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Alright niggers, if you aren't coming to k then k is coming to you.

Guns and general prepping thread

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youtube.com/results?search_query=ar 15 budget build

Eh /k/ tend to hate us because they think we're anti-gun or some bollocks: despite things like pic related.

Why not high power crossbows?
Easy to get, easy-ish to shoot, can get ammo back and is easier to make then a firearm.
Not that I dislike guns though.

I was talking about >>>/leftyk/

/k/unts are delusional rightards.

I mean there's a reason armies don't use crossbows anymore.

But I have considered it living in bongistan.

They think our guys are genociding assyrian christians.


wrong flare

Lower range and rate of fire mostly.

Amerifats should stack up on guns as much as they can and try to form their own militias

FBI can't getcha as long you're just training, hanging around. We need to be prepared for the great habbening.


Eh, depends how you phrase it and what country your from

Forgot pic

Because everyone everywhere has immediate access to and experience with firearms.

Let's be real nigga, a crossbow sounds pretty autistic

There are a few specific cases where a crossbow is effective, but you better be taking full advantage of it.

Notably, they're easy to make with common materials if getting a weapon is difficult, but there's no real reason to think they're of any use in an actual combat. Assassination and picking off people unexpectedly, maybe. But you're going to really have to justify it.

If you're going to make one, make it a compound crossbow out of good spring steel, and use it to fling heavy bolts fast.

Sounding autistic don't matter

This is more what I'm talking about. Not a weapon for combat but more situational. While you're at it, why not stick an explosive charge on the end of a bolt?

what to do when your country's gun laws are retarded to the point where getting a simple Glock can go to almost 5k dollars
and retarded leftists are against guns because with guns "everyone will kill each other"


not illegal, but the police can still take it from you
and if you resist of course you go to jail

You could do that. I'm also working on electric bolts that are easier to make without prerequisite chemistry and explosives knowledge.

If your country really is that cucked about guns, you could go the way of the french and go full redskin.

Seriously, like 10 stubborn commie assholes from Paris started practicing martial arts and singlehandedly wiped out an entire bonehead scene in what remains one of the most glorious and unsung BTFOs in Leftist history.

It may not be the same as firearms, but getting fit, learning how to fight and forming a group of likeminded people doing both is infinitely better than nothing.

Getting fit is just as - if not more - important than having weapons. Amerilards with a stockpile of rifles aren't a militia if they can't carry heavy shit or run 200m without collapsing.

If you want a cheap rifle, you could buy a 300-500$ parts kit made of original Eastern Bloc AKM components, then make the receiver yourself from scrap metal, or even a fucking shovel.

There's also this handy guide some closeted polyp made.

Nice try.

Are crossbows legal here without a license? TIL.


Got anything I can read up on this in English?

This sounds like there is a cool story to it.

it's awful don't fall for it. Made by a Holla Forumstard. Use YouTube and lurk gun forums to get your info. Guns are a popular topic anyway guides are many.

This. /k/ infographics have done nothing but list guns on their meme factor rather than their practical use for some years now.

yeah just save for a fucking Zastava M85. Common western NATO 5.56×45mm ammo thats weaker than the AK 47 or 74 but whatever you will waste a lot of bullets practicing aim.

It's a myth that the M16 precision is better than the AK. It's almost not noticeable plus AKs are cheap to produce, easy to maintain and repair due to simple design. It's one of the best designs for an AR or carbine. Usually the nation with cheaper good guns to produce has better logistics for war.

If you are in North America you should be stocking-

12gauge birdshot

as well as at least one weapon that can shoot each of the above. I'd recommend-

a bolt-action .22 (lasts forever)
a concealable 9mm (defense in your pocket)
an AR15 (parts are everywhere in NA)
a bolt action .308 (remember to get a GOOD scope)
and a pump-action shotgun (I like semi-auto more too but a pump is easier to repair and will last longer without maintenance - plus this is likely going to be your most-used hunting weapon, as larger game will be quickly depleted in any sort of resource-scarcity event)

This covers the most common types of ammo that people around you will be using, which makes your ammo stockpile a viable and valuable currency to help you acquire other items you may require in a limited-resources scenario.

This also provides you with some means of security. A stockpile of gold/silver or freeze-dried food can't help you defend itself. Bullets can. They also store very easily, and can be broken down into 'change' when bartering.

