Should the tanks have been sent?

Should the tanks have been sent?
I say yes

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They should have sent chocolates instead

no tanks = no tankies. so no.

No, read Hoxa you can support the SU and reject the methods made by the reviosnist thugs (still I think the revolution was not a workers movement for the most part)

also blame the eternal German and the eternal Pole (maybe Czechoslovaks too can't remember), Soviet leadership didn't really want to do the tank but DDR and Poland was scared that the upheaval would spread

Chechs are always whining about Eternal German. It's, like, essential to their politics

This tbh, the foreign minister of the USSR wanted to make peace with the Hungarians because he thought it could be used as an example of Moscow-free communism.

Hell yeah


I recomend you Reading Ludo Martens book "USSR: the velvet counter revolution" It talks about the why the USSR intervened in the Prague spring and the 1956 uprising and what was hapening inside those countries to the USSR sending the tanks.

Hungarian uprising was lit as fuck

you can blame hungaria for sending tanks to czechoslovakia then

Anonimus - Bezymyannyy Vsadnik

1956 was riddled with fascists

This. The Czechoslovaks, however, were good boys


Some say it was a fascist uprising, but how true is that? Wasn't their list of demands pretty democratic?


So was Euromaidan. Guess what: it was still run by CIA-backed fascists behind the scenes. Same in Hungary. Also, we are communists, not democratists.

Communism is impossible without (genuine, not bourgeois) democracy. A party elite running everything isn't communism.