What does Holla Forums think of TERFs?

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Liberal reactionaries, bullet too, etc

good people who did nuffing wrong


I stumbled upon r/GenderCritical at one point and their users seem pretty reasonable, honestly. They'd obviously need to be opposed if they called for outright suppression of transgender people, but they don't seem to do that, just critique the stuff around that. Saying "you're silly, but you do you" is a very positive position, IMO.


People who hate men so much that they found a way to turn it into hating women.

quality post, m8

They're much less radical and much more reactionary
They get the volcano

TERfs are less likelly to be liberals, many of the ones i met were pretty well read.

You need an explanation for why reactionaries that peddle essentialism need to be shot?

I want a TERF to dominate me

They tend to be much more no fun allowed/muh fun than pro Trans feminists/SJWs are. Unfortunately they infest the tankie community outside of Holla Forums, even Unruhe humors their shit now even though he mentioned having a thing for Bailey Jay in the early days of his channel

I am oddly attracted to this.

Anyway. The TERFS I met were the biggest gender-essentialists, promoting a naturalized view (men are born more aggressive, wymyn are born mothers, etc.) that's worthy of a Holla Forumstard. This is the price they pay to the devil to single out trans people. Meanwhile, they are the biggest attention whoring princesses and/or lesbians, thinking that their idpol is not getting enough attention because other idpol. Some even go as far to claim that the trans movement trying to "freeload" on theirs is part of the conspiracy known as the patriarchy.

Radical Feminists aren't really liberal.

Anyway, TERFs suck. RFs in general suck a little less, but they wanna ban porn. I'm not down with that at all. And a lot of them are still thinly veiled anti-gay (they didn't even hide this in the '70s, though), and see gay sex solely as a parody of straight sex (IE gay S&M is hence is some form of ultimate hatred of women where women are sexually degraded without having to be there). In general, what I've seen of radical feminist theory seems to rely on a lot of assumptions - IE, "the personal is political" is interpreted to apply pre-existing politics to personal and sexual behavior rather than actually evaluating those behaviors directly for both their unacknowledged place in bourgeois politics and the implications of discussing them at all. They look at everything with this sneer.

They are kind of liberal in the sense the alt right is liberal

meant for

Nah, they are social reactionaries pretending to be progressive. And other progressives are indulging them instead of stomping a mudhole in their ass.

I remember watching a "concerned mother" (TERF) debating some lgbtqtlt activist on the British dude who gave birth to a child on RT. Her argument was pretty much pic related.

"B-but you need to understand! Being a mother is something more than just putting a fertilized egg inside you, it's a spiritual bond, it's what little girls prepare for all their lives and these evil people try to take that away from us! Motherhood is a sacred bond and they make a parody out of it!"

Trannies are mentally ill people who need help. No one can tell me that this is normal:

A man has his genitals cut off in order to "make" a vagina, and then multiple times every day he must shove a thing up his "hole" and put a special liquid inside so that the "hole" does not heal up like an open wound would (because that's all it is, a wound).

Literally the same shit as "gays make a mockery of marriage."

Do you mean a FtM on hormones? Or a MtF with an artificial womb? Not sure what situation you're describing exactly, but either one raises some questions about how that works.

I dunno, man haha I stick cocks up the place poop comes out haha

You're not supposed to do that, it's like gross and counterintuitive and stuff haha

Anuses lack the antibodies that vaginas have and can give you sexually transmitted e. coli too lol haha

I really don't care tbh. Elephants can poop out human babies as far as I'm concerned.

And even so, what's it to you? And who are you to set the bar on what's normal? Motherhood is one of the most perverted things ever.

Geez dude, I was just curious about what medical science can do these days.

TERFs are a useful boogeyman for radical feminists to scapegoat to make themselves look good. TERFs suck, but they're an incredibly small (albeit vocal) minority in the radfem community. What really bugs me is when radfems use the term TERF to call out anyone with gender politics outside of the currently accepted norm is. Gender critical people, "truscum", and gender abolitionists aren't TERFs, but they regularly get called TERFs by radical feminists who generally subscribe to a conservative, arevolutionary politics.


Because encouraging people to permanently disfigure themselves because of a mental illness is wrong. Not to mention that after sex-change the suicide rate skyrockets.

I personally feel like most reactionaries have been subsumed into liberalism, but I suppose it doesn't matter that much.

Yeah, I already looked it up. And most of those results are opinion shit about how he's not a real man. Since you mentioned seeing a debate involving the subject I thought you might have more insight into the situation. Why you got to be hostile?

Fucking hell, I always thought Holla Forums was a bunch of faggots and tranny fuckers but this thread ….

That's redundant.

Radical feminists are trans exclusionary.