In addition to the above, it may be worth your while to buy the tools (powder, primers, press) necessary to load your own ammo. 5.56 has a unique advantage in that you can reuse the brass. 1000 primers is like $40. 1lb of powder is like $20-30. This is a hobby (making your own loads) which would be extremely beneficial in a scenario where one could not simply waltz down to ye' ol' firearm emporium and buy rounds.

There's my /k/ontribution.

For the German comrades:

Go bash some antideutsch neolib shills and AfD autists

literal garbage. worthless guide. 0/10
what fucking retard made this

seems like it was a punk skin band that beat the shit out of nazi skins along with other bands and crowds according to wiki.

Football hooligans are really the greatest example of proletarian revolutionary spontaneity.

There’s a serious lack of gun pics in this thread. Posting mine.

tfw not american so noguns

Their entire documentary is in youtube


I own two guns. I like them both a lot. I recommend everyone own AT LEAST a HP22A and a couple bricks of .22lr laying around at all times.

This is not call of duty.

This is awesome. People do need to get fit, too. But still we must fight for gun ownership.

Don't buy slav guns if you're american. Get things that use a cartridge more available in america than euro ones. When SHTF euro bullets will run out first and then your AK is useless.

This guy knows what's up.

I'm very jealous of your SKS's.

What a bunch of LARPy bullshit, you're not gonna start a revolution by learning how to shoot some guns like some fucking retarded white trash hillbillies

Read bordiga

What a bunch of LARPy bullshit; you're not gonna start a revolution by becoming a couch potato and reading about some fat fuck who accomplished literally nothing in his entire life

Bordiga literally wrote the best leftist theory of the 20th century what the fuck are you talking about?



oh wait shit wrong pic lel

On the contrary, the Assyrians are /ourguys/

Because they're spontaneous you fucking retard you need the right material conditions otherwise you social democracy at the barrel of a gun(aka red fascism)

What a meme workers are already class consciousness they don't need you're fucking tankie nonsense

what's the harm in organizing for when that "spontaneous revolution" finally arrives then?

really gets the noggin joggin

Because organizing the working class is pretty much the same as assembling the freikorps that will destroy the revolution and replace it with social democracy at the barrel of a gun


He literally spent time in prison for fighting for socialism through his sheer intellect


Is this guide more reliable?

Leftcoms are "well read".

Thank you to whoever set up >>>/leftyk/. I hope it doesn't die like >>>/leftyb/ did.

And what's stopping literally everybody else that is actually polarizing and organizing their forces from crushing a revolution or steering it into SocDem with guns?

Your entire idealized situation does not account for the total political and ideological hegemony that Capitalism maintains. Specially on this early Digital age that will only continue to bombard us with more and more ideology.

And that doesn't even go into the possible situations were Capitalistm could finally assert itself as the end of human history. The most probable are Nuclear Holocaust or Ecological catastrophe. The most scary and yet tantalizingly possible could be that Capitalist Class society finally resolves its inherent contradictions and self-destructive nature of conflict through massive genetical engineering, where the proles are biologically incapable of any revolution. Spontaneous or not.

Marx was ahead of his time, but certainly not far enough to see all the incredible technological advances he could only dream of.

Do not underestimate Capitalism's ability to save itself from a crisis. Sitting on your ass and waiting for thr logical progression of history is no longer possible when every day, we seem to near a crossroads.

just use leftypol it's more popular, the people are here. leftyk wont become popular but it can be used to store GOOD guides.

Prepping is too fucking expensive.

Build an ak. Not as practival as an AR in Burgerland but much cheaper.

That or a shotgun.

In a true big-time SHTF that's nowhere near enough.

True. But you gotta start somewhere.

I'd say the main thing here is organization.

I'm not delusional

go defend nazi Germany because they're fighting American imperialism you fucking retarded tankie

I actually wish for fascism because then tankie retards like you will be killed

Oh you would feel safe, wouldn't you?

if fascists were to come to power they would kill all the red fascists

then the workers would eventually rise up and create real socialism without the help/corruption of red fascism

And how, maester leftcom, are you going to stop an opportunist from taking power? You don't know because you haven't answered me in

Leftcoms really are fucking children.

they'd all be killed by fascists

they can be really useful and kill off the tankies to make way for the real socialist movement

Yeah, this is bait.

well they're the main people that have in the past

either that or people backed by tankies

Just ordered this Soviet RD-54 paratrooper pack. What do you think comrades?

nice LARP gear that could've gone towards buying a book by Marx

this is like claiming wehraboos won the battle of france.

