Which "leftist" groups have you been banned from and why?

like Facebook groups, subreddits etc…
How many have you been banned from?

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I come here even though I haven't really been banned anywhere

Not banned but I got on bad terms with pretty much everyone in my local branch of Socialist Alliance (in Australia), so I just stopped being active and let my dues lapse. Not hard when most members haven't read Marx and are just left liberals or Trots. Australia needs a hardcore commie org tbh.

Banned from 6 leftbook groups and I'm persona non grata on one subreddit. Don't spend much time on Reddit though.

None of them will even let me in


None, I was lucky enough to find this place and develop an aversion to them.

Literally the only place I've been banned from multiple times is Holla Forums

Banned from /r/socialism because I pointed out that a photo which glorified Stalin was actually photoshopped.

I'm not retarded enough to get in with any of them.

r/socialism isn't even that Marxist-Leninist. In fact, it really isn't. Stop seeing a tankie conspiracy everywhere you get banned at

r/communism is though.

90% of "left" social media groups are tankie
99% of them are SJW

You're not a real tankie until you've been banned from Holla Forums.

What does that mean? I want to run over SJWs with tanks.

Got banned from /r/FULLCOMMUNISM for telling a mod he was wrong on the whole cat girl draw girl thing.

All reddit mods of left-wing subreddits are liberals.

I haven't participated in any leftbook groups and I haven't used reddit in my life so I so I have only been banned here. I'm just not a normalfag so I don't really use normalfag sites in the first place

Fell out of favour with some leftist circles in my euro country because liberal crap made me go through Holla Forums phase and write several alt-right articles. I've tried to reach out again, for example with antifa anarchists, but they are still triggered and won't take it.

Currently the uncharted territory where I could make potentially make comeback is green party (some leading members there have expressed interest in opinions in social media) but I am not actually into environmentalism, I just like their vibe of "burned-out disgruntled intellectuals mad at mainstream politics". Ironically, they have less of an SJW vibe than our socdems. But that's about it, they still love to larp just as much as anarchists.

btw even Holla Forums would hate my guts if you could see my entire post history, thank god this place is anonymous

The Socialist Server on Discord. Pretty much everyone there was a closest liberal "please respect my pronouns or get banned "


OP here. Spent many years in the Green Party. Unless you live in a small town, you aren't going to get much accomplished. Although there are some pretty cool people you might meet, same with SAlt, those people are AWESOME.

Greens are more brooding than SAlters. And you're going to put yourself into the New Agey environmentalist circles, so if you aren't into environmentalism, it's gonna be kinda boring. There's a lot in a name, and really the main thing Greens are concerned about is the environment (I'm talking Greens on the ground, Greens on the net are entirely different)

Got kicked out of Jill Stein's dank meme stash for bad mouthing SJWs. I don't post that much on comrade Lenin dank meme stash anymore, too many illiterate people and i fear anti rojava fags banning me for not falling for their conspiracies.

Slavoj Žižek Dank Meme & Discussion Stash is best group on facebook.

I know you meant to reply to my post instead. Thanks to this summary. "cool people" argument might be the only one needed to convince a brainlet like me since I am too disillusionized to join a communist org, but feeling too edgy to sell myself out to some SJW liberal circles.

Oh I modded JSDMS for a few years. The other mods kicked me out

There was so much mod turnaround on JSDMS. First a few Greens from texas started it, then somehow a buncha tankies got in as mods, then the tankies got booted by the admin and they started another group in protest, then some veteran greens joined in as mods

So many people got banned from JSDMS of all diffferent political backgrounds because of the differing views of all the mods

I like the SAlt people more than the Greens. And the Greens more than the prog Dems. Also get used to not ever being around anyone your age.

Same. Holla Forums talks a good game about freedom of speech but literally the only left-wing online group/forum I’ve been banned from is Holla Forums.

I was banned from Holla Forums for excessive gorilla posting.

Sorry but I don't quite catch what is this a short for?

Good. Many 20-somethings are insufferable. I would unironically prefer talking politics with middle age and older than with people my "look at how virtuous I am in saying we should give alt-right fascists a platform" age

I've said so much shit on this board that would have got me banned 100x over on ANY OTHER LEFTY BOARD

if it weren't for leftypol I"d probably be a raging fascist


yea they were

Socialist Alternative

You must not be from the midwest, talking with anybody over the age of 35 about politics is insufferable, and unfortunately it's spreading to the 20-somethings and edgy teens here too, who have been picking up right wing bullshit like a sponge.

You are more likely to find deplatforming opinions among millenials. I read some study that said millenials favor banning offensive speech like an order of magnitude more than boomers.

Probably has something to do with the LGBT politics that dominated the Obama years and the safe spaces mentality that promoted

I've been banned from r/socialism, r/latestagecapitalism, and r/badphilosophy (pretty much leftist). I never visited any others and I was only banned from r/socialism because I was banned from r/latetstagecapitalism, I never even posted or lurked there.