I think they are right in the sense that trans people (and trans and non-binary are not the same thing) can only approximate the *experience* of being born another gender and treated as such.

They are also right that the vast majority of trans people reaffirm the gender binary and make a show out of a binary distinction that is oppressive for both genders.

So TERFs are pretty cool.

Their anti-sadomasochism stance I agree with too.

Why do you give a shit about what people do to their own bodies? I don't think anyone besides the autistic pinkpill faggots are actually encouraging people to transition, so your point here is kind of moot unless you're advocating for authoritarian measures to be taken to prevent people from being trans.
Do you think that has anything to do with the way that trans people are treated by society? I don't necessarily believe that transitioning will cure someone of dysphoria, but there's obviously a lot of factors that go into suicide rates for trans people.

Not an argument, faggot

What did you mean by this? Your image seems to contradict your text.

You post demonstrates the agreement between "radical feminists" and mainstream conservatism.

Wasn't Engels a TERF by most red liberals' standards?

Gays are strange but ok, trannies are just digusting as fuck

Traps > boypussy > thots

Tbh, those probably aren't radfems mostly who do this.

Lmao there are soooo many of these though. I'm a fag with long hair, I honestly love these guys who keep wanting to turn me into a girl. I'm seriously sad for when I get too old and they stop offering to buy me tits.


the only logically consistent position to take would be called TERF by red libs

Bet most of the people on this board defending transexuality are faggots them self

Why do you give a shit about what people do to their own bodies?
What are you, a liberal? Public health.

Ahh no, there's plenty of "moderate" liberals who encourage it to treat dysphoria.

Of course, but I think it has more to do with the fact that they just chopped off their genitals and they can "never go back", they're now permanently a disfigured freak and the only way they can try and pretend to be a female is by shoving liquid by the hole where their genitals were cut off so it doesn't heal up. And there's no guarantee this will even "cure" their dysphoria, in fact most who get it inevitably become even more fucked up.

Honestly, never got this.

When I was a kid, trannies were often an object of sympathy - women trapped inside male bodies. What's more romantically tragic than that? Gays were just gross men who'd fuck you even if you were a guy and had creepy effeminate mannerisms.

Like, trannies were like fat chicks who got liposuction. Like, good for them taking that extra mile with their body - not for me, but good for them. Now it's all "gays are ok, but fuck trannies" all over the place. Just fucking mind your own business.

boypussy > thick thots > traps >non-thick thots

Oh shit I forgot about gay death lol.

Pure reactionary aestheticism, many bullets to distribute in this thread.

Is this the old "either sex =/= gender and then you can't say this" or "sex = gender and then you are not a feminist" round?

what does this even mean?

you got a problem with that punk

The study you're thinking of compared post-op transexuals' suicides to the general rate of suicide for all people. It was meant to evaluate whenever therapy should continue after transitioning.

pussyboy > traps > boypussy > thots

Thots are selfish and insufferable.
Homos are homies.
Traps are cute and you both know what to do with each others' equipment.
Reverse traps are bros but with all the fun holes.

There is nothing romantic in a fake body

No. Get over it. I don't want people sick in the head to go around freely like that

No one cares about your feelings, sorry to say

Good so far

o wait

Then why should society care about yours an accept your gender dysphoria? Why a doctor should waste time on you?

I think you're onto something but I really like the whole "both of us have dicks to play with" thing. That's the real clencher for me.

You have pretty good taste though and I respect that.


I meant your feelings specifically, your retarded and petty feelings. No one cares.



Transexuality is under attack we need to buy a big boat join my Trans-Nationalist org DEFEND TRANSYLVANIA


Some MtFs practically have microdicks from the test though. Honestly it should read more like
pussyboy > trap >>> boypussy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> thot

I respect your appreciation of thickness though, and thick traps may indeed be elevated above pussyboys.

t. Sick delusional fuck who'll be dead in a few years after the transition

Giving a shit about public health means making sure the people in one's society are healthy and comfortable. Obviously transitioning isn't going to help everyone, but it should be an option as long as the data supports the conclusion that it improves people's quality of life (which it does, faggot)
Most people are stupid and anti-science in one way or another. The lowest common denominator isn't who you should base your opinions on.
Imo trans suicide rates are high for transitioned trans people because of the shock that transitioning didn't cure their dysphoria. That sucks ass. Femininity as an ideal can really fuck you up.

People don't have to be trans to realize what a stupid idiot you are

A movie, kino for that matter, is not probably the best example.

Yeah, you're right, we should just stash all usele-i mean mentally ill people away and the ones that aren't so fucked up we should feed pills down their throat so that they can work like good people, ignoring the conditions in our society that raise people into being fucked in the head. all so that you yourself can have the pleasure of not seeing them when you go around the street. Oh wait


Yeah that won't do it for me. So for me that places them below thots since they have fake vag or broken dick compared to a regular dude or chick who at least have the expected equipment.

