Woman Who Exposed Panama Papers Dies In Malta Car Bomb Attack

Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who led “Panama Papers” investigation was killed today by a car bombing in Malta.

Really makes you think.



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How common are car bombings there?

Holy shit. :(

nothing to see here my fellow leftists

Dude. Lol.
Malta is small island under italy. I wouldn't be suprised if they have