Reactionary Labour

Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa!
— Slogan of the white miners' strike in Rand, Witwatersrand (1922)

Would you support a workers' movement if it was based in significant parts on reactionary premises such as racial discrimination?

No because I'm not a moron who unironically believes in class collaboration.




this, racism has no place in left-wing politics

Racism is Idpol faggotry

I wouldn't support them but I would absolutely use their rhetoric to help build a workers' movement that wasn't bigoted. "We'll fight for all workers, instead of just a few." etc.

Not really, since history shows it's really easy to redraw the lines of who is and isn't an honourary "white" outside the typical wealthy cluster of anglo-dutch-german protestant elites. Typically to the benefit of that elite that need to conjure up a boogeyman for the majority to get spooked at.

Never. No war but class war.

Sounds like a Holla Forumsyp who has rejected capitalism and thinks NutSac is Socialism.

This. Daily reminder that if you aren't anglo you literally are not white (at least according to the OG race theorists.)

I never understood why white nationalism exists in Africa of all places. I thought nationalism was supposed to be about reclaiming ancestral homelands.

It supposed to be but in the practice is just a load of racist bullshit

I wouldn't support such a movement. I'm asking because I'm interested in how those who do would defend it.


I wouldn't support a workers movement to begin with

Another amazing post by a black flag.

you sicken me

were they striking for higher wages or what?
what race shit has to do with bargaining with your employer?

How is that even a workers' movement? Are blacks not workers or what?

If you aren't Saxon, apparently. I mean, Scandinavians are still non-white according to Ben, so it isn't the Anglos who are the deciding tribe here.

Do you know nothing of labor history? It is fraught with cases of unionized native workers fighting for the betterment of their condition at the expense of minorities. French workers would strike against Italian workers in France, WASP workers against Chinese workers in the US, Protestant workers against Catholic workers in Northern Ireland, Boer workers against Black workers in South Africa. Early labor unions didn't give a shit about class unity and regularly used xenophobia or racism as a rallying cry.


What I meant by this is that "nationalism" just means who's the most powerful demographic group and how they want the country to be. It has nothing to do with history or how long one group has been on a piece of land.

which is why internationalist solidarity is an essential component for the success of socialism

Well, in a way, it was class war, in as much as simply being white actually did confer those miners muh privileges no black could have. Race and class had a high overlap.

daily reminder that the Bantus are not native to South Africa