Otherwise I like your reasoning though. Would commune with.

Take a look in the mirror fucking abortion of a human

u mad

Yeah I know I've made a lot of progress since I started working out

It was an appropriate one.

I was talking about the sentiments I saw from my peers when I was a kid. They responded with some irrelevant quibbling about what is or isn't romantic, and instantly took it into the territory of their feels. Why does anyone want me to "prove" that something is romantic beyond public sentiment?

That's retarded. Hell, works of fiction and myth are probably the best examples of romantic sentiment. Actually, that's basically what it is.

99,9% of modern feminists do the same

Look. I'm just kind of fucking disgusted by the anti-family obsession this board has sometimes. I just realized that most of the anti-gender roles, anti-family people on here are also trans and faggots. Also I do belive that gender dysphoria is product of alienation more often than not, it's just sad to se people mutilating themself and going crazy.
Also how the fuck are there so many faggots and traps on this board? The two things are not that common irl, especially the latter

TERF is a slur. Just because you identify as a woman doesn't mean you should be able to decide what female interests should be.


But the nuclear family is bourgeois? Haven't you read your Engels?
Also if your main grievance is a skepticism towards transition therapy you've gone about the worst possible way of expressing that. I'm pretty sure you're just concern-trolling at this point and genuinely just wish to exclude people based on your primal disgusts. No better than any other sort of reactionary.

More batshit crazy feminists, as is usual for that entire ideology. As you'll want elaboration, I suppose that it's worth noting I don't think their views on whores and grot are unfair. Sex trafficking is bad. Max Hardcore's movies are an eyesore.

Most people bothered by RFs are insecure males that don't wanna let their porn and prostitution go away.

We're not anti-family. We're anti-nuclear-family, which is a bastardization of the "traditional" extended family that was the norm for thousands of years, an atomization of the family structure that works best for people as a justification for capitalists to sell more housing (and then the subsequent rise in divorce and singleness which means selling even more housing).


I don't think I've ever seen an unironic "anti-family" stance on here. The fuck are you even talking about. Hell I'm a fag and one of the reasons I first went towards communism is because such a system is the only one that ever actually cares about families.

Is the nuclear family really all this loser is whining about?

Are you new to the internet?

The kickback pretty much exclusively concerns their stance on trans people. Anti-porn thought is not universally accepted on the left but most people I've encountered are receptive to it. The biggest controversy in this direction is usually the question of unionizing sex-workers, i.e. whether or not it legitimizes a practice that should, ideally, not exist. But the same can be said of much coercive labor.

I also dislike the clumsy, edgy dismissal that this board has of anything associated with "traditional values", but that's not exactly relevant to the topic trans issues. Someone being trans doesn't negate families in any way, retard. Additionally trans folks can have healthy families, and can even live healthy lifestyles. The lifestyle promoted by much of the trans community is empty and unsatisfying, but that's not the way things have to be.
Trans people are an overwhelming minority here. You only see so many trans leftists because left politics offer a way out for many trans people economically, politically, and socially.

cool story, brah

TERFs, SWERFs, and other so called radical feminists should be raped by tranny hookers then killed for being annoying and ultimately counter-revolutionary cunts more concerned with a spooky ideal of womynhood and hating men than class struggle. The same applies to the idpol brigades who put their spooks ahead of communism, but with whoever they hate the most instead of tranny whores.

The poster said "99.9% of modern feminists," not "radical feminists".

fuck trannies tbh

Yep, xenu tier bullshit. Fact is that we can't force people to live in a certain way.
And I can't see any other way these days
How does traditional family fit with homosexuality, traps ecc.?

How can a mentally ill person be healty?
I'm not advocating for killing them. Just reconizing their problem and find an alternativa cure

Stop posting engels. First, it was a shit work, second is not an excuse to mutilate youself


Google "gay uncle theory"

I disagree. If the reports of a huge inflation of people accessing transition services is to be believed, some "leftists" are declaring themselves trans for whatever reason.

I know about that. Wouldn't that be basically confirming existing gender roles? Reminde that homosexuality is an anomaly

That's how you sound like

If prostitution is so great why don't more men do it?


You can force cure on mentaly ill people. What the fuck

Market and ability.

Not everyone will be absolutely healthy. That's OK. Transitioning is just one way of treating dysphoria. There's plenty of other ways too. Mental illness being treated is a good thing.
With mental illnesses there's rarely a definitive cure. Therapy can help, but ultimately trans people have been socialized in a way that left them with a traumatic conception of their gender identity, and that's not an easy thing to cure.

I'd need to see some evidence for that. A more likely explanation is that the cultural attitude about transgender issues is shifting, which results in more people think they're trans and more people attempting to transition. Obviously ideology plays a big factor in your cultural views, but that's not a causative link.

