is the whole alt right thing just a meme/trend like 'new athiesm'? are more people actually converting to right winged beliefs, after all even a supremely unpopular person like Clinton can win the popular vote. I have a stinking suspicion that alt right / le rational centrists are disproportionately represented online (likes/dislikes on youtube, comments, etc.) is for the same reason athiests were disproportionately represented on youtube/the internet in general in the 00's and seemed omnipresent despite christians still being 70% of the population. In a similar way I feel that the alt right congregates online because their beliefs are not accepted in normie spaces, if you take into account the vast number of normie liberals (not to mention all the non self hating minorities who aren't going to endorse their own ethnic cleansing).

that's due to the broken electoral system

aside from the historically small turnout, clinton and trump both set the record for having negative approval ratings before they even got into office. if it weren't for sanders skewing the curve, the approval ratings for congress and the house would probably also be in the negative numbers. they keep getting elected not because people like them so much, but because they're the only game in town.

it's not like people don't know that they're getting fucked or who's fucking them, they just are without (or think they're without) any practical alternatives, or have any idea of just how broken things are, much less how to fix them.

Presidential elections aren't a popularity contest. You clearly never got the memo. Hillary Clinton's "popular votes" were concentrated in a handful of urban areas that always vote Democrat. She got only 60% of the popular vote in New York. Trump got the majority of educated females. Changing to a flat popular vote would take power away from states and put them in a few large cities. This issue proves that lefties want less diversity of opinions.

I prefer democracy that works as a popularity contest rather than electoral collage. Abolishing the electoral collage shit will be progress tbh. It's a plan I got in the future actually if things don't accelerate at the speed I want.

In the 2000s being an atheist liberal was edgy and cool. But now those views are the mainstream, so being a christian fascist is now edgy and cool. It's just a pendulum which swings back and forth.

Hegelian Dialectics.

Thesis & Antithesis.


The alt-right is dying. Along with right wing populism. They are bringing politics into everything and looking to be offended. They think being a conservative transgender weeb with downsyndrome will get alt-right people to call them "based" and make "the left" mad. But to everyone else, it just looks like you want attention for being different. It's nothing more than a trend.

Right wing people have low lQ, shitty memes a book burings will show un-ironic Nazis and Fascists for what they are. Being conservative might seem "in fashion" now, but it will be cringe in a few years. (It's cringe now)

hey if I can muster the power to change it. you know I will lmao.
Will be possible after 3 years. I'm taking the opportunity to get the idea going as explosive as possible. Bitch >:^)

It won't. Tally up how many people are in the 30 biggest cities, and then compare that to the population at large.

Anyway, it's better than the candidates going to a handful of states.

Right Wing populism inevitably ends up dying because it relies upon the support of the common man.

Doesn't there live less than 10% of Americans in the top ten largest cities, with all the smaller cities being at less than 1 million (which is tiny compared to your 320 something million population)

The fuck does this mean? It's actually the opposite. Right wing relies upon the support of the borgouise, left wing from the one of the common man

Who votes en masse for the far right? The working class or the bourgeois?


Tbh, sometimes I worry that we only think we exist in a critical and important time in capitalism when in reality the "movements" of today will end up being like those of the 70s/80s with the punks and the skinheads or the other more militant right wing/left wing street groups; seemingly important at the time but largely ineffectual in the larger scheme of things, left to be mostly referenced to in later years or forgotten.

There's no viable far-right party in the US.

Yes and one of the biggest tells that this was the case for me was when I saw a dude who's YouTube channel was all about Atheism shit until about 2011 when the whole SJW thing kicked off and he changed his channel name to TheStraightWhiteMale. The similarity of that name to TheAmazingAtheist tells you everything. Not only is this the same phenomenon with the same history it is also the same demographic. The only legacy these people will leave behind will be some cringe meme for everyone to laugh at.

What does this have to do with /reaction/? You should've put /alt-right/

Those uptight faggots from rich families

with all the accusations from right wing pundits that "leftists" just want the whole country to be a college campus, they really just want the country to operate like a college campus

get outta here Ayn Rand