Die Linke is about to be subverted and turned into a SPD appendix, Wagenknecht about to step down


Today it was revealed that a coup was prepared to oust the most popular socialist politician in Germany, Sahra Wagenknecht, out of the party leadership. She already threatened to step down should attempts to undermine Die Linke and turn it into a SPD 2.0 continue. This is not surprising, as die Linke suffered from continuously growing liberal entryism since a long time now: Ramelow, head of the state government in Thuringia, recently supported the privatization of highways conducted by the CDU (conservatives). Wagneknecht who staunchly refused to compromise with the SPD, has been under attack amongst the German "left" for a while now, she recently spoke out against identity politics which caused the German media to paint her as a NazBol, and some autonomous activists to throw a cake into her face.

It's especially interesting to see that the perpetuators of this attempted coup within Die Linke have very cozy contacts to high positions in the SPD.

tl/dr the establishment in Germany gets triggered by the mere existence of a party left of the neoliberal consensus and is currently subverting it

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krautalnd will start a 3rd world war at this rate

Was't it because she spoke against accepting refugees and because her husband want's to ban east germans moving to the west germany?


Well I can guarantee you that whatever happens to that pile of garbage that is the EU, whether it gets reformed or dismantled, Germany will be the last one to conform, Germany will be clinging on to neoliberalism and austerity until everything else crashes.

Now we are supposed to be getting a lolbert (excuse me, "classical liberal") as a finance minister, so no money for us dumb proles so we can fix schools, repair infrastructure or stop old people from falling into poverty - no, no, we have to pay off our debt and be "economically reasonable". And out next foreign minister is going to be a greenie - but our greens are not like everybody else's greens, no, we have "greens with german characteristics": Crazy IdPol with a hard-on for warmongering against Russia and interventionism in the Middle East! Happy times!

Sounds the same as our Dutch greens who voted in favor of a continued military presence in Afghanistan after promising not to.

She didn't "spoke out" against refugees. She said that capacities are limited and the problem is not build walls but to fix our foreign economic policies that cause migration movements, such as free trade agreements that castrate the state power of African countries, etc. - that alone triggered the fuck out of the IdPol left who is constantly paranoid about "populism" and "fishing for voters from the right".

I KID YOU NOT: There are tendencies amongst the Antideutsche which state that complaints about neoliberlaism and austerity is structural antisemitism

Yeah, the so-called left is just pure Pork now. Americans like to pretend that 'socialism' isn't a dirty word in Europe, but in the sense that it means 'anti-capitalism' it definitely is.





Our Greens have a history of being hawks. They not only bombed Serbia, they were also the ones that established and expanded the German presence in Afghanistan. One of guys, Joschka Fischer, who supposedly was "anti-establishment" in the 80s (he came into parliament with a t-shirt, threw stones at cops, etc.) was ordering the bomb the shit out of Serbia once he was in office in the 90s. Now he is in the executive board of a big pharma corporation.

Fucking social democrats. Our worse enemy. Sahra is a victim too. She'll become the new rosa at this point


I posted pictures of several essays that claim this last year or so. Let's see if I can find them. The argument was developed along the lines of "shortened critique of capitalism which falls structurally in line with antisemitism, therefore, all leftist populism that rallies proles by demanding an end of neoliberalism and austerity must be opposed". Pure cancer.

I still get angry looking at this shit. Sahra is so pure and incorruptible. When the GDR was dissolving, she immediately joined the SED out of protest and wrote a dissertation that Stalin did nothing wrong.

Dauvé was so fucking right you guys.

Sounds very reasonable, why was she attacked by 'antifa then? False flag?

Quick, someone call on Comrade Corbyn to send in the tanks!

Yeah it was Antifa. No idea if false flag, you have to realize the people in these circles are borderline crazy. Wagenknecht said that with austerity measures, there will be limited willingness to integrate many migrants when the state just doesn't do anything to help them. Apparently that was the reason to throw a cake into her face, the guy who was doing it said he was from Antifa. He was yelling out "ENEMIES OF HUMANS!!! ENEMIES OF HUMANS!!!" as he was carried away from the security.

by the security*

We should start working on some Red Warrior type shit that takes out antideutsche fags and their scholars.