No, that's how your delusional associations and fantasy sounds like, you poor, poor victim of patriachy.

There's more and more every year. Don't worry, the market will supply the growing demand.

You'd think if it was that easy men would be doing more, but no, it's the market ruling it amirite, you sound like a blatant liberal.

It's not delusion you irrational ape. It's statistics, but you refuse to see them because it harms your dick.

This. Male domination predates the formation of states etc. Just cause he paid Karl his neetbux doesn't mean he was good.

If it confirmed gender roles than it would also confirm gay uncle as a gender role, which contradicts "traditional" only two gender roles of man vs woman.

That's not good tho. And that's part of the problem if you don't reconize it widly as a sickness

But the uncle is an anomaly and takes the role of the woman. That would literally be the exception who confirm the rule

Women, the transhistorical victims. Truly a miracle. And btw, the brutalization of jews predates monotheism.

thats a load of shit tbh

And you sound like a retard. The reason more men don't do it is because no one wants to pay to fuck an average joe, so it's only going to be good looking dudes able to do it and not starve. On top of that they've got to be able to maintain an erection for long periods of time to women they're not attracted to or get buttfucked. Since not all men are able to do this or are attractive, they will not be able to make as a whore under capitalism. Now do everyone a favor and shove your no fun bullshit up your ass on the way back to reddit.

The role of the woman would be to have kids. Gay uncles aren't having kids.
Exceptions disprove rules, you dip.

I've been a dancer and a retail worker.
One frequently involved men jamming things inside of me.

The other was extremely degrading.

I'd whore right now if I knew I could. I basically just feel too old and unattractive - ultimately I'm wrong, but I can't get over the fact that I could get $1000 just to suck a dick if I were 16. I also don't know where the fuck the good Johns are - probably going after teens and women. I know at 18 I got loads of semi-decent offers. Honestly, self-loathing is probably keeping me away from prostitution… it's kinda funny.

d-did patriarchy do this to you?

If you claiming that "shifting cultural attitudes" are responsible for making people think they're trans in the first place, then you're implicitly claiming that the TERFs are right in asserting this condition is basically iatrogenic.

I never claimed that it was good, retard. But on the other hand stigmatizing being trans is a shit solution too.

Of course you are gonna call me no fun because I dont agree with your liberal bullshit lmao

Lets pretend all ladies of the night are suburban white girls like you and can choose the good Johns instead of doing it at least 10 times per day to get a few bucks to be able to eat and shoot drugs.

Why would women pay to fuck men when they can just wait for a man to pay for dinner and fuck them?

Why would gays pay to fuck men when they can just hook up with another gay guy who wants sex?

Not that there's no demand, it's just comparatively low vs. the demand for female prostitutes.

t. first worlder
A majority of women get paid pennies for that work. The only reason it is so expensive in most western countries is because it is illegal or because they are trafficked.

Never said that you said it was good neither. Why do you think illness=stigma?
That's really a thing that needs to change more than acceptance of gays or trans

he a gay nigga, honey

I'm calling you no fun because you're triggered by muh porn and muh whores in addition to being a retarded redditor. Go back and off yourself.

So much for defending muh precious porn and prostitution

lel, that's clearly a man
And you're the one pretending all prostitutes are X (X being impoverished drug addicts and abuse victims)

You have to go back.

I hear you.

Wannabe feminists who missed the memo.

You must have some serious sexual inhibitions, ya cunt.

IDK about the ‘RF’ part but the ‘TE’ part always made sense to me as a dude.

There is definitely an element of biological sex in women’s oppression, and transwomen necessarily differ in that they were not born as women and reared as women. Therefore they do not experience those things like women.

I think it is pretty wacky that women in the biological sense are expected to defer to people that are definitionally not the same in their own movement

Also the main problems with trans people not being counted as women by these people seems to be that lesbians won’t fuck them when they don’t even pass and women who aren’t trans have the gall to imagine they have their own problems and experiences so forgive me if I don’t really care

I feel that there is a strange problem where most of the world seems to operate on gender binary / biological sex terms and gender fluidity seems to interact with reality in odd ways

Opinion discarded. You don't get to decide what is and is not degrading for women.

You'd have to be delusional to deny that socially conditioned gender roles play a large role in a person's gender identity. TERFs are wrong to claim that transgenderism is iatrogenic, but that doesn't mean that the psychiatric community doesn't play a role in determining the norms and characteristics associated with trans-ness either. Ultimately it's an issue with identity, which is a socially conditioned phenomenon.

Why would someone have to be delusional to think something other than social conditioning is in effect? Are you claiming humans are Tabula Rasa?

We are pretty close overcoming this, dude's giving birth to children and all.

