles. In regards to the Raqqa it talks about problems with screening processes lowing movement and medical issues.

As for the Independent article it talks of Arabs being scarred of Kurds and fleeing. Interesting that they can only cite the debunked amnesty report and is aggravated by ISIS propaganda. Though it is interesting to note that there have been far more fleeing too SDF lines they fleeing from it. The article does however mention a report by SOHR of an alleged killing of 20 Arabs by the YPG near Kobane though I can't find any corroborating evidence of this nor any additional information. It could have happened but without further information we may never know.

Turkey occupies Mount Kokozer and the surrounding region of Zap in northern Iraq during anti-PKK operation.
Picture related is the Turkish army planting a flag on the Mountain.

keep it up, you might reach the mental retardation of those who support any revolution they hear of

The last DeLoinists


The PKK uses hit-and-run guerrilla tactics. Their strategy involves always moving. If the Turks set up a semi-permanent base on whatever mountain, they'll be roasted as soon as an opening for an attack happens and end up on PKK youtube videos

not possible, Pierre Tru-Dank is in Poland

Gunfire heard in Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament after protesters storm building and "all contact lost" with MPs and journalists


Now that Barzani got cuck'd do you think iraqi kurds will be more receptive of the Rojava system?

I'll answer only if you post more t h i c c

Fuckin hyped. I hope Barzani dies.
It looks like the people that stormed the parliament were pro-barzani? He's resigning so either way he's gone.

I thought this was some type of civilian coup but it turns out it was just some pro-KDP people going on a random rampage.


So are you saying that these KDP civilians were funded by someone?

by the political opponents dumbass.
those kurds have just asmuch enemies on the inside as outside

I found this on Jac Holmes (recent martyr) FaceBook page;

Absolutely /ourguy/


how can people be so stupid? do you people get Canada and America confused too?



RIP comrade

over a dozen US military bases in Syria

fuck the BO

kek. All of his attempts at getting rid of support of D.F.S.N.S. on here has failed, it's not like this is going to change anything

BO amazingly manages to display their laziness and pettiness with the simplest single action yet.

nice image, saved it. realized over a dozen US military bases in Syria just means: "the west"

the BO is kinda a ML tbh so it wouldn't surprise me. why? who the hell knows. he has his reasons, stupid or not.

Are the other word filters still not working?
(((Leon Trotsky)))

haha yeah

Leon Trotsky

The only thing that could offend nazis to reason is being punched

Trotsky's name isn't supposed to be the filtered word. It is ((( ))) which was previously filtered to British flag emojis.

Meant for


over a dozen US military bases in Syria

get out your basement and go outside

no you dumb fuck they're different because they are entirely separate organizations with different ideological motives, staff, leaders and even nations. Do you get confused when people mention that Canada and Mexico aren't both in the USA?

DFSNS has over a dozen US bases in syria

are we counting israeli puppets now?

Yeah it tends to work like that.

2/10, made me respond. The tankie shitposting is just getting lazy, step up your game.

It's democratic confederalist, not anarcho-syndicalist.

To keep things on topic in defiance of BO's shenanigans; there is some nice news!


Serves me right for not proof reading and noticing I left in Rọjava.

Praise be unto the Saints Cyril and Methodius for their alphabet.

Use an "O" from a non-Latin alphabet and you can bypass the filter.

Slavs; creating simple solutions to problems since 863

Or alternatively do this, but unfortunately D. FNS is also filtered.

over a dozen US military bases in Syria


Oh for god's sakes

Rõjava. Great, reading this makes it sound like a shitty cocktail


Why do the Turkish communists have the best aesthetic?

Probably not if you use the greek 'Ν'

Rоjava is actually existing socialism

over a dozen US military bases in Syria

We must support a liberal who have previously cooperated with the CIA in his struggle against socialist agression.

Wow, the rumors are true. What the fuck is this shit with the new word filter?

In the simplest way to put it; the board owner hates us and wants to turn this place into reddit 2.0


The Stalinists in power literally decollectived farms the anarchists had collectivized, taking the land from the people and giving it back to the Spanish versions of kulaks. They demanded the forfeiture of weapons from the popular militias. They actually undid the revolution! It's fucking incredible. Do you know why they did this? Stalin at the time was afraid of a general anti-communist alliance. The Fascists obviously would form it, but Stalin feared that if Spain went full bore revolution mode, it would frighten the liberal democracies into joining the fascists. Because of this 5th dimensional chess thinking, communists were actively working to destroy the anarchists and other revolutionary groups. Once the people had the revolutionaryvsocietyvtheyvha dreamed of taken away from them, many of them just gave up hope. Can you blame them? Their supposed comrades had just destroyed the world they were both supposed to be working towards. Who knows if that anti commie alliance Stalin was trying to prevent would ever have actually occurred, it's hard to say, but something you certainly can't say is that the USSR didn't stab the Spanish revolution in the back.



