It's gorbachev !

it's gorbachev !

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Why hasn't gory been assassinated yet?

There are rumors that hes dead.

Because he is fat old fart living on own personal hell.

Most hated man in russia probably. I kind of pity him. Literally the man who sold the world

Yeltsin mostly. Second is pu.
Gorby is incompetent failure, yeltsin and co are evil.

Nope, it's the other way around- Yeltsin was incompetent and Gorbachev is evil. Pretty sure there are photos/videos of him doing masonic handshakes floating around.
You know those polls about majority of (old)people being upset the USSR disbanded? They all blame judas cunt Gorbachev, he sold out for thirty pieces of silver.

forgive me comrades

He's not worth the prison time.

Lest we forget.

This. Yeltsin's incompetence allowed the billionaires to freely sodomize Russia while he drunkenly rolled on the floor like a pig.


Btw why he had to do that commercial?

It's Brezhnev!!


What is the context/source?



It's exactly what it looks like. Mikhail "haha yeah I t-totally meant to do destroy my c-country you guys" Gorbachev doing an ad for Louis Vuitton.

Thoughts on Pizza boy interview from 2011?
Thoughts on Yelstin getting btfo?
From the comments

I could understand if Gorbachev sold out his country for a classy place like Red Lobster, but Pizza Hut? Mein gott.


Gorbachev wasnt that bad on his own
His social and political ideas were ok perestroika and the openness etc
Most of the Economic policies he put in place were shit obviously and he should have clamped down on seperatism
But Yeltsin was the one who actually did the most damage to russia

Yeltsin makes Gorbs look like fucking lenin

people in the SU at that point basically knew it was doomed and people were just attempting to figure out how to dissolve it in the most peaceful way so it didnt become a giant Yugoslavia but with nukes

SU might have still made it if not for Yeltsin but the fact that Yeltsin made it in the first place speaks volumes.

Reminder that Gorbachev did more for the socialism than any other leader of the Soviet Union since Stalin by finally putting a end to the unsavable dying mess that was the Soviet Union and allowing the international left to finally move.

Yeah, nice. Where are we now?


Gorbachev is more popular outside of FSU countries than in them, I think that says enough. He's also less popular than Stalin.

At the cusp of a leftist Renaissance unfettered by the corpse of 20th century leftism. The blaze that consumed the Soviet Union has cleared the ground for a new flowering of Communist thought as new generations of young people rediscover Communist theory, freed from the Cold War dogmas that crippled it.

We're not there yet, but we're comin', bucko.

Stalin made the soviet union

People didn't want their home to go on fire

Nearly three decades too late.

He's irrelevant now.

It plunged Russia into its worst economic crisis ever and gave America unlimited power. Globalism has no brakes since then.

Which in turn is leading to an upsurge in Red nostalgia in Russia and the US squandering its hegemony in numerous, unpopular foreign wars that waste its manpower, money, and popular support, ruining it domestically and creating fertile ground for leftism and shredding its prestige abroad.

The death of the Soviet Union will be one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century and one of the best of the 21st.


It sounds good if you put it like that, but we still got a lot of cold war dogma to get over.

November 7th boys….

Except it isn't because the stiga is still attached and moder leftist are red liberals who are against the urss


Good, they should be against the urss because it was shit and became an impediment to socialism.

That's true. I can only speak definitively from my own experience, but it looks like my generation (

A bit

Have you even considered the conditions of the soviet workers and how much they worsened before saying the USSR needed to end?

I don't particularly care any more than I care about the conditions of American workers or Chinese workers or Indian workers. As long as they're working in a world dominated by capital then the relative comfort of their jail cells is meaningless to me.



You're a mong.



Socialism cannot survive attack by hostile capitalist forces unless it is defended by a strong state. Your airy fairy "socialism" will never get anywhere because it will never be allowed to develop unhindered.

Makes on think
Important question, pls vote.

Deviating from Stalinism after his death was when the problems really started.

And what has your socialism ever achieved?

The Soviet Union did not collapse, it was dissolved against the popular vote.

Zinoviev is an interesting personality. He got exiled from the USSR under Stalin because he was critical towards him - then, in, 1990, he said Stalin was the greatest man since Caesar once he saw what Gorbi and Yeltsin are doing to the USSR.

And why did revisionism gain traction in China and the USSR?
After the state repression under Stalin, the people of Russia the Soviet satellite states had had enough. The the revolt in Hungary, among other things, allowed revisionists to gain power nearly uncontested.
In China after the Cultural Revolution, the whole country was a mess. Their economy was in shambles after nearly 10 years of chaos which was started by Maoists. To many in china, especially within the party, Maoism had failed. And just like in the USSR, this allowed revisionists to gain power.
Revisionism was nothing but a reaction to the failures of Marxism-Leninism, and anyone who wants to recreate the Soviet model is nothing but a dumb larper.

Stalin made a mistake in not purging more corrupt revisionists from the party. But that doesn't mean that he was wrong overall - no country has ever surpassed the achievements of the USSR under Stalin's leadership in a similar timescale. This is indisputable. The revolts in the Warsaw Pact needed to be suppressed to protect the existence of the whole bloc - if they had succeeded, you would've got the 90s, but much earlier. And most people in the FSU want Communism back. Capitalism can only be defeated by strong socialist states, which is a fundamental fact of life you need to accept. No amount of 'if we play nice the capitalists will leave us alone surely' will change that.

Yeah, and?
I wouldn't say most. Probably within Russia but in countries like Poland and the Baltics the Soviets are still hated. And you do realise that this nostalgia for the Soviet past is just a longing for a more stable time or a time when Russia was look at as a super-power. It really doesn't have much to do with any kind of ideological loyalty to socialism or Marxism. I mean just look at pic related.
Capitalism will not be defeated by social democratic dictatorships, which is a fundamental fact of life you need to accept.
No-one is denying that force is needed to safeguard the revolution. But is killing fellow socialists, spying on your own citizens, sabotaging leftist movements around the world, banning unions, etc really "fighting against the capitalists"? Even if the everyone within the Soviet Union truly did believe in the socialist project and everything that the central government did was to further the cause of socialism, it still all went to hell in the end. why the fuck should we still be so obsessed with outdated 20th century socialism? Its time to move the fuck on.

Why would you even need to ask this?
Of course. But this was achieved by Communism!
Yes, because the collapse would've come sooner if not for those things (although the spying I'm not hot on). It was Stalin's failure to purge the party completely of revisionists that led to the eventual dissolution.
I do actually agree here (I don't think anyone wants to ape Stalin completely) but that doesn't change the fact that Stalin set a good example. Your fanciful ideas will get Communism nowhere. I've yet to hear from you how you would advance Communism, because you can't offer any way. Leftist anti-Soviets are foolish and too quick to cheer the death of the USSR. Capitalism has only furthered its advance. Communism is still tainted by Cold War propaganda, only this time without a powerful superpower defending Communist ideals from attack. The death of the USSR was a tragedy and so-called leftists like yourself who cheer its death have nothing to offer instead beyond cucking as succdems.