The fuck is even "women"? Every kid had radically different upbringing, it's not like girls share the exact one.

Two women are not the same, you fucking borg.

That and maybe the recession. The first place to call me back ever was a gay strip club 3 years after I started applying for work.

They should be. Exploitation is the problem. A hooker who can pick and choose how much they're willing to work for is arguably in a better position than the average wagey as far as that area goes.

Lol one of my guys literally left the country to live in Thailand because of this. It's not even just legality, national economics tie into it too - those countries are exploited this way in pretty much every field.

Retail work is just as degrading for women as it is for men.

Tbh, I don't really have a problem with banning female prostitution if it's the right thing for women. More work for me ~

'Cept whoring's already illegal here, and I dunno if that's helping anything at all, really. But, still, they should legalize male whoring… at least after we dismantle capitalism.

I wonder why…
it's because it's bullshit

Clearly humans aren't Tabula Rasa, but social conditioning plays a huge role in the formation of identity, especially gender identity. Are you really claiming that trans people are biologically trans? Are you denying that social conditioning doesn't play a large role in the formation of gender identity and their experience of dysphoria?

Clearly humans aren't Tabula Rasa, but social conditioning plays a huge role in the formation of identity, especially gender identity. Are you really claiming that trans people are biologically trans? Are you denying that social conditioning plays a large role in the formation of gender identity and their experience of dysphoria?

Yeah nobody is the same, so it’s weird how these groups spontaneously arise where people seem to fit into categories based on binary criteria even though everybody is different

I agree with some of this -

One thing that bothers me about the trans-woman side of this discussion is when it'll be insisted that the root of their problems as far as treatment is hatred of women. It's more like hardline homophobia - most of the hate against trans-women has come from not seeing them as women. Like, that famous case where some Latina trans-girl got murdered by her bf after he'd been assfucking her. He was scared to all fuck that he was gay, being tricked, you know. And people are like "oh, people mistreat trans-women as a vent for their hatred of women because it's acceptable that way," naw it's mostly that they're sexually insecure and see trannies as tricky fags trying to confuse them.

Biologists are pretty intrigued by this, from what I've heard (from biologists), and it seems like the evidence is gradually pointing more and more towards this.

Wait did the trans tricked him into fucking without him knowing? It should be considerated rape. Fuck I'd do the same.

I think gender is a spook and a social fiction and that most gender theory is little more than the phrenology of our age. Most of it can't stand up to even the slightest scrutiny. I think transgenderism most occurs from some confusion in an individual when they don't align to the social mythology about their assigned gender, but attribute it to being another gender rather than recognizing that gender itself is a fiction.

Am I a TERF?

What sort of social conditioning causes a psychological reaction to endocrine modification?

This. It's all based in stereotypes. Just because you like dresses doesn't mean you need to take hormones or chop your dick off.

No. TERFs think that trans should die in a fire, because they aren't real women.

Most trans ppl in imageboards are exactly like pic related

This will never not bother me.

Obviously there's a biological factor in a person's disposition, but transgender identity is more complicated than you're giving it credit for. There's a ton of social roles associated with being a female, and trans people try to fill those roles for the most part.

Naw, you sound more like a gender nihilist tbh:

Most endocrine modifications, especially hormonal ones, result in a psychological reaction in one form or another. Also, you can't shouldn't discount the therapeutic effect of seeing yourself transition into a body that matches more closely to your ideal

I did not ask you about physiological changes, I asked about the far more immediate biochemical. Furthermore, it seems you are suggesting any of a wide range of molecules might produce a therapeutic effect, which is not the case.

You do realize that hormones have a great deal of effect on mood, right? And you do realize that most estrogens have some degree of antidepressant-like effects, right? Read this overview, dipshit.
Actually it is the case that there's a wide range of molecules with endocrinal effects that have therapeutic effect. I have no idea why you'd think this wasn't the case.

I mean, they were dating, he was fucking her, etc. Yeah, it was bad. I dunno about murder, though.

But so do cis (heh) women.
Not saying those roles specifically are fundamentally female in any way - but I think there may be more to gender role assimilation than societal pressure alone. I think you have a point - especially about trannies who really go out of their way to define their gender on liking dresses and big strong men degrading them and whatnot.

Right, so now you're claiming that "estrogen have anti-depressant effects", so dosing up trannies with bucketloads of anti-depressant drugs should resolve their condition without recourse to endocrinology. Except the medical profession tried this. Unsuccessfully.

Anyone who says "You do realise X, right?", is guaranteed to be a stuck up twat.

Antidepressants are effective in dealing with dysphoria in a majority of cases, yes. But antidepressants don't cure someone of being trans, that's absurd. I was countering your claim that the efficacy of endocrinological treatments in treating dysphoria is evidence that transgenderism is a biological phenomenon.

u mad.

