How to survive in capitalism?

It's obvious there is no revolution around the corner for decades to come. Give me some survival tips for coping with the capitalist regime and build a max comfy life in the mean time.

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How poor are you?

Poor: stealing (to corporations and politicans only) + wage slavery
Poor-Middleclass: wage slavery
Middleclass: wage slavery
High-Middleclass: wage labor that porks wage slaves
Highclass: Porking
Super highclass: Porking more
Ultra highclass: Fucking the world up

everyone should at least have the skills to steal from porky and to slay him also.

I sometimes steal alcohol from my workplace, did it today actually, and I've never got caught with this. Does it count as stealing from porky?


Get rich and live a life of hedonism that only ridiculously expensive property and decadent commodities can provide.

Drugs. Tho these are included in the previous sentence.

start out in fastfood/groc store, learn some humility, learn you're not better than anyone, learn that nobody is going to hand you a winning lottery ticket. realize how shitty that job is and strive for a higher position, either as a supervisor there, or in a slightly better job. nobody is going to hand you a good job, think about what you can do for 40 hours a week and not want to shoot yourself in the head and work towards that goal. it takes a few years of putting up with shit, but one day you'll wake up and have some of the neat toys that are available to purchase and they'll help you to not commit sudoku

teach your kids about your ideas, as you said, theres no revolution around the corner

Unironically quality posts. Thanks fam

yes, bewere of supervisors through they're fucking snitches


Quit describing my life, user.

Get a job. Go full american and do not be afraid to change it when better paid job appears. Consider university, bachelor degree from something marketable will help, it might be creating/programming factory machines so amount of wealth you produce is so high that you can earn nice money despite massive exploitation from your boss also, acceleration, or embrace the fact that problem of our economic regime is not producing stuff but selling it and find a good school for that. Probably also marry someone nice so you can produce commiebabies and have someone to be angry at instead of yourself. Buy a house with a little land, take mortgage if necessary. If you have enough time, plant some food, if not build permaculture and/or plant trees. This is about maximum a worker like you can achieve.

Saving for your own autonomy (techology that makes you autonomous, concrete to build a shelter, agricultural education, landscaping, weps, etc). Those are the things one should save the little money one gets, little by little tbh.

The best revolution is autonomy. We don't have to wait for anyone. Fuck em. If we see the chance to revolt (and win) we take it through but meanwhile… Lets make union of egoists or lets just become stronger.

This thread is both comforting and uneasy.


You're now 63, you still have debt and no savings, you're chronically sick, your kids have moved out, they're slaving too so they can do the same thing you did. You never see each other anymore, but you never saw much of them anyway because you were slaving so you could have all of the previously mentioned items.

It's time to talk about jobs.

A Marxist will win the next election in the UK.

Regardless, as the decadent capitalist system experiences unprecedented crises across the West people will flock to revolutionary populist parties, of both the left and right.

That's what one do.

Pretty close to offing myself tbh

Reminder that crisis is how Capital actualizes itself. If people revolt that's nothing Capital can't just wait out, people eventually starve and give up, read the bread book.

As for elections, can you marxists make up your mind? Either elections are meaningless spectacle and they are only worth as an opportunity to educate your precious proletariat on the need of muh revolution, or they are super important and decide everything, this confused neurosis is part of the reason why the marxist left has been in steady decline in the west since mid-century.

I agree. Do you have any resources on that stuff? I'm thinking about filling my library with such books, but links for bookmarking or infographics for saving?

Hmm don't. Wait till later in life to mature to see if that decision is the correct one.
If you die you win, you're ungovernable but because you're useless even to yourself. Your ego, It's over.

Incorrect assessment. Working for long enough to get an RV, boat or van, hell start with a tent, while retaining some degree of autonomy would likely serve one better than willingly shackling oneself to a system which is built to exploit you to the highest degree possible. Build your own way while consuming as little as possible and avoiding all debt would be my advice. Look for others that you can share this idea with. As you have likely seen, there are many people out there who have been eaten alive by the systems that control their lives. You are seeing more people in tent cities, living in shipping crates, or at best 'tiny homes' because the system that they count on to prop them up and keep things running smoothly is breaking and letting them down. You will find others like you that you can work with. Living like this will give you all more fulfillment than 50+ years working a 9-5 to end up on the street at the end of it all anyway.

I'm already 35 and broke with no (useful) education. The world makes me sick, living in this hell called the southern US makes me want to die

And all he had to do was sell out on 90% of his policies and become a centrist.

Read the Last Messiah:

Marx. Not everyone in the Proletariat gets the same income.

Bourgeois notions of class centered around variations in consumption are mostly useless but I get why the other guy used it. As communists we shouldn't be parroting that shit.

I did physiotherapy and now work ~20h/week giving broken down fat people massages out the back of a stationwagen. Money is good if you can keep it off the books but unfortunately most of my work is through insurance or Medicare. If I could choose again, I'd go with electrician.

Where? The 90s?
just live in nyc

How is being a NEET any more revolutionary than, say, being a drug addict or an alcoholic?

Unless the election happens soon, he'll lose the momentum. You can bet Porky will have some strategy cooked up by then so May's fiasco doesn't repeat.

You're not generating surplus-value. Or any value, for that matter.

by being an effective fucking capitalist you fucking retard dear god

be an exploiter
bust yourself, ghost

nothing quite screams "i have not and never will actually read Marx" like whining about living in capitalism

That doesn't exist fuck of

You are implying that daddy Marx had tips for coping with capitalism. Anything you'd like to share with us, fam?

well then youre just a fucking useless faggot that couldn't survive in a communist world either because you need to commit to labour to the full extent of your ability or else you shall not receive to the full extent of your needs and quite frankly you're probably shit at most things you think you can do

No I'm implying that if you fucking read Marx you'll understand what constitutes material benefit to you and you'll stop fucking crying on the internet for utopia to spontaneously erupt


Where do you take it from that I was being hysterical, from my original reaction image? I intended this thread to become a collection of practical advice, from leftist perspective.

Go on a suicide mission in some protests or something. Die a Martyr.

Or at least wait 3 more years. Vote. Then die a martyr. We're going to politizice the death outta you, plan something useful go with style.

user, every single person on Holla Forums is aware that they are on the luckier half of mankind and is a net beneficiary of capitalism, but this knowledge doesn't exactly mean much when life in capitalism is literally not worth living unless you're in the 1%.

Also I guarantee I work harder than your faggot ass anyways. Doesn't change that every job is miserable garbage.
Let me guess. You live off of daddy's money and then tell people to suck it up. Kulak-tier faggot.


That's actually how much I paid for my current 3 bedroom house with a huge backyard 7 years ago down here in Texas.

Drug addicts don't read theory all day. I on the other hand as a neet go through 1-2 books a day.

I didn't realize anyone on Holla Forums lived in the suburbs. What is it like to be a red in the last supposed bastion of the 'american dream'''?