There are these guys:
They had a bunch of run-ins with Antideutsche afaik. They are against Israel, so they are bound to.

Oh Lord, please no lefty civil war!

Because a lot of smashies are lumpen trash that don't know shit and just want to engage in euphoric displays of violence. Not even a false flag, just anarchist stupidity (no offense to the literate anarchists of Holla Forums of course).

No it wasn't a false flag because antifa aren't communist.
Antifa is literally "everything that is not pro PC liberal idpol is fascism".
They are footsoldier for the neo liberal statuos quo




Thinking outside the box: How do we solve this with blunt violence?

The base of Die Linke would have been absolutely fine with purging the liberals from the party five or six years ago. The problem is that there was a recent influx of new members as a response to the rise of the AfD. These are mostly liberal IdPolers who know nothing about leftism, and are solely motivated as being anti-AfD. There might be a split soon between the more economic, anti-imperialist factions and the left-liberal IdPol reformists

Get in the trabi nigger, we're purging the libs now.

Best faction is the KPF, no?

Antikapitalistische Linke and Communist Platform are the only factions worth joining. The rest is liberal trash.

Communist Platform is still Marxist-Leninist. They are constantly being under attack, physically, by right-wingers but also other "leftists" to the point where they decided to keep their membership lists secret, and their meetings are secret as well.

antideutsche and such aren't leftists
I fully encourage beating up liberals pretending to be leftists so we can clean up our image

n-no hard feelings

recent Holla Forums convert please
you speak of antifa the way reactionaries do, it's not an actual organization
antifascism is a good thing, it's just that antifascism without anticapitalism is counterproductive

Is the German left so fucked it can't get people outside the Die Linke HQ protesting the coup? Fuck having two SPDs.

And the DKP and MLPD have no traction whatsoever and are basically meme parties right?

How the hell did /ourgirl/ manage to keep her position for this long?

MLPD has shitloads of money and puts up posters in every fucking street, it's bizarre. Imagine walking thought a rich neighborhood and you see pictures of Lenin everywhere. I think a good amount of people vote for them for the lulz. They do actual internationalist work though. They support communist militias in the Third World and send aid packages to Rojava. They also manage to trigger reactionaries with their open worship of Mao and Stalin and such, which can sometimes be hilarious. They are usually at 0,2-0,3%.

DKP isn't bad. They have solid ideological convictions, but while less ostracized than the MLPD, constantly broke and don't even manage to make it onto the ballot in many states, so they are at 0,1% or something.

Then there is the KPD, the tankiest tanks you could ever imagine who have exchanges with North Korea and shit. They are not bad, and currently try to unite the Marxist-Leninist left, which makes them better than the sectarian sinners from the MLPD, but they are currently almost only active in the East. There, they managed to get some seats in some municipalities I think.

Then there is the SGP, they are Trots. I don't know anything about them and rumor has it they are about to split lmao

No, antifa is reactionary as fuck they exist to protect statuos quo and liberal ideas. They always exited for that reason, just look at their fucking symbol
No shit
Antifascism without anticapitalism is literally footsoldiering for the liberal statuos quo. Antifascim shouldn't exist, what should exist is anti capitalism anti fascism is included in that.

She hides her powerlevel. The reason she made it all the way up is because she is extremly popular with the people. She's in every talkshow, and almost always roflstomps all kinds of conservatives, imperialists, neoliberals and SuccDems they throw at her as the audience applauds. Meanwhile, other leading personalities of Die Linke like Kipping or Bartsch are broadly disliked. So the "realos" in Die Linke are accepting her because of her popularity, they need her, but they are not happy with her. There is almost always underlying tension.