Wew lmao
Absolutely. I'm not saying it's 100% social, but I think that the social aspects are 90% of what makes trans identity as traumatic as it is. I'm interested in what a healthy set of normative roles associated with trans identity would be like tbh. Like what if tumblr invented genders that had a basis in sociological research and weren't retarded?

You have not countered my claim that the dysphoria is anything other than biological in origin. You yourself have just observed that antidepressant drugs do not cure trans persons, immediately after claiming an antidepressant mechanism of action in relief of trans dysphoria.


Haha but they already did I'm a demiboy lol my pronouns are dem de doo dah

because nearly everyone deserves a bullet

Your claim was that the efficacy of HRT in treating dysphoria was evidence that trans dysphoria is biological in origin. I provided evidence that suggested an alternative explanation for it's efficacy, which completely undermines this argument. I also made an argument about the therapeutic effect of just being on HRT as therapeutic from a psychological/social standpoint. You've not addressed either of these arguments.


how about that study that showed that a drug used to treat autism (picodone) was successful in basically curing gender dysphoria in transexual ftm women

Not exactly sure how that supports the claim that trans dysphoria is biological tbh.

You proposed an incorrect alternate mechanism, as is clearly evidenced by ineffectiveness of antidepressant drugs. You are also now trying to insert the claim that simply feeding placebos to the patients would work. Would you like to just admit that you dogmatically consider everything a social construct?

Interesting. Link, please.

oh im not the original poster Im just throwing some information into this discussion like a bomb into a school bus

cant find the article but you can see theres multiple papers on the link between autism and transexuals
its like only 1/10 transexuals actually have gender dysphoria while the other 9 are just autistic
should be looking more into the wave of autism sweeping the world tbh theres something sinister afoot

But antidepressants are effective tho. Also, the efficacy of a treatment doesn't tell you anything about the biological reality. Either show how HRT is effective because trans dysphoria has a biological origin or shut the fuck up.

Not for the syndrome under discussion.
Oh, now it's "meet my arbitrary criteria". Please go and read a book about medical science and stop wasting everyone's time.

You're making a claim here. It isn't unreasonable to ask you to back it up.

LGBTs are walking billboards for Big Pharma and Christian Louboutin

Trannies want to no-platform the Vagina Monologues because it somehow promotes violence towards trannies.

Crumb is rolling in his grave right now

If you hadn't decided to behave unreasonably in our discussion, you might have a point. You decided you wanted to be deliberately disingenuous instead. I'm simply going to make my point and end the conversation.

Anyway, as anyone else who'd care to review the very easily obtained evidence for themselves will find, everything points to a biological mechanism underlying the dysphoria in trans persons before this sudden uptick in the caseload. That the uptick, which is in some areas on the scale of an order of magnitude, is coincident with political activism in this area implies that many of those seeking to access treatment are likely confused individuals rather than actual transpersons.

Crumb isn't dead, tho.

All feminists are cancer. Adding "radical" and "trans-exclusionary" just makes them worse.

TERFs are spooked shitheads.
Also, Socialist feminism > all other forms of feminism, always.

TERFs are the logical conclusion of identity politics. You'll also find lots of black rights activists who exclude women, or feminists who exclude blacks.
$$$Intersectionality$$$ can't fix this either, only class politics can

TERF is a stupid ideological slur.
Its' like calling socialists "Wealth Exclusionary Radical Leftists." So-called "TERFs" don't define themselves in opposition to trannies and don't go out of their way to make them miserable; the "trans exclusionary" stance is just a natural byproduct of a logical, gender-critical worldview. If you think gender is a spook (as you should), then what should you make of a demographic of young men who go out of their way to embrace and uphold the performance of "femininity?"

Yea, but he’s also a Porky by our standards.

All Gender Disporia is, is feelings. It’s all in your head.

A literial Porky.


look who's talking

Are hormones a performance of a social construct?

You can't feel what don't real

Is this supposed to be an argument? The fact that some men are so caught up in the spectacle of womanhood that they attempt chemical/surgical sexual reassignment as well? It's just sad evidence of the way in which gender non-conformity has been medicalized.

can't find any hits for a drug called picodone, you spell it right? I find this all intriguing, but the main thing i found when searching for autism and trans connection was a dailyfail article so it wasn't exactly informative

To the anti-trans people ITT:
In what way are trans people a problem that justifies opposing them doing what they do currently?

The sheer existence of the "nuclear family" is indeed proof that we can force people to live in a certain way and they will defend that new forced way of living to the death because they are completely unaware of their own coerced state.

If gender dysphoria is related to alienation accepting transexuality and gloryfing it will make a lot more peole go trough transition even if they could be cured in another way

Which is what?

