Check this goy out if you are looking for a chuckle. He may be the single cringiest individual I have ever found on the internet. The best part is that he is extremely active online and will respond to anything you post within an hour.


These videos are particularly good:

Here's his Reddit. Don't ask me how I found it:

Other urls found in this thread:

Why are you stalking some turbo autist with 24 subs?

His Stirner video was awfully retarded.

He is up and coming, just watch. I'm an early adopter. Turbo autist doesn't do him justice

I know! Isn't it great?

I discovered that guy before you did by accident. I'm the comment in his stupid stirner vid. He didn't actually read any books, not Stirner not Nietzche.
He is a wierdo. Better avoid him.

Or better, how about we meme the shit out of him?

Stirner is now Nazbol



Did someone say…


I've actually known this guy for awhile, he's basically a living Nazbol Gang meme. If you want to get a good laugh look at his bandcamp, he's a power electronics/noise/grindcore musician.

Thats precisely why we shouldn't avoid him, he's fucking hilarious

the stuff he makes under "Universal Challenger is pretty good though


He sounds and looks Jewish but I've never heard of a Jewish Nazbol before.

I believe in the NazBol gods now



Still waiting for the official NazBol pantheon.

Your fragile mind could not survive the mere knowledge of their names.

you are a dumbass and this smells like a persunal armee request. Fuck off.


Did I ask you to storm his channel? I just think he is fucking hilarious and wanted to let my friends at Holla Forums know about him.

i, for one, am gratefull for that friend
most people here come from halfchan or some other gay virgin looser site where every link posted ist indeed a personal army request so don´t worry
Nazbols confirmed for Autistic Neanderthal egoist supermen

Fucking kek holy shit

This is great. I saw some of his power electronics on his channel but I didn't know he had this much content. I would listen to all of it but I can't tell the songs apart.


I've known this guy for years (literally) from metal forums, particularly Last FM. Dude has always been like this, discovering a webcam is just the most recent episode of Justin Barger.

To be fair, that Brainbombs cover he did was not bad.


I met him on facebook(which I have since stopped using) back in late 2013. He was quite the character to say the least. He was even unironically referred to himself as an aristocratic socialist.
This guy might rival him in release output

That's… kinda of a thing though likely not in the sense he meant it

I think he meant something along the lines of NazBlanquism or Maurrasian "Syndicalism"

I actually sort of like his music in general

so I see you found my fucking youtube. thanks for noticing me, now show your me your dick

that wasn't me, those were people mocking me. I'm already a meme to them, I mean if you wanna keep digging me into hole (which I'm sure you think I'm doing a fine job of myself, If so I can put you in one myself), go ahead.

no I had a webcam on my other computers. correction.

I'm not Jewish, I'm Baltic-Balkan-East German

that's pretty much where I'm coming from, good goy.

do I know you, nigger nationalist?

Based J Barg has graced us with his presence


I just don't understand what the hell everyone's problem is. and besides those that have one with me, if you want to settle this man to man we can.

They are just jealous of your Neanderthal Nazbol power

Black Commie, yer blocked. I don't allow niggers to comment on my channel. WE WUZ DOXXERZ IN SHEIT.



btw I kind of agree on some points

So where's the speedcore/splittercore/extratone?
This might be one of his best

He is literally just talking about the KRG. I bet he has no idea what Rojava is. See track 1.

okay this guy is literally autistic then. I find his video (and music) interesting to listen to nonetheless.

He admits to being a diagnosed sperg, he doesn't give a fuck though, he's pretty alpha tbh

This. Alpha as fuck.
The lo-fi amateurish quality of his videos is the only reason why some people meme him in this thread. Better than muke

J Barg is much more well read than Muke too

Yeah.. The amateurish quality of his videos is why he's being mocked.. Not the fact that he's a turbo autistic nazbol.

That's pretty fucking brave fucking black flag

Say that to my face and not online and see what happens

Talk about spooked


J Barg should debate the Roo

You don't know who you are speaking to

step up nigga

They'd agree on everything but the finer points of third worldism and feminism

The Barg is better read than the Roo and clearly better articulated, he would obliterate him in a debate.

He could out-debate any leftist e celeb tbh, J Barg vs Muke would be really funny though because Muke would cry to his twitter friends after losing about how evil Barg is

I want to see this.

I wonder if Barg would be down since he was ITT, I'm guessing he'd probably come back

Why are you whispering? Is there something you know I don't?

Papa Muke might be listening

Roo too

What do you know they actually hold the same line on the Kurd question.

Yeah its basically the same, cept J Barg blames the Jooz more


forgot pic

Somehow, I can cope with this.

How will Leftcoms react to J Barg namedropping/referencing Monsieur Dupont