Why are you wasting money on LARP gear that could have been spent on buying a better backpack?

Why? You could have got something more comfortable and cheaper. Old Soviet gear tends to have water retention problems.

Lads, would you join your army for the military training?

What about you, burgers? Would you ever join the National Guard so as to not get your lives' cucked by Imperialism?

I'm trying to start making some graphics on the subject of guns/prep/larp stuff meant to help beginners get armed and organized, here's my first shot at one for rifles. As well as a template if anyone else wants to make one for other things that you might more knowledgeable about than I am. font is called "vladimir" btw.

It makes me feel all warm.and fuzzy.
Keep it up comrade!

Could you please make one for Scotland?
I know that handguns are banned here, but rifles & shotguns are allowed with a license.
Shotgun certificates are piss-easy to get as long as you don't have a criminal record, and are willing to hand over a bunch of personal data to the cops.
Rifle certificates however, can only be obtained with a good reason, and then can never be used for anything other than that reason, or you lose the license. (so for example, if you got a license for "hunting rabbits", then kill someone with it in self-defence, you won't have commited a crime, because self-defence, but you will lose your rifle, because that's not the reason on your license)
Also, you specifically cannot use "self-defence" as a reason on your license application.

That's the extent of my knowledge thus far, I'm afraid. I don't know anything about laws pertaining to who can buy a gun from whom, and under what conditions, or what the penalties are for breaking the rules, or what the laws pertaining to ammo are, or most of the stuff pertaining to the technical aspects of firearms themselves.

That's cool and all but false Cyrillic is the worst.

Drop the cyrillic and your good to go.

If you're actually going to be serious about this, you're going to need more than peashooters.

I'd suggest either finding someone who knows their chemistry, or if you're willing to risk your own fingers (and more!), start learning it yourself.

I remember a /k/ user once made homemade stab-proof armor just by taping a bunch of hardware store steel saws. Can't find the video in youtube anymore though.

Prolefag guide to level 2 armor:

Share your shit.

speaking of improvised body armor

This bitch can stop a 12 gauge slug, perfect for PDF related

You just need a welding blanket (20$), resin (10$) some clamps (10$) and a (preferably curved) piece of wood in lieu of the armor plate used as the "mold". If you any of the power tools, like the saw used in the vidro, you could go to Home Depot or Lowes to rent them for a bit, in case you don't have em.

For the noguns. Firemen's axe handles make bretty good clubs.

It is easier to get machetes, cleavers, crossbows, bombs and petrol bombs in noguns land than this.

Why not keep the axe head? I've always wondered about this. I mean if you're gonna beat a guy why not chop him up some too?

Not to mention bats being much less suspicious in your house when the fun police come round.

I was thinking more for street fighting and whatnot. As you see in Euroland all the time.

It's too big. People use koshes/batons, pocket knives and knuckle dusters. Not to mention you can't lie about its purpose, unlike bats and crowbars.

Fuck guns we should if we want weapons we can just pick up sticks or throw rocks like our comrades in Palestine, remember the revolution has to be cheap becouse if it isnt we will lose

Nice bait faggot.

You can get a shotgun or a shitty ak forvlike 3 hunnard

Go to bed.

I fucking hate these shit gun laws


What about this one, comrade? Its 500 dollars tho. You're better off saving up money and buying something in 5.56. More bang for your buck and more bucks for the bloody expropriation of the bourgeoisie.

When did the SKS get banned in CA?

Just the m59 Yugos
Apparently the grenade cup makes it illegal smh

That's some cuckery. I live in WA and they're trying to pass a similar "Assault weapon" ban here next year, so I'm worried we'll end up with similarly cucked guns.

I'd suggest getting at least one or two actual organic chemistry courses if you can. Failing that, get some organic chem textbooks and actually read them and test yourself on them before you try anything.
That said, this is a highly useful manual and I've only found one thing that could blow your fingers off. (pg 34-35 where it tells you to take a shock-sensitive explosive in solution and swirl it in your unprotected hand)

I'm not anti-gun but you folks are retarded if you think people should have access to all sort of weapons. Do you think the Las Vegas would had killed so many people if he could only get some pistols or some hunting rifles?

Also, i'm pretty serious about the part where you could blow yourself up. If you fuck up with small arms, you either shoot yourself or end up in the hospital. Making ordnance, you're lucky if you end up in the hospital full of shrapnel and then spend decades in prison.

