Daily News Thread 10/17

Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls to Kurdish-Led forces

A US-backed alliance of Syrian fighters says it has taken full control of Raqqa, ending three years of rule in the city by so-called Islamic State.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill May Be Largest Since 2010 BP Disaster

An oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last week may be the largest in the U.S. since the 2010 blowout at BP Plc’s Macondo well that sank the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Maltese journalist who led Panama Papers corruption investigation killed in car blast

One of Malta’s most prominent investigative journalists, Daphne Caruana Galizia, has been killed in a presumed car bomb attack. She was most recently known for exposing the Maltese prime minister's offshore dealings in the Panama Papers scandal.

Benjamin Netanyahu pushes to pass criminal immunity bill as he faces police investigations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing to pass a law that would make prime ministers immune from certain criminal investigations during their terms.

DEA, Congress complicit in US opioid epidemic - whistleblowers

The US Drug Enforcement Administration ‘shut off’ investigations into large distributors of addictive opioid pills, while a new law made it nearly impossible to prosecute them, the agency’s former employees said.

Turkey spies betraying asylum seekers in German immigration offices

Officials working in Germany's immigration authorities pass on information about Turkish asylum seekers to the Ankara government, according to press reports. Turkish spies may have infiltrated German authorities.

North Korea Tells UN It Supports Denuclearization, Reserves the Right to Self-Defence

The DPRK says it won't drop its arms while nuclear powers are "reviving a nuclear arms race reminiscent of (the) Cold War era."

UK inflation rises to highest level in five years

Inflation in Britain rose at the fastest pace in over five years in September, remaining above the Bank of England's 2% target for the seventh consecutive month, after breaking through the threshold for the first time in three years in March.

Donald Trump vows to not take sides as Iraqi troops take over Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk

US president Donald Trump has said his country will not take any side in Iraq, where government troops took control of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk after advancing in Kurdish-controlled territories.

Catalonia: Protests after Spain detains separatists

Crowds have gathered in Barcelona to protest against the jailing of two leaders of the Catalan separatist movement.

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Florida declares emergency before white nationalist speech

The governor of Florida has issued a state of emergency because a white nationalist is due to speak at a university campus this week.

Students forced to flee fire at accommodation after 'no alarms go off' in tower block

A huge fire broke out at student accommodation in Manchester, with residents in the tower block complaining that they could not hear any fire alarms warning them of the blaze

Mexico and Canada Reject U.S. Nafta Demands

The ministers leading Nafta negotiations are set to wrap up the latest round of high-level talks after Canada and Mexico rejected what they see as hardline proposals by the U.S.

Marc Faber Thanks God That ‘the Blacks’ Didn’t Populate America

Veteran investor Marc Faber claimed in his newsletter this month that “the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe” if it had been settled by black people instead of whites.


Trying to take credit for shit they didnt do.


The Next Economic Crisis?: Digital Capitalism and Global Police State

There is good reason to believe that recovery will be ephemeral and that another crisis looms on the horizon.

On Iran, Trump Follows Iraq War Neocons

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on why Trump is trying to decertify Iran even though he has admitted Iran is fully compliant with its agreement.

My Friend From ISIS in Raqqa


For the first time in recent memory, I already had a familiarity with all of NewsAnon's stories.

I'm finally becoming an informed socialist revolutionary, guys. I'm so proud of myself.

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Jacques Cheminade, Leader of the French "Solidarity and Progress" Left-Gaullist Party Salutes the XIXth Congress of the CPC

Today Jacques Cheminade expressed his full support of the engagements&promises delivered by Xi Jinping. He stresses the importance of Sino-French cooperation over the new Euroasiatic silk road project he says to have supported since 1996. He also touched on mutual cooperation in Africa, reaffirming his belief that China and France both stand by the Gaullist ideal of peaceful cooperation and dialogue between nations. He ends his message by re-affirming his rock-solid belief in the continuation of Chinese growth and potential in opposition to defaitist western media.

I honestly wish he'd publish a book detailing the general theory of left-gaullism it sounds pretty fascinating

upset me as well. Whenever I find good articles with shitty titles, I try to find alternatives but just about every publication had them branded as US-Backed/US-Led. ypg, ypj, sdf, etc all deserve recognition for this battle. The US just occasionally flew by and bombed some civilians.

Also you guys should see the titles of the things that don't make the cut, like today alone…

This is a great day. Sadly its shadowed by Iraq attacking Kurds.

Not your fault user.

That's hilarious

sounds like a gay as hell ideology

How the hell is this sneaky goblin still in power?

What are you an anti-semite or something?


A Philando Castile Memorial Fund Has Wiped Out All Student Lunch Debt in St. Paul
good praxis?

Would it be worth it for some Holla Forumsers to make some kind of noise about the MURRICAwashing of the liberation of Raqqa?

Man, the two of these being combined into something ok is giving me some complicated feelings.

All it does is exacerbate the problem. The fund should be used to fund activism instead.

Someone should write it up and submit it to the Editor user

Another Trump promise flops.

No. The SDF goes uncredited for a reason, which is that once Kurdistan becomes independent the CIA will oversee regime change and install a dictator who the US can manipulate. They would not publish shit about them, especially readers taking a publication to task over not crediting those guys properly.

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Is there any chance this could lead to a unilateral elimination of NAFTA? Will we see bootlicker apologism in its favor by libs too indoctrinated to remember the giant protests by Democrats against NAFTA when Clinton instituted it?

I doubt it, NAFTA's still way too good for Porky, they wouldn't let Trump do it. Hell, Trump himself may be profiting from it directly.

So, we should let them go uncredited for the things they've done?

This. NAFTA isn't going away, at the least Trump will throw his base a bone with some reforms for it but for the most part it's here to stay.

investor Marc Faber claimed in his newsletter this month that “the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe” if it had been settled by black people instead of whites.
Isn't he right?