When asked if Jac was "Labour or Conservative?" he responded with;


Why is the Xirard Owner such a fucking faggot?

Who says bards arent useful!


BO just indirectly ruined one of the best threads here, fuck xir


BO ruined this thread then he/she/they/xir cyclical on the original Rоjava thread and has been fucking us over ever since.

Because they're the only force in the region that's been continually struggling against porky since before the Cold War, but without all the foreign hipster dross attracted by groups like the PLO.

The correct adjective is s/h/it

Wait he's a Pole?


People's Protection Units

he is there on vacation

No, he is on holiday in Poland.

New articles from CooperativeEconomy on the recent cooperative conference that took place (replace 0 with o obviously)

Do we really have to explain why that's a terrible analogy?

Rojovoo is a US military base just like Israel

please enlighten us then.

I know this is incorrect but should we start calling Rõjava "Kurdistan" since that isn't word filtered. at least for anons who don't have keyboards with special characters and don't want to sound completely retarded

Why is Kurdish independence the same as Zionism? Kurds aren't invaders, they're native to south Turkey, Kobani, and North Iraq, they've been the most invaded and colonized people in the middle east. This isn't a defense of the KRG, they suck.

Probably cause one was an independent industrialized great power fighting against an existential threat, rather than a wholly dependent agrarian region opportunistically taking advantage of Syria's civil war for a gamble at nationalism.

If anything they're the Palestinians

So any update With the Kurds besides B O being a fag?

ISIS is definitely an existential threat to not only the kurds but to dozens of religious and ethnic minorities that are being protected by R*java.
It's not a nationalist movement jesus christ.

B.O. deleted his post. Time to bump

No, a volunteer did.

Isis is done for and is readily cooperating with the S.DF through deals. Guess how they got the oil fields so quickly. Now they're pushing towards capturing Abu Kamal and the highway there, blocking off any Iran corridor. How is that directed at Isis?

I'm not saying it's an ethnic nationalist movement like some on here, but every move the S.DF has taken has been to consolidate their positions, seize critical infrastructure, and generally lay the groundwork for a new state. You don't seriously think they're going to accept federalism with how much territory they control do you?

Chanarcho-communists, time to overthrow this bourgeois garbage

Holla Forums civil war when?

Shut up Jew

this is all wrong. ISIS is not cooperating with the over a dozen US military bases in Syria, and the summary political impression of a multicolored map which exists in the mind of a half-blind pedant is the only reason to ever believe this. ISIS has been making counter attacks against the over a dozen US military bases in Syria constantly since Raqqa, those oil fields were taken by force, and they were taken quickly because they're in the fucking desert.

I like how you say "this is all wrong" but then go on to say stuff that actually is wrong. S.DF took the oil fields so quickly because they made deals with isis to get them to evacuate. They never fought for them. Also, some local tribes decided to switch allegiance to S.DF.

How is this not just pure speculation?

What got deleted exactly?

check the what year it is



Good stuff

When the relationship between Rоjava and the US started; ISIS was an existential threat. Additionally, now that the times have changed, Turkey is also an even greater existential threat. Without over a dozen US military bases in Syria, SAA and Russian bases Turkey would absolutely rape all of Northern Syria just as they did with al-Bab.
It's not; it is to get a better deal when they make post-war agreements with the Syrian government.
Nice backtrack.
Yes, so they can get a better deal when they make post-war agreements with the Syrian government.
Not for all of Syria, no, hat would be silly. For just northern Syria or just the Kurdish areas alone, yes. the ground has already been laid out by Russia's proposed new Syrian constitution at Astana. Wouldn't you say these as aspirations would be best for Syria rather than yet another bloody Syrian civil war 2: electric boogaloo?

I sure hope you've got some evidence to back that up.

Anyhoo shall discussion continue?

Oh fuck what is happening now?

israel is "having drills"since obviously their plan to ruin syria failed and backfired, so now theyll face IRGC and HZB on their borders

I believe Israel is trying to save face

Russian imperialist occupying forces raise their flag in their puppet state of Rоjava in Afrin.