Then why they lose in the ex GDR? Also why the fuck didn't they gain votes?

liberal status quo > fascism tbh

I obviously agree. I never said we should take fascist over them. I'm saying that at best they are buying us time, while shitting on our name. We need an anticapitalist organization were we kick and shoot to both liberals, succdem, reactionaries, idpolers, fascist ecc.
Anarkiddies like the true lifestylist that most of them are, will obviously rather side with liberals. We'll get to shoot them too

They actually did gain votes. Not significantly, but they didn't lose. It's just overshadowed by the massive triumph of the AfD.

The eastern sections of Die Linke are actually the most reformist ones. It's an interesting story: After 1991 people overwhelmingly voted conservative because they were promised honey and gold, the chancellor said that there will be "blooming landscapes". After a year it turns out capitalism is actually shit. So the next elections in the mid-90s PDS (the name of Die Linke in the 90s), which was the successor of the SED, the ruling party of the GDR wins far up into the double digits, but as they are being more and more integrated into the polticial process, they turned reformist as fuck. They still vote for them, die Linke provides the government in Thuringia, but in general people are disillusioned about them so they see the AfD as a more radical alternative.

Regarding Wagenknecht, almost everybody I meet says "I would love to vote for Wagenknecht but I can never ever vote for Die Linke because muh migrants and muh gender studies".

You gotta be shitting me, I always thought that people voted for their self interest. Are you telling me that people out there that vote for a party for their "humanitarian" policies?
There are people in germany who think that the immigrant crisis was well managed?
Oh boy.

I thought Germany has a surplus or is that only for trade?

Do we shoot them before or after shooting the fascists?
Anyway, you have the right of it, but I don't see why you would be so worried about antifa. If they are liberals, they were never going to be much use anyway, let them tire themselves fighting aut right soyboys - there are worse things the ennui-ridden bourgie youth could be doing. If you're worried about the leftist brand being sullied, don't be. The liberal media and corporations would drag us through the mud anyway even if we were Christ come again, and they have a vast new social media landscape to feed the masses their slop. Antifa is mostly just spectacle.

Please, krauts, tell me there's a silver lining somewhere here? Tell me, maybe, there are enough voters who aren't total bootlicking classcucks in your country for Sahra to form some kind of party free of entryism and rescuscitate even the tamest socdem opposition against neolib/neocon hegemony in Germany?

AntiDeutsche isn't even at the level of smashy LARP most AntiFa are, they are a phenomenon unique to Germany. Remember the stereotypical Holla Forums paranoia about how every radical leftist is actually a masochistic Zionist stooge intent on destroying western civilization and feeding the white race to Israel out of fanatical white guilt over the Holocaust? That's a fantasy in reference to any other group, but in the case of AntiDeutsche it is LITERALLY who and what they are.

Isn't Wagenknacht a well known thorn in the side of the people they're hating on?

Nono, from what I'm understanding they are not voting for her because she is the thorn in THEIR side. Basically they are not voting for her because she's not a liberal or a idpoler

what the fuck

I think you got me upside down. I mean that people don't vote for Die Linke because Die Linke is generally perceived as pro-migration. Wagenknecht isn't, but they won't vote for the party. Most people think that Die Linke is utopian regarding migration and partly even gender politics.

Yes. Does it matter to the austerity ideologues? No.

It's funny, the Antideutsche I met thought that they were free from ideology and dogma and "despooked"

Antideutsche look at the stereotypical parody Holla Forums and nazis have in their mind when they think about leftists, but they decide it's a good thing and this is what we should become

Is there ANYONE but absolute subhuman lawn fertilizer on the left in krautland?

This. THIS is the kind of complicity that has gotten coopted by a bunch of spineless liberal faggots.

Capitalism will always march into brutal dictstorship (fascist or not) to sustain itself during a crisis that leads to a revolutionary situation.

To choose between liberal capitalism and fascism is like choosing between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

If we want to get working class support we need to oppose liberal shills. Bash them alongside the far right, who are merely one side of the class collaborationism that maintains Capitalism.

To add to this, we can't keep running around with red and hammer and sickles. Keep the theory, but to keep the same look when everybody else has reinvented themselves is a strategy of defeat, and we as communists of all people should not cling to nostalgia and "sacred" symbolism.

