Let's make a Lefty Calendar

So I was thinking about making some Alunya/Rodina pinups, and a thought occurred:

We should make our own calendar to mark important dates from the history of the Communist struggle. May Day is obviously the biggest "Communist Holiday," but I'm sure the 20th Century is fulla important dates worth celebrating (or mourning) or just making a big deal out of to annoy other sectarians :^)

And of course, if we have a calendar then we can put some dank Commie pinups in it.

So, what have we got?

January 1st - Occidental New Year
February 28 - International Working Women's Day
May 1st - May Day
Nov 19 - International Working Men's Day
Sept 28 - Founding of the First International
December 31 - Occidental New Year's Eve

Eh, kinda sparse so fair. What do you think, Holla Forums?

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Seems like a good idea. How many times have any of us been caught off guard for some important anniversary, only being made aware of it because of this place or social media?

add more symbolisme :
-Change the name of months to honor falling camrads.
-Have a Holocene calendar or the start is 0 after the revolution.

July 14th Spanish civil war and subsequent Spanish revolution starts
november 7 the storming off the winter palace

28 March - Founding of the Paris Commune
28 May - Fall of the Paris Commune
22 July - Creation of the 22 July Movement
4 Oct - Launch of Sputnik

Also, throw in the Solstices, and Equinoxes

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919: 15 May 1919 - 25 June 1919

Lefties should abandon the Julian calendar and redistribute the days of the year evenly.

We should have 13 months at 28 days each, with one day that belongs to no month (2 for a leap year). This would of course be a holiday.
All this is much easier to keep track of for everyone, and much more consistent for production schedules. The remaining question is where to put the beginning/end of a year.

Hell I'd crowdfund this shit if it's well drawn enough

4. of October: international anti-fascism day (Cable Street).

I think the calendar should have an inclusive design by showing all women with hijab and cat ears. If there is any food displayed, it should be vegan. Have the months displayed in Esperanto: januaro, februaro, marto, aprilo, majo, junio, julio, aŭgusto, septembro, oktobro, novembro, decembro. And also the days: lundo, mardo, merkredo, ĵaŭdo, vendredo, sabato, dimanĉo.

7 November: the Great October socialist revolution

There should be a date honoring the May 68 revolt, according to wikipedia the first demonstration occurred on the 3rd of May.

what day was Holla Forums founded?

August 23

Please don't do catgirls
Do something like the last OP pic

Oh ofc, 9-10 May: The Days for the defeat of fascism.

I'm afraid that I can't comply with your request. I can only promise that it won't be all catgirls.

May 8: VE Day.

Everyone ITT needs to read Debord's middle chapters in Society of the Spectacle concerning time.


Well, could you please elaborate for those of us that don't have ready access to SotS?

Designing a new calendar isn't necessarily a bad idea, but isn't that a little prescriptive?

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they still are shaped that way

janaury 15 rosa Luxembourg dies

I am disappointed by everyone in this thread.

Alright, so far we've got

Jan 1 Occidental New Year
Jan 15 Rosa Luxembourg is killed

Feb 28 International Working Women's Day

Mar 28 Founding of the Paris Commune

May 1 May Day
May 3 Beginning of the '68 Revolt
May 8-10 VE/Defeat of Fascism
May 15 Beginning of Winnipeg General Strike
May 28 Fall of the Paris Commune

June 25 End of Winnipeg General Strike

July 14 Start of the Spanish Civil War
July 22 Creation of the 22 July Movement

Sept 28 Founding of the First International

Oct 4 Launching of Sputnik/International Anti-Fascism Day

Nov 7 Storming of the Winter Palace/October Revolution
Nov 19 International Working Men's Day

Dec 31 Occidental New Year's Eve

Making a totally new calendar would be a pretty neat project.

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Just spitballing ideas. Does it not make more sense for months (or other divisions) to have even lengths? I went with 13 because the concept of months is based on the lunar cycle (moonth) and it makes for months that are divisible by the 7-day week, which is much more directly familiar to a lot of people than the varying lengths of months. This is good too.

Ten days seems long to me for a week tbh. I think I'd rather have 6 weeks of 5 days each. Also, in keeping with the 12 months and general reforming of basic systems, let me shill dozenal (the base 12 number system) for being more useful in most contexts than decimal.