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We must destroy feminism to protect Marxist future for our socialist children from idpol.

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we must secure a future with socialism to protect the future of our children.



We must destroy lgbtq+ to protect Marxist future for our socialist children from idpol.

thats some Holla Forums hating on muslims logic

Are implying that islam isn't shit and shouldn't be loathed?

Nonsense, any implementation of idpol by socialist ends up getting coopted by Liberals, either through way of cointelpro or useful that destroy any talk of class politics.

Just look at the sorry state of leftism today

Fuck off with your slander

Islam is shit and should be destroyed.


I like feminism. tbh

you should reconsider

I take femminist over lgbt ecc

back to Holla Forums kid, marxism isn't for you

it is product of feminism

how do i deal with this feel Holla Forums?

t. gamergate e-celeb

What about a future for me? The one baby boomers promised.


hello fellow _insertQerry.leftists
why don't you hate cvar=feminists for me
i am telling you so on cantonese pictorial board

shitty post tbh

Also OP nice recording of la varsovienne, its an underrated song


Nice argument too

Thafs all you fuckers can say. Every time.

A right wing retard*. Sorry

If you don't think some form of feminism is probably acceptable you're probably missing the point. You can criticize feminism and see its strengths as well.


Feminism is Marxist,
Marxism is Feminsit.
Please stop being so spooked on feminism. Marxism isn't just about the economy, it's extremely sociological

Feminism is outdated

Fellas, anybody got that screenshot about Victoria Woodhull?

yeah guy sick argument you made in the OP

90% of feminism is shit.
90% of films are shit.
90% of music is shit.
90% of people are shit.
90% of life is shit.

90% of Leftism is shit ffs

If you guys want a good place to start which isn't terrible Liberal bourgeois bullshit feminism, I'd start which this youtuber: youtube.com/user/anarchopac

Try to listen to their point of view idk.
Yeah I'm not an anarchist but I acknowledge that Liberal Feminism is far inferior to Marxist and Anarcha-Feminism.
There's probably other stuff I want to write but I need to go rn.


What I don't understand is why the supposedly "good" parts of feminism don't do anything to distinguish themselves from the insane bigots and idpol infected masses. They all huddle together under the generic umbrella of "feminism" and then act offended when people express their dislike for feminism.

It's like walking onto a battlefield wearing the enemy uniform and then getting offended because, "we're not all your enemies. Some of us are actually your allies who just happen to choose to look exactly like your enemies." It's fucking stupid.


Kek, not even true. There's lots of feminist infighting and different currents of feminism. Stop being a fucking sargonite.

I don't get why feminism is still the term used for "establishing social equality for the sexes". The conditions of today are no longer that of woman having considerably less rights/opportunities afforded to them comparatively to men (at least in the first world) but structural problems which affect both sexes.

No, fuck the right and fuck feminists. They both believe that people should be judged based on their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. They both believe that society's progress can be measured by looking at the distribution of races which make it up. They both believe that censorship and authoritarian social policies are good. They both think winning their fucking race/gender war is more important than fixing real problems in society.

The closest I've ever seen is "socialist feminism", which is also the faction /r/socialism claim to belong to. Of course there are plenty of names for the batshit insane groups within feminism, but the rest seem quite happy to coexist under the generic banner of feminism.
Compare it to Holla Forums where you can't have a single thread without seeing anarchists and tankies arguing with each other. Hell, I tend to avoid calling myself a leftist simply because it's such a vague term and associates me with a bunch of idiots.

Another thing I don't understand is why people are so attached to the name "feminism". It seems like a really fucking stupid name to choose for a gender-equality movement, especially in the developed world. That fact alone makes me have very little respect for people who strongly identify with the name.

But muh 77 cents.

genius point user


Feminism isn't just gender equality, it's liberation from patriarchy

Sociology is about analysing social structures, not necessarily changing them, so this shitty post is doing a disservice to the entire academic field from the very outset. In addition, as everyone here should know base-superstructure theory is one of the most fundamental theories of society in Marxism. To tell people to stop focusing on the economy, the material conditions, the base, and to focus instead solely on social justice issues from a superficial level as is the case with feminist movements, is counter-intuitive from a Marxist perspective and in consideration of the base-superstructure relation.

Don't hit your pussy on the way out

All identitarian struggles are product of class society. Divisions and arbitrary hierarchies normalize and maintain institutionalized systems of economic exploitation

Feminism isnt about liberation from anything, its about female bourgie supremacy.

Everything, all power structures in society, is actually labor. Women are opressed because of their labour, but just like men are opressed by labor. Not all women are opressed, just working class women. Ruling class women issues will be irrevelant as we want to abolish ruling class, and therefore their issues.

Men are not your opressors or enemies, we're your comrades in common cause - liberation of labor.

There's no point in real social struggle to support problems of 1st world petty bourgeoise girls in their issues with beauty standards, youtube comments. transgenders in their bathrooms or something simillary revelant. Women or men are not classes.


cringy as fuck, stop it

you're retarded. do you support the Confederacy in its fight against bourgeois American imperialism too?


Communism, being a negation of the present state of things, can be said to contain a trace of feminism, since for example it would go against reactionary concepts present in eg. modern Islam
Obviously that doesn't contradict gassing liberal arts college students attempting to reaffirm their meme identities.

Here F A M

I was thinking more of this one but thanks fam, even better




Yo my dudes give me some (you)s I put a lot of thought and effort into these posts.

top ideology

Nice redditspacing too.

It is

that's you call "women issues" - issues of middle class women, are already solved,
feminism is trying to start sex war where leftists will be only mindless tools in their hands