If people want a weapon bad enough, they'll get their hands on it
It's like DRM for video games
Unreasonable restrictions only affect people who obey the law/buy the game

Tbh I realize there is risk in it currently but the positives in terms of arming the proletariat when the revolution comes is too important. Besides mass shootings are mostly a result of our alienated insane culture perpetuated by capitalism.

so does that mean you think people should be allowed only "hunting rifles" and pistols?

That's what Anders Breivik did, and he had a higher kill count. William Unek killed nearly as many with an axe and a Lee Enfield, and Mutsuo Toi managed to kill thirty with blades and a shotgun, and he didn't even have a large packed crowd. Those two are decades ago in shitholes, so if they don't count for you, consider George Hennard.

The gun barely matters. Mass shootings are pretty much solely a US phenomena outside of terrorists. So I don't see why I shouldn't support arming the proletariat.

looks pretty good. CC I would recommend some more stuff like Bersa thunder, P63/64 Radom P83 wanad cz52 cz 83.

another must have accessory is a spotting scope. need to know where you're hitting, don't you?

also totally right to only recommend AR-15, there are a ton of AR-15 models, those are among the cheapest and best regarded. there are some other dependable rifle kits to look at, they're hitting rock bottom.

California's strict gun control laws were kicked off by conservatives in the 60s, when the Black Panthers started openly carrying guns.

I know

bump cus honestly we're all going to get klled like its 1919

No, I think the las vegas shooter should have never happened by not having in an empty soul-sucking culture.

I just ordered a magazine for my Chink M14 that exploits leaf mag cap laws. It was designed for an Australian made copy of the Lee Enfield in .308, so it’s technically a bolt action magazine meaning under Canadian law it is except from capacity limits. However they are known to fit and function in Springfield and Norinco M14s, meaning they can be used to legally bypass the 5 round limit on semi automatic rifles. I ordered it along with a bunch of 10 round .308 stripper clips to make myself a ghetto Garand.

I think he would have made due with gasoline, hunting weapons, blades, homemade explosives and a truck. Combine all that shit together with a crowd you could easily kill comparable numbers of people.

Has anyone here shot a PPSH?
I've seen videos and a ton of media portray very little recoil on it. Is that true?

Only one way to find out, user.

I've seen people on youtube rave about how low the recoil is after dumping a mag hitting centre mass.

My great uncle shot them when he was a conscript in the Austrian army in the 50s (apparently they used a lot of leftover Soviet gear). He said it’s basically a spray and pray kind of thing, point it in the general direction of your target and hold on.

Can a fellow leaf get a link fam?

/leftyk/, how do these parts look?

Should I use the modular rail upper or the more classic AR-15 one?

If you're planning on going Full mall ninja go with the rail

Do you mean like a mall shooter or complete edgy faggot?

1. for rail systems, you have three choices, Picatinny, Keymod, and Mlok. Picatinny is way too heavy, and Keymod is kind of heavy doesn't work well with polymer. M-lok is the best.
2. that lower doesn't look worth the price, especially for a blemished part. my suggestion would by a GWACS cav 15 if you're looking to spend that sort of money. though that has a fixed stock.
3. that PSA stuff is pretty good. Ceratac is also reputable, and will be cheaper.
4. Start saving money for some illuminated decent optics, that's one of the best improvements you can make to your rifle. decide whether you need a 1-6x24, 2.5x, or zero magnification 65 MOA circle red dot, and find a reputable one, it will cost $200-$400 entry.

There are a few sites selling them but this is the best price I found.


The latter. If you really want a sexy hand guard go with the A1 look. It really only works with a fixed stock though.


This. Breivik literally only had a mini-14 and a manure bomb and he still managed a higher kill count than a boomer with a hundred machine guns. If you want to "prevent" mass killing you would have to ban all guns, all cars, everything sharp, and everything that might potentially be explosive in large quantities. That isn't even gonna prevent it, it'll just make accumulating these things illegal which might mean that the guy gets caught before he does something.

308 or 223, leftypol?

I honestly think the sexiest looking AR would be the A1 look but replacing the carrying handle with rail only on the top of the receiver and an optic.

Holy shit so that's what that ugly thing is for! It all makes sense now

What are you doing?

browsing leftypol

I mean what are you doing in respect to the task for which you are asking 308 or 223? They're different things better suited to different tasks.