Listen to the sniff man

I completely agree.

I don't even like antifa that much, but you have to realize it's not a formal organization with members. A lot of anti-fascist activists are indeed liberals and socdems who use the iron front symbol.

Yeah ok. But even the people that share our ideal are not /ourguys/. If someone in there has ideals similar to ours is a retarded because he's just giving us a bad name and doing counterproductive shit. They are not an organization, they a group in a certain sense no?

This. Capital has no conscience, it does whatever it must to survive. You don't even need fascists for that; liberals will gladly use brutal repression and imperialism to sustain capitalism.

The IWW plays a role in some anti-fascist protests, but there's also plenty of protests without an explicitly anti-capitalist organization backing it.

By the way, Germany has very good anarchists
They reject IdPol and most the smashie stuff

Die Linke ARE Social Democrats. SPD isn't, they're just liberals.

In what sense?

And this is exactly why socdems are scum

If anyone is a newfag it's you. He's pretty much literally agreeing with Bordiga on the issue.

You seem to be implying that being an actual SocDem, like Die Linke or Corbyn, is somehow less bad. The SPD threw Rosa in the channel long before they degenerated into literal liberals following the Blair/Schroeder period.

I guess the difference is that the SocDems back then acted as a moderating force to the far more radical working class movements, while what you call SocDems today are pretty much the only leftist movements that have any real momentum and working-class backing.
To put it another way, the SocDems back then pretty much went "fuck it, masks off" after capital won and became liberals, while the state of the left today is so bad that the most radical, non-LARPing thing you can be is a SocDem.

We live in dark times

About parties constantly moving to the right.

Not for much longer.


They didn't lose. AfD won seats from the CDU mainly, some from the SPD and FDP i'd wager. But when you compare the electoral map from the last election and now Linke came mostly unscathed.

eh, I think Corbyn or at least McDonnel is to the left of SPD '1918
there are social democrats who believe that socialism can be achieved by bourgeois parlamentary reformism (I guess they can be called demsocs for clarity) and there are social democrats who believe that national capitalism works best with social programmes and economic interventionism
their methodologies and short-term aims which is why they inhabit the same parties, but the broader ideology and telos are different

You needed Dauve to tell you that?


She's been hiding her powerlevel massively. You can clearly tell she still outright refuses to denounce Uncle Joe.

I wonder how feasible would it be to have a permanent intra-party organ specifically to judge whether or not a given member has betrayed their charter, ideals or whatever else. And another intra-party order to investigate new members' political past, for that matter.

And how about an intra intra-party organ that makes sure members of the first intra party organ have not betrayed their charter, ideals, etc.

Or instead of having socialism depend on the ideological purity of individuals, we establish recallable, directly democratic political structures that allow members to vote a leader out if he's not serving their interests

If the recallable, directly democratic political structures allow members to vote for a leader, why can't it allow them to vote for the members of the Talk Shit Get Hit Bureau?

Is this the dialectical synthesis Socialism has been waiting for this whole time?

Liberals are bigger grave-diggers of socialism than Hitler could EVER hope to be.

It can be if you want it to, onii-chan. Seriously tho, I honestly think parties in general have to try harder to enforce their ideology, or else they're just intellectually void, arbitrary gang tags. Which is kind of part of the point of liberal-bourgeois democracy, and that's exactly why leftist parties should distance themselves from that and make it a point to show the world that they aren't selling out by moving to the center. A sort of checks and balances, if you will.

You're on the verge of comprehending a reason for a major part of classic left-organisation meme
Imagine that the sort of thing you describe has already happened, and then imagine what happens when there is a disagreement for whatever reason that results in factionalism or groupings around some idea

Oh I'm aware of the left's fissiparousness, whether people splitting off on their own, or being expelled, often for minor reasons. The thing is, leftist parties have to contend with it regardless of whether or not it has this quality control committee. And an important thing here is that the committee wouldn't be judging whole factions or dissident ideas or whatever, but individuals who committed glaring breaches. Like the faggot who supported highway privatization in the OP.