Wew, maybe if you’re an autismo that doesn’t know how to follow rules or take social cues.

Holla Forums is literally ‘haha there’s no rules xD’ tier and that gives the moderators the power to do whatever the fuck they want. Just like our Profit predicted.

Virtue politics is stupid a fuckin' shitshow.
that has no bearing on any discussion at all

ad infinitum

We need to stop this. I want to stop this, how do we stop this, please

I was banned from Holla Forums for posting incel dogfucking copypasta.

Not lefty, but currently banned Holla Forums (I'm assuming) for posting femdom testicle skewering copypasta, /n/ for criticizing Goldwater writers and /christian/ for finding the face of Jesus in my vomit. Plus a lifetime 4chan ban for posting a loli dump on Holla Forums.

Burned through a few Reddit accounts too. (Brigading, dox.)

You might have too much time on your hands, dude.

Deplatformers say they are virtuous too. Why are trying to say only one side moralizes? And why is moralizing bad:?

That post would be banned from pretty much any lefty board.

Also I know the rules, I just like pressing buttons.

how is that liberal that's just courtesy

mods are NOT on a power trip here. You have no idea how often people are banned for "incorrect thoughts" on other boards. And plus the mods know the people on here are overzealous enough to IP change, so their bans are basically meaningless anyway.

I didn't just imply one side did it

and I hate virtue (signaling) politics, because then that's what the discussion becomes about, how moralizing is bad, and how the other side does it.

Also moralizing

Nobody is conviced by an attack on their morals (most of the time), especially someone on the right, who already thinks their better at moral intrinsically

Specifically you were banned for posting it twice in the same week. Sorry about that, but it was pretty disruptive.

Try using caps less

You're kidding right?


I've never been a part of a leftist group. Should I be? I just sit at home hoping one of these jobs calls me in for an interview.

is that a challenge?

Holla Forums is the only one. Got banned by BO personally in a thread purge and there were some smaller bans before that for shitposting. I would 100% be banned on all the reddit boards including the ostensibly good ones like Chapo but I would never post there in the first place.

ah, the 'ol Stalin joke

The Chapo subreddit fucking sucks. Everything Chapo sucks.

By and large they're more trouble than they're worth, but you can meet some cool fbi agents people in them from time to time.

IRL groups sure. But online groups that aren't leftypol are pretty shite. Almost any idea I want bounced off on I can get here, but will often get banned on the drop of a hat elsewhere.

Good mods,good discussions and not that much right wing autism.Whats not to like.

I got banned too and I'm an anarchist

Same here, but TBF while I'm outraged at what BO abuse happens here, I think that's because I feel safe saying things that like said would get me banned into oblivion 1000X anywhere else (and even if it didn't, Twitter lynch mobs would possibly get me and those close to me in serious shit). The only reason I've never been banned (though occasionally I've gotten posts deleted) on other venues is because I put up a carefully manicured charade that hides any trace of a remotely politically objectionable opinion.

lmao amazing

Lol what did you do to piss them off?

I agree about the mods cause I am one :^) but the discussion has really been going down the drain ever since the group passed 5k members


What letter does your last name start with?


I'd say you're less likely to get banned than other places but when you do get banned here it's for some really obscure (probably bullshit) reason. sometimes I'll say something considered extremely mildly reactionary and get banned, meanwhile tankies get away with calling homosexuality bourgeois.

there's been some banhappy mods recently

oh shit

there's no one with a g in there

My only ban here was for falseflagging as a nazbol before nazbol gang was a thing. Otherwise I get away with shit I wouldn't on other places, like saying faggot or telling a guy to kys so his daughter doesn't grow up with a shit dad. Holla Forums mods are banhappy faggots, but they're a cut above mods for other sites or boards.

I was banned from r/latestagecapitalism and r/socialism for participating in the_donald. The night of the election I was rooting not so much for Trump to win but for Hillary to lose, so I got caught up in the_donald. They have an automated system to determine if you've made comments in subreddits they don't like.

I posted a couple of times on some meme subs and KiA and now I can't post in most SRS or /r/socialism related subs, which I have never even been to before.

I got banned from r/soc, LSC, and FC for telling the schizophrenic mod of FC VoteAnimal2012 to fuck off, who had a cult of obedient mods on the other subs that immediately banned me.
Don't get involved with reddit, leave the site right now and delete your account, it will make you feel much better as a person


I AM a raging fascist, and still come here only because it's the odd lefty board that is not 100% pozzed with SJW cult shit and where discussion with opposing viewpoints is still mostly allowed.

r/anarchism at least fifty times; I was such a prolific nuisance the mod clique complained to the admins about me

I got banned from here once for talking shit about tankies

Literally everyone around my age interested in politics are insufferable liberal identarians. Some of them being the worst kinds of narcissists that torpedo organizing when they aren't allowed the opportunity to virtue signal. I honestly thought my alienation from my own insufferable generation would abate as I got older (just turned 30), but here I am with my greatest comrades who actually know what the fuck I'm talking about when I speak are all at least twice my age.