I used to think overalls were cute :-(

To defile the American whore

Fuck capppie tier backpacks. Also it has AK-74 mag pouches built in.

Also, why haven't you bought the SLR-104 yet? Its /ourgun/


Bully harder fyam!

Cool, good luck finding bullets cuck.

If you are dumb enough not to stock up you are the cuck

Depends where you are fighting. Where I am there’s mostly thick bush and rarely any shots bast 200m, so .223 would be the better option.

That shit will run out real fast fam. You should have just gotten an AK in 5.56.

You are going to be that one autist running around with a bandolier because he has to carry his entire supply of ammo with him.

Pic related. Its you.

heavy as fuck
now 3x as expensive as an AR-15
literally who bullet

admit it, you just like it because it's Russian. go build a piston AR if you want to be a fancy snowflake.


Literally the only pros you mentioned are about the rifle and not the rare-as-fuck russian cartridge.

I'd kind of like to see what the PPSh could do with modernization.
A buffer area for the bolt, a better stock/grip, a modestly reduced rate of fire (~650/m or so), redesigned bolt to shorten travel distance, a few extra inches to the barrel length, and redesigned drum magazines to improve reliability.

5.45 has more reliable terminal ballistic action.


My friend has an Arsnal AK in 7.62 and rapidly shooting it makes it go all over the place.

Bitch it's 15 pounds, you Nazis can't lift 15 pounds?


Price of the weapon and accessibility of the ammo is pretty much what it comes down to - along with the fact that you can reuse .223/5.56 brass.

I'd recommend that any user getting in to the AR15 platform be sure to get one that is able to fire 5.56 because there is a SLIGHT distinction between .223 and 5.56 (and because 5.56 is the standard .mil surplus round and people that stock ammo by the thousands have a tendency to buy surplus green-tip XM855, so there might be more of that available if resources are scarce).
5.56 is usually a little bit higher pressure and I think there's a slightly different hardness requirement for the brass, in any case firing 5.56 out of a .223 specific rifle can cause damage to the weapon, even though it will technically fire. Just be sure to get your gun in 5.56 so that you can use both is the takeaway.

You can basically build 2-3 good AR15s for the same price as a good Arsenal AK. Not that Arsenal AKs are bad weapons (they're actually quite nice) but if you want to 'prep' then having more copies of a more common weapon with its more common ammo (assuming you're in North America) is the more reasonable choice. This also makes it a wiser choice to buy replacement parts for your AR(s) because there's a greater chance you'd be able to use/barter with them. I mentioned this earlier, but ammo as a form of currency happens when shit falls apart - and if you're sitting on an assload of 7.62 but no one in your region can shoot it because they don't have an AK or it isn't their main weapon then your hoard of ammo isn't doing as much for you as a pile of 5.56 might.

Ammo being a bit cheaper also means that you're more likely to go out and shoot the damn thing more often, which means you'll probably be a better shot with it when the SHTF/WROL/TEOTWAWKI kicks in.

I can't say I've ever worn a chest-rig of 3-6 7.62 mags and then thrown on a rig with 3-6 5.56 mags to compare, but I'm betting the weight wouldn't be unbearably different. If anything I'd think the slightly longer mags would just make it a bit more uncomfortable to crouch/lay on, but I couldn't say for sure. In any case, I'm not sold on the weight of the cartridge being a massive factor in prepping/not prepping it.

go and larp what you like, if you're just going to nitpick. It's obvious you're not here for discussion.

Nazi no guns lol



Okay, yeah.

Really if you're going to spend that on the AK you're just better off getting the vz58 at that point.

The cheapest Arsenals I can find are ~1k.
Most seem to be around 1.4k.
Higher end ones look to be between 1.8-2.2k.

You can build an AR15 for ~500.
youtube.com/results?search_query=ar 15 budget build

You can obviously go for higher end parts which increases the price, and you should get a decent optic for at least one of your weapons, but we're talking about bare-bones will-it-shoot-a-bullet prices, and in that regard ARs have almost never been cheaper.

Glad you did the research on your own, user! You get a Banana Sticker!

magazines for 5.56 AKs are even harder to find, so fuck that.

Magazines are reusable, bullets aren't for the most part

true. but then why even bother when 7.62 AKs are much cheaper, and easier to get? or even an AR if you want to shoot 5.56? you're not wrong, 5.56 AKs are cool, but good luck finding one. The only place I'm aware of where you can get 5.56 AKs in the US is Arsenal, and they've discontinued most of their stuff.