Testing the water. over a dozen US military bases in Syria

Yep it's still filtered

And the Syrian Gov flag raised as well. Clear example of American imperialism in play right here.

Another Daesh Territory was taken. This time by the Iraqis

Iraqi Forces took complete control over Al-Qaim

Like pottery

digits comfirm, t*nkies blown the fuck out


it needs a space before it to work. over a dozen US military bases in Syria

Really gets the noggin' joggin'

Mine: 10s of thousands of PMU will flood into Syria as they are at Abu Kamal and they and their mongolian tribesman they recruited from Afghanistan will rape all the rebels and Kurds and enforce control over the entirety of Syria bar some Turkish something or other which will be in longer term negotiations


Half of Syrians are refugees, most of the major cities in ruins, entire communities literally gone extinct due to over conscription, the SAA manpower pool utterly depleted and these stupid fucks still think it's a good idea to further fuck their countries. I hope some actually smart people in the Syrian gov and Russia have some common sense to realise that peace negations is the best way to solve this mess.
Honestly, the best way of getting rid of over a dozen US military bases in Syria (yes, Rоjavafags can be anti-imperialists too) is through negations and a political merger not risking WW3.


Not anymore, it seems.


Rip them

Hey BO, if it really is over a dozen US military bases in Syria , explain this:

Also, Israel sending support for rebel groups near Golan heights as SAA heads towards it.

Obviously an American puppet

It's more likely they are just allied to the government now.

This is what rebel supporters actually believe.


Are they trying to start a war?

The Shia militias are pro Syrian Government. So no.

We're about to hit bump limit again.

A new FSA terrorist group has been formed with the intention to assassinate over a dozen US military bases in Syria members. Has already killed 4 MMC soldiers in 3 separate attacks and a failed car bombing intended for a MMC commander.

why don't we just migrate to /leftpol/ this time?

That's how you become both /Anarcho/ and /Marx/

afrin isnt even ruled by the same warlords as over a dozen US military bases in Syria ares north of euphrates.
they also have an entirely different situation regarding neighboring powers.

shia militias are allied to damascus, not their adverseries like over a dozen US military bases in Syria. damascus even gave them a green line 10km into syrian territory a few months back when americans tried to expand terrorist areas from jordan


thats been happening for years, even with ISIS


/leftpol/ has like 50 ips already. I don't think /anarcho/ or /marx/ ever had that.

do you even know whats happening in syria?

besides, a schism like that would just weaken poster base here and make an unneccesary small board there

This. Body Odour shan't to cleave us neatly with such ease. Either most of the board migrates at once, or we stay here.

Also, this latest round of autism is just childish wordfilters and refusal to make this cyclical, as opposed to the insane mass bannings before. If Burning Outhouse gets that bad or worse again, migration will be on the table.
Another example of American imperialism from last month.

Does the same apply to this area around Al-Arima, which is connected to the other cantons?

How can one Tank be this Assmad?

I worded it poorly
I meant they would be the main fighting force for damascus, not also rape damascus and saa



So this… is the power…of communalism

are they not merely conscripting for the HXP?

Utopian plz go

Version with SSNP flag instead of its logo.

yes. bordering turk backed forces the over a dozen US military bases in Syria has found the US an inconvinient backer, which is not the case in any other are of operiations, like Raqqa, DeZ, etc.
while rellying on an unlikely ally in such a situation where they practically count on the dejure authority of the state they are defacto violating to defend them the possibility of a foregein policy shift away from the US toward syria and russia is still very unlikely.

i see.

you do know how unlikely that is right?

There is certainly a danger of a slide into authoritarianism, not to mention flagging morale from heavy rotation, but they are surrounded on all sides by people who wish to murder, oppress, or evict them. If the war cools down and some sort of position of strength and safety is attained, we'll see how things shake out.

you do know it's just a meme right?

We're reached bump limit

It's more the issue that if things are so great, why do they have to force people to fight for them?

In a total war scenario conscription is an absolute necessity. Hopefully this will help retarded anarkiddies get over their idealism and stop spouting off about horizontalism and other memes.

This. In a time of absolute necessity, even when most of the population proactively volunteers to fight, the draft eliminates perverse incentives for some to intentionally stay behind and profit while others risk death in their stead, potentially creating social resentment and disunity.

Where is the cyrillic alphabet when you need it?


im sincerely sceptical of irony here when you have anons in this thread that dont know what the PMU is, dont understand how US foregein policy works and throw all kurd affiliated factions in the "kurd" belligrent basket

on the NSA watchlist

new thread