What's a good name for a non-SJW Facebook Group

What is a good name for an non-SJW, non-idpol facebook group?

99% of leftbook groups are trash.
Bonus points if name doesn't contain the words SJW or brocialist

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Organized fun, lefty edition

Also can I become mod if the name is used?


sinners of memespace, deep space 9

Not a reactionary group, lefty edition

"Group for trannies, faggots, and whales"

Googlemurraybook Thunderdome or whatever they're calling themseles this week used to be good, but it went to shit a month ago and never looked back. It hasn't gone idpol so it's still one of the better leftbook pages, but it's become more anarchist than communalist. If you're ancom you'd probably like it, but I joined for the communalism.

VR lefty safari


sorry about the filename, I was shitposting with this image a week ago, I unironically love Žižek guise

Communism Killed 9000000 people
Left is the New Black
Enraged men on steroids
Otaku Men on a Diet of Grass Fed Beef
Dialetical Masturbation, deep space 9

Orientalist Bigots who Don't Self-Crit

Black CEOs Is Actually Existing Socialism


Ladies Night

x - ladies night
need x filled in



Trans Facebook Mods is Actually Existing Socialism

Austerity is actually existing socialism.

5th Brocialist Internationale

Anti-Globalist Memes for Nazbol Gang Teens

Communism Is When The Government Does Stuff ™

Eat shit nerds (make sure the image includes Stirner)

Created a group. Get in here. Will change name later maybe, there's a poll on it.


here's group

Damn I was looking at the people in the group to see the faces of this board. Didn't expect people on the chan to look good

seriously tho, some good looking people