I agree, so we should quiet the larping and get an AR 10 or 15


I will bully you.

terrible fucking font
typo, it should say

Get an M-lok upper instead. And some kind of red dot optic. Otherwise looks good.

This is pretty solid advice - and something that I kind of wish I had read before going with a picatinny rail setup - though to be fair that was before M-lok became the new military standard and before I'd ever had a chance to mess with one in person.

That being said, M-lok has been pretty reliable in my limited experience with it. It is a much more light-weight solution to rail accessories.

That’s highly debatable, there a pros and cons to every platform so just saying that the AR is objectively the best in the world is silly. For example the are much higher maintenance than the AK, one of the reasons why the M16 failed so bad in Vietnam was because troops were unable to maintain them properly. AKs on the other hand can go without cleaning more or less indefinitely and still go bang. That being said I would still recommend everybody in North America get an AR if they can, just for the sheer availability of ammo and parts. If you insist on an AK then for the love of god get one in a burger caliber instead of feeling the need to LARP as a Soviet.

Of course all that’s irrelevant to me since I can’t get an AR without Mounties buttraping me, so I’ll stick with my battle rifle and real fucking NATO.

the M16A1 was a shit rifle for the conditions it was used in, and troops had a ton of misinformation directed at them, like it being 'self cleaning'. It wasn't so much that it was overly complex, moreso that the conscripts did not know how to handle it. The early models supposedly also had design flaws, but I'm not really qualified to speak on that.

The M16A1 is a fine rifle, but like I said troops weren’t maintaining them properly. All I was saying was that ARs in general are higher maintenance than AKs, not that they are worse or better.

That is a sexy Swiss gun my friend

Like i said i'm not anti-gun. I don't see any issue with people being allowed to buy them, but i really like the current gun laws in my country. People can only have access to pistols and hunting rifles and they have to go through psychological tests before that. Nothing too much…just so a schizo or a bipolar do not buy guns and shit.
I do have an hard time understanding why should common people be allowed to buy weapons used in modern warfare.

pistols and handguns are the class of weapon most used in gun murders and other gun crime. the virginia tech shooting was done with just pistols. the idea that pistols are some kind of safer alternative to other guns is a common mistake of gun-illiterates, who judge guns by their size (i.e. big = bad; small = ok) and their aesthetics (i.e. black furniture = scary; wood furniture = not scary)
there is no such thing as a "hunting rifle." any type of gun, including pistols, can be and is used for hunting. i presume by "hunting rifle" you mean a bolt-action rifle; reality is many people hunt with ar-15s and other selfloading rifles
u.s. gun sales require background checks; if someone has been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition or hospitalised for the same, or has a criminal record, it can preclude them from owning guns. this is why criminals buy their guns illegally and simply circumvent such checks.
psychological evaluation before purchase makes sense, but the current healthcare situation in the u.s. makes it undoable. additional problems include impartiality of the tests and the assessors; people 'cheating' the test by faking sound health; the fact that tests can't predict the future, and someone who passes the test may simply go on to commit a crime later; and the aforementioned fact that someone who wants to do harm with a gun will just avoid any evaluation altogether by obtaining a gun illegally
because you believe that people should be controlled and policed by an external authority; that they should have to seek permission from that authority. the reality is, truly free people don't have to seek permission or allowance; they just do

Bullet casings - why can't they be 3D printed? I've been looking for an hour and I've found no relevant results.

They need metal primers to function. There is "polymer ammo casings" that exist, but the bottoms still had to be metal. Maybe in the future, it will be possible. Currently not though.

I will attempt not to bully you, but it's very obvious you've never even read up on guns.

A) Pistols are used for like 99% of gun murders. All other guns combined account for like a 3rd of the murders committed with knives. This is one of the many reasons "assault weapon" bans are an absolute fucking meme.

B) Literally any rifle can be a "hunting" rifle. There is no legal definition. In face, weapons like the AR-15, that libs constantly sperg out over, fire rounds that are barely 1/3rd as powerful as the most common "hunting" rounds.

C) We already have background checks. Russia is a prime example of how such a seemingly "common sense" form of gun control can be completely abused to disarm people. Also, I'm bi-polar and I have guns, that's not a severe mental illness that makes you unfit to be armed, I'm not sure why you'd group it in with schizophrenia. The whole "mentally ill people commit mass shootings" meme needs to die. Mass shooters are angry virgin incels 9 times out of 10.