Fuck if I know

The same cancer as feminism in general, but more radical. Radical idpolism.
Anyway with no true social potential, because it's unacceptable by most women, it remains pure ideology and propaganda tool in the hands of the bourgeoisie.

One say yes, one say no, but it's socially marginal, politically unimportant, and unrelated to our struggle.

this is the clincher, I don't think transitioning is the ultimate or 'correct' solution to gender dysphoria but you have to do what you can with what you have to reach the best possible result
This is one of the good arguments vs the current mainstream idea of (trans)gender gender criticals make - the feminine is a wild abstraction and pathologically wanting to conform with one or the other role that you have socially built in your mind is, well, pathological and results in the parody-like over-the-top femininity some MtFs do
claim to be beyond the gender binary or outside of it but only going from one side to the other as hard as they can in reality

sick idealism brah, of course you can't see any other way, you live inside the society that has no alternative

So basically you're saying "stop doing the treatment that seems to work because there's possibly a cure we don't know about but may be found before you die of either suicide or old age."

Also, this "trans-inclusionary" and "trans-exclusionary" bullshit is artrifical problem, don't you see it? It have only potential to divide people and create shitstorm in internets, discussing it has no real political meaning when most of working class people are not trans nor nonbinary or radical feminist.
Paying attention to such problems are sign of extreme idpolism (a.k.a. petty-bourgeoise mentality) and shouldn't be treated seriously.

Trans should go to their psychiatrists/surgeons/whatever they want, I don't care, they're marginal, just like radfems.

What about them suicide rates

What about them

whatabout suicide rates in capitalism in general?
if you reallycared about people you would focus on big image not only on specific and marginal example

tbh I think if transgtednerism is caused by alienation and commodification of gender, it's no reason in trying to destroy it in capitalism, but to abolish capitalism and make communist spociety, if this analysis is true they should disappear as fas as they appeared

But what happens when the exclusionary types kick up a fuss and demand to exclude the people? It's not the inclusive ones telling people they must fuck off. Your post is a perfect example of how fence-sitting liberalism really just enables the side that wants to hurt/remove people.

They're better than pre-transition rates which is an improvement. You shouldn't compare them to the average since the question is "is it better than not doing it" and not "does it completely fix all problems".

but I think radfems pretty well know that their probems with transgenders have no relation to production relations in society at all and are purely problems of superstructure, just like religious problems with dogmas differences or sects;

question "who you prefer, radfems or transgenders" hase the same sense for radical activist as "who you prefer, protestants or catholics" - if you choose sides you're lost already

We are discussing transexuality here. Obviously is a idpol trash thread.

Exclude both trannies and radfems, profit.

Transgender people did not appear with capitalism.

Anyway, the conlclusion is: as transgedners can be:
1) side-products of capitalism
2) irrevelant to capitalism
but they're obviously not reasons of capitalism, fighting transgedners is no fighting capitalism.

Trans-exclusive "radical feminism" is essentialist bullshit for cis white liberal women who are too sheltered to know what queer people (especially queer women) go through. Prime gulag material if you ask me.

It gets rearranged into a vagina, not cut off. I realize that must seem very Dr. Frankenstein to cis people, but the main reason I even want SRS is to feel better about my own body. No one is forcing you to fuck us or anything. Why don't you just fuck off?

Truscum are TERFs, no ifs ands or buts about it. Excluding AMAB people who live as women despite not taking mones and / or getting surgery from your feminism is transphobic. "Gender critical" is usually used as a euphemism for TERF, but not always. Being critical of gender or calling for its abolition is only excellent if you simultaneously ignore the real effects of patriarchy on *all* feminine people.

Tumblr tier. You are prime gulag material

ass-blasted TERF detected

TERFS get the gulag

Unarguably, given the use of """truscum""" in their polemic. That term is indicative of people insistent that mayonnaise is a gender.

This thread proves that TERFs should be shot before they sperg out about muh trannies and destroy a movement over maybe .3% of the population. Same applies to SWERFs and the rest of the would be castraters.

Most marxists are technically TERFs though (and there's nothing wrong with that as long as you respect trans struggles). Read Engels.

I have read Engles and most Marxists are shit, particularly modern ones. They'll get shot too.

So, wait. The real problem with trans ppl is that women: -1 possible bf and +1 new competitor?

Trannies hate vaginas. Genders aren't people.

Whatever way pre-christan Europe delt with them.

I agree with both of posts, just thought I'd let you know. Now I'm gonna go and do something else.

lol red capitalist

Yeah Malala is a Socialist there was a thread on it GOOGLE IT

Like I told In the other thread: She's a liberal.
Maybe a socialist deep inside, but she's doing shit about it. It's pretty clear that she prefers her liberal friends.
I googled her, now your turn: ==READ HOXHA==

Eh what do I have to read by Hoxha.
I mean the stuff you posted doesn't really indite her as a liberal.