Got banned for claiming historical links between Marxism and the free market

You can get away with quite a lot brah. I use my common but real name on YouTube posting antisemitic screeds (sober evaluations of fact, actually, but they could be misinterpreted that way), and I've suffered no consequences. Then again, it wouldn't be the end if I got outed, since my family and closest friends basically know my views. Fam were a little triggered at first, but I'm good at holding ground and knowing how far to push.

I'm honestly somewhat surprised that I've never been banned from Holla Forums. I've been posting here since right around when it was founded, and I sometimes post some inflammatory stuff. I've seen some pretty stupid bans around here before and I particularly dislike when a ban wipes out a conversation going on 50+ posts so that a thread is suddenly impossible to follow. But somehow it's never happened to me.

Indeed. And these leftist fellows do make good points, even if you have to wade around the flailing. It's not as high a rate of return as pol once was, but there's some gold and it's interesting to learn the history of communism.

This user is my hero.

that guy is not me

you're a retard

I'm in this same situation. I'm honestly surprised I never got banned for advocating suicide to others here.

I got banned from /r/anarchism when I was like 12 for unknowingly being transphobic and having flirtations with ancap. I also subsequently got banned from /r/metanarchism for protesting that ban.

I've been banned from Holla Forums many times for many reasons.

Only leftypol, for "fascist posting"

It's true mate.
As Spengler rightly identified, Marxism is a fundamentally Western ideology. It was the back door of Western industry, technology and ultimately Western markets entering the East (and the rest of the world). Jews were/are a Western ethnic group/business class. Marxism shredded feudal relations and replaced them, after a time, with market relations and an industrial economy.
Marxists also teamed up with wealthy businesspeople and their states against Germany when it came to the crunch. The "fascists and the capitalists" to use the common parlance, didn't ally against the USSR. Now Marxist professors fill the academy of the "capitalist West" (think that the word capitalism is very vague, but u no what I mean), antifa attacks anti war rallies without staging their own, they support the same open border policies of the rich.


Leftypol, for being a "copcuk"

/r/socialism for daring to question third-wave feminism

Holla Forums discord servers because shit mods and drama.

Yeah, I was kinda banned from some unrelated subreddit just because one mod noticed that I once posted on /r/MGTOW

sounds like you deserved it

Easily verifiable with knowledge you already have: the reply

non-argument: the novelization of the motion picture

Capitalism did that before marx was born, retard.

Head in the sand: the reply

Lefties and dishonesty. Formulating an honest leftism might be nice.

Sure senpai


holy shit, who would've thought
google "historical materialism" you fucking cretin

Better to be banned than have known snitches taking note of things you say. Laurelei (Bailey) was a mod there for a while and might be still, and some guy who tried to get the Greek police to arrest leftists he didn't agree with is a mod there still now as far as I know. Of course, to their clique, "the brocialists" are a far bigger problem than literal police informants, which really shows how crap that subreddit is.

Never posted on any other leftist forum than here since I'd get permabanned within a week. Got banned like three times here (all overturned) for supporting YPG during BO's little meltdown

Got banned from pretty much all Lefty Telegram Groups. @ThePRoT is their entry channel for those interested. Heavily infested with unironic trannies that take any form of criticism personally. People actually started to form alternative chats with "Free Speech". I honestly believe that PRoT has more banned people thatn actual people participating.

I got banned just for saying "shitskin". Server is literally /r/socialism.

That's a pretty well deserved ban to be honest

lmfao I never got banned from there but I remember it being a shit show. Is there still that furry, she was called herself KIra, pretending to be in the Ukraine?

You can't be serious.

Kira is still on telegram (Its a tranny btw). Ironically he was banned by @ThePRoT over some fed himself. Started his own Left chat- and channelgroup which is pretty big now. I guess this shit will always happen with leftists. Split after Split.

I got banned from slavoj zizek dank meme and discussion stash one time for saying retard.

The my favorite leftbook group is a spectre is haunting facebook

Banned from here a few times because feminists can't handle facts.

They don't have just one Holla Forums discord. We have so many now do to shit mods and drama.

i got b& from /r/socialism for calling g.w bush a retarded nigger. that was 2 years ago and i havent visited the place since & i do not plan to

Jej of course

Was this the same Stein group that kept getting raided by Stalinists?


Who is this pube cube?

Well deserved. But hey, I still have the original of that background on my computer, God damn. I hope you're well wherever you are now, Infrateal. It was a honor posting with you.

I'm the lfest

I've had my posts deleted here a dozen times but my bans never exceed a week, I guess the mods are looking out for me.