C) Normal people cannot buy guns used in "modern warfare" lmao. The NFA and Hughes Ammendment both effectively banned them entirely. People own SEMI autos, (not full autos, since a tremendous number of tards don't understand the difference) like the AR-15, which is just a low-power rifle that holds a lot of ammo and is light weight with low recoil, making it easier for weaker people/women/young people to shoot, with a large aftermarket of upgrade-able parts, all of which lead to its popularity. It's in no way more deadly than any other rifle, it just looks spooky to the gun-fearing crowd who are allergic to fact checking.

Also, the entire point of the 2nd amendment is that you're SUPPOSED to have military weapons, so that you can fight the government if it ever tries to become tyrannical.

D) The gun laws in your country aren't what keep you safe. Most studies that make it look like gun control = safety only compare the US to low crime countries. If you compare with all countries, you'll find several countries with far stricter gun laws with much higher crime/murder rates (like Russia) or countries with lax gun laws and very low crime/murder rates. There is literally no correlation between gun control and crime, crime is dependent entirely on social and societal issues.

Yeah I get that you can't make plastic primers, but from my noguns self education it seems that casings are the actual bitch of the entire weapon system, with ghetto alternatives to everything else.
How come you need a metal bottom? Won't the bullet generally always be easier to force down the barrel than to explode the barrel?

The primer causes the gunpowder to ignite, resulting in an explosion that forces the bullet out of the barrel of tnt gun

Yeah, so why do the bottoms need to be metal?

Plastic would melt and completely fuck the gun. Also probably couldn't handle such high pressures.

I misinterpreted your question, my apologies
Hypothetically, as long as the primer was made of metal, the other material doesn't matter
However consider that non-metal casings (I assume 3d printed is just a type of plastic) might melt or otherwise deform, jamming the gun whereas metal casings would be less likely to do as such

Any britlads here? What are you guys doing if anything?

Got it as a gift from my crazy Swiss step grandpa who only watches RT and Alex Jones.

This. Canada, Switzerland, Finland, and the Czech Republic all have way lower murder rates than the US but all rank among the most armed countries in the world. In the Czech Republic they have gun laws comparable to the US, even issuing concealed carry permits.

They why can't people be allowed to have nukes or fighter jets? If they the money to buy them they should be allowed to own them. This is american logic…i don't like this at all.
Other than thank you for your post it does make sense.

The other user was right, i meant bolt-action rifles by hunting rifles. Automatic rifles and amchine guns in my country are stricted to the police and the army.

You don't need a law allowing you to have weapons to fight the government. You can assault a military base or a police station and take them yourself if you want.
In 1910 when the monarchy was replaced by the republic in my country, people did that.

In here you can't buy a gun for self-defense alone. It's either because you wish to become a hunter, a professional shooter, simply an hobbiest shooter or a gun colector.

you can read more about gun laws in my country here: althistory.wikia.com/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Portugal_(Right_to_Bear_Arms)

i'm not much into this subject. I don't own a gun, i do not wish to own a gun. This is a peaceful country with low criminality. people in my town leave their doors unlocked at night ffs.

nuclear weapons and attack aircraft aren't exactly comparable to a simple firearm
which is ridiculous and frightening. i am subject to the same nonsense where i live, only here self-defence is entirely illegal, gun or not. with this kind of law, the state is saying that you are not permitted to defend your own life. this is unacceptable to anyone who believes his life is his own

that's fine. you don't have to own guns or even like them

The general idea is that we need the best chance possible. Gun deaths, (and gun murders especially, since 2/3rds of gun deaths are suicides) account for an incredibly tiny percent of the population's deaths, you are extremely unlikely to die from a random shooting. That's why the freedom to own the most effective weapons available far outweighs the perceived risks.

As for jets and nukes, they aren't really the same, because they are not arms you can "bear". On top of that, I don't think anyone should be allowed to have nukes, I hope the earth sees complete nuclear disarmament before it's too late. Would not be bothered by normal people being allowed to own fighter jets or tanks though, other than the fact that their price alone would pretty much exclusively make them a weapon for the ruling class.

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excellent post

Phone posting from a moose hunt. What are you guys doing?

not hurting animals for leisure.

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There is no challenge in killing herbivores from a safe distance.

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