Why do SJWs try to divide and conquer everything?


Why do SJWs try to divide and conquer everything?

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Jesus fuck

I found the progressive final boss. Black transwomen are the sanctified martyrs of progressive liberalism

because intersectionality

This has got to be satire.

shamefur dispray


Nigga what the fuck did I just read? This is the definition of idpol

Wait is this a real article? I could have sworn that Nick Mullen wrote a parody article like this before

Yeah because it's mostly women who deal with "driving while black" and prison sentences.

Every single identity is reduced to some abstract measure of oppression, and the more oppressive identities they can rack up the more they are allowed to lord it over other people. This is the same logic that turned the "straight white men" boogeyman into just the "white men" boogeyman - they think gays aren't oppressed enough any more and started kicking them out of LGBT groups (despite the entire LGBT movement originating with fighting for gay men).

I am going to have to second
's sentiment.

Excuse ME you sinner. Didn't you know that us black MUSLIM trans black women have it harder than anybody else.

You're practically white!

You guys give this BuzzFeed outrage culture too much credit.

It isn't some malignant tool of capitalists to drive the working class to ruin. It's just stupid overzealous hipsters being stupid and overzealous.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. All goes according to plan.

Why, it isn’t in your self interest?

How can you be on Holla Forums and not even know how your side operates?

It's been a while but I remember that wiki section being a pretty good BTFO of the cultural marxism conspiracy. Rightists will literally believe fucking anything lmao.

I'm not the one calling black guys white. It's all about divide and conquer.

Because this stuff is being force-fed down normalfags' throats on NSABook, turning conservatives into resentful aut-rightists and liberals into screeching SJWs.

Identitarian conflict makes class struggle more difficult. Obvious ruling class solution - create so many identities that it becomes impossible.

Welcome to leftypol, we are not liberals, read the FAQ. Educate yourself on Identity politics and why we oppose it.

Why are you linking right-wing conspiracy theories?

Hey wasn't it a thing that the FBI was secretly supporting anti-men feminists and anti-black men feminists back in the 70s? This stuff in the op isn't even new tbh.


Reminder that "I hate men" is inclusive of "I hate black men" but you can get away with saying the former while being a liberal.

As a crippled fat black muslim mentally challenged blind trans dyke I'm going to need you to stop flaunting your fucking muh privilege before I get triggered again.

I don't think user even read that Wiki link. Reading that entire section, it becomes pretty clear that the Frankfurt School and cultural critique had nothing to do with hair-splitting idpol and the term "cultural Marxism" was popularized by far-right guys in the '90s as a bogeyman with no actual connection to those writings.


whale.to is literal Holla Forums tier cancer, better source?

Thanks for confirming what I already told the retard fampaitachi.



Is that the blak book of kultural marckism? I'm only at the 8th chapther "what if the white baby girl consents tho", don't spoil it. Frankfurt skool adornoh was seriously the best after Gramhscki



White Nationalism…
Third-wave feminists…

does this mean straight Black men can't use the N-Word?

But who is the Dark Souls of black people?