Read this.
Wanting to reform religion especially islam top liberalism. That second quote is liberal as fuck too.





By that standard 95% of people who posted in this thread don’t have valid opinions on this subject. This is an image board, in which men make up the mass majority of posters.

TERFS are full of shit but I ain't a tranny-loving candy ass either.

This could be leftypol's motto

You are correct, Islam is not the same thing as communism.

Yeah but Marx was also kind of racist, its not like everything they ever thought is required thinking for leftists.

Hi Damon Young

Femininity is socially/culturally constructed. It is not an inborn trait.

they're literally all radlibs

fuck them

An open wound is not a vagina.

Whiny moralistic cunts.Self absorbed and boring individuals usually, like conservatives, nationalists, traditionalists they're beyond being worth the effort to listen to or even empathize with usually. Also just call them what they are, radical feminists, not because they're too extreme in feminism or anything, but because it's an ideology which is divorced entirely from Marxism and in the same realm as nationalist garbage.


autistic shitflinging

This user's caught onto the game. Haven't you noticed it's the same feminists who are terfs who are against AI waifus and sex bots.

Porn and prostitution will exist forever. Your obese cat lady dream will never be realized.


Prostitution will cease with the abolishment of capitalism. In the meantime hookers are still workers and should get support from any worker's movement, whether they be trafficking victims or "voluntarily" fucking a 50-something for $300.

Holy shit the jealousy is real tho


It's a reverse Anthony Burch.



Short term cock isn't a seller's market

Is she holding an axe or is that a bow?

As someone who has read the Quran, I can call bullsjit on this with authority.

The pic or the post?

This is interesting tho. Let's go with the asspumption that the wife was already sleeping around and her push to move to an "open relationship" was an attempt to erase her guilt feeling, to make her feel accepted again by contractualizing the whole thing. So when her husband moves on to fuck ladybois – something she obv. didn't suspect would happen – her guilt is transformed into jealousy and a sense of inadequacy (what her husband must have felt prior to the agreement).

TL;DR: traps are the straight man's weapon against the matriarchy

Only the boypussy will save us from gynocentrism.

why should we give a shit or enable labels in the first place

focus on the big picture, dont be selfish and focus on yourself

you don't matter. the only thing that matters is the end goal

Every time I've heard of an "open relationship" like this (started off as a normal relationship and then changed) what's happened is the woman asked for it and either it ended up with only the woman fucking other people, or the man starting to fuck other people and the woman absolutely losing her fucking mind. In this case she's just also a bigot.

That's not necessarily a fair assumption.
For the guy my suspicion is that he just feels like he's a one-vag man so he finds women with cocks instead. She said he was uncomfortable to begin with so maybe he still has reservations about "cheating" and thinks this is a loophole.

Or maybe he just likes ladyboys.

Also, as a sidenote you have no excuse for not knowing that women are roughly 1000% more jealous and insecure than men unless you're low-functioning autistic or something.

I mean I guess but I thought the point of psychoanalysis is to come up with a reaching explanation that involves character judgment and encouraging inter-gender conflict. :^)

What the fuck, is that flipped horizontal left-to-right Japanese? This shit is ridiculous.

why should i know, i dont read jap

I doubt you would hear about an open relationship if it wasn't a disaster. There's some bias there.

Yeah but did it start that way? I've heard of plenty of relationships that were open to start with, but there's this trend where the woman asks to open what was originally a monogamous relationship and it was a disaster. Obviously there's bias but my point is that the way it falls apart tends to be pretty specific.

I always feel bad for the dude in these stories. It's always "oh he was totally traditional and fine with being monogamous and didn't like the idea but I conviced him :)". It's probably just pure luck that the tranny lover was able to make the best of the situation.

"Open relationships" is in reality just fun for middle class, living without real problems, having excess money and looking for opportunities to develop them. It was popuar also in old aristocratic families centuries ago.

When for most world's working class people marriage is form of material guarantee, form of financial guarantee, people who are already financially free, do not need anything like that.

afaik puritanical monogamism even behind closed doors is a bourgeois institution
the nobility, clergy, peasants and the rest were rather more lax out of public sight

wait, i think he meant bullet two, as in he would fill in another bullet point but he was too lazy.

Why. it must be fun being the ultiment troll.




can't have prostitution without money. there will still be sex in exchange for favors, but you can't quantify a favor like you can money


Money and markets also existed before capitalism, if we assume communism abolishes those with capitalism why would prostitution, which relies on exchange of money, be around? People might still fuck for favors or whatever but it won't be recognizable as prostitution in it's modern and historical conceptions.

you can exchange sex for other things ya know.