Why aren't you an antinatalist yet?

Why aren't you an antinatalist yet?
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Counter question:
Why should I be?

Miss me with that malthusian shit

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Because who is gonna make stuff work if there's no one left?

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Antinatalism is epistemological incoherent and comes with Malthusian baggage. Additionally it's one of the most juvenile manifestations of passive nihilism and people who know better think you're a giant faggot for having antinatalist beliefs.

Nobody? But if nobody's left who is there to give a single fuck?


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The primary flaw with anti-natalism is the assumption that just because you refuse to have children, that other people will as well. The Gnostics didn't wipe out Europe, they just wiped out themselves. Anti-Natalism takes kind empathetic people, and gets them to drop out from the world, making the world even colder and uglier than it already is. If you're able to sense how awful of a planet it is that we're living on, then you have a moral obligation to try and make it a little bit better. Refusing to have children will not stop the truly scummy people of the planet from breeding, all you're really accomplishing is depriving the next generation from what could be a well raised person.

Hey so people really have this as an ideology? I remember when I was an edgy teenage misanthrope and didn't even have leftism as a sliver of hope I came to pretty much the same conclusion. "Oh the worlds so terrible the only really moral thing people could do is to voluntarily choose to just die out ". I was never serious about it though.

Shut up kid, Anglos are talking.

Antinatalism isn't spreading fast enough because it is not tied to consumer choices. We need to make antinatalism the next veganism: a moralist lifestyle.

Then we need to make some vegan-style horror docus on the horrible conditions humans are in. Then we need to make health-claims: antinatalists live a less stressful, longer life! Antinatalism is the only green option!

It's not like people copy others or that culture is by definition a constraining force on the individual or anything.

And you are dumb. Antinatalists can adopt and raise empathic kids.

Do you have an elementary school understanding of human societies or what?

A reasoned ethical belief isn't an ideology.

You're such a faggot. People who don't exist can't have wants and suicide is always an option, so bringing a being into the existence isn't immoral. Suicide erases everything associated with a being's existence, so there's nothing wrong with creating beings unless you think that suffering has cosmic significance. Additionally there's always the change that a person would want to exist, so that tips the scales in favor of reproduction. Stop being a juvenile faggot.

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You've clearly never met someone who was adopted.


Why is suicide unethical? If someone wants to stop existing why should they be forced to die naturally to do that? There's always the chance that a new being will want to live, especially if the political economic system is one that empowers people (like communism would). Suffering should be eliminated through positive programs and not through juvenile antinatalist fantasies.

Hmmmmm……….. ……. Sounds familiar..

Suicide isn't unethical. Absolving yourself from ethical consideration and responsibility by thinking that even if your offspring doesn't like his life can always end it is cynical and evil as fuck.

Life isn't constant suffering, there's good bits too, and most of the suffering in life could be eliminated through a positive political program that empowers people.

In a political economic system that treats people as productive resources self-actualization is a lot more rare then it could be, so rather than focusing on spreading your autistic, nihilistic fantasy we should focus on spreading communism.

Google David Benatar.

Nice moralism, faggot, but the right to die is important as fuck. Obviously suicide should be something most people could do on a whim, but if someone has rationally decided that life is too full of suffering then they should be able to decide to end it. The first priority of a decent society's medical system should be to alleviate the suffering of individuals.

Google Bookchin.

stay a brainlet, brainlet

I know the difference, you were moralizing in that post. Explain how "if your offspring doesn't like his life can always end it is cynical and evil as fuck" isn't a moralistic statement, retard.


Just because you live a life that's full of suffering doesn't mean that everyone does. Additionally you're making the assumption that suffering is the natural state for humans, which isn't something you've given any evidence for.

Robots, computers, AI

Suffering or the lack of it isn't the biggest issue with being born. The biggest issue with natalism is that we don't have enough resources. If you are commie and defend natalism you are pretty much the same as the conservatives that keep autistically screeching in front of Planned Parenthood. You just want people to be born for the sake of it.

Malthusianism a shit

Nice argument brah

Malthus doesn't account for the technology and the advanced productive capacity of modern industrialized societies, and thus comes to wrong conclusions about the ability to sustain a population. Malthus makes a number of predictions, none of which have happened yet, and a number of which have been empirically disprove.

Also, Malthusianism is based on a naive analysis of social dynamics, and as a result they're spooked as fuck.

Let me ask you when did I ever say I was into Malthusianism?

You stated that you thought that humanity doesn't have enough resources and proposed that moral restraint (antinatalism) could prevent resource depletion. That's pretty textbook Malthusianism, even if you didn't explicitly state you were into Malthus.

I know it's an unspoken rule on Holla Forums to be as illiterate as possible but why don't you at least read a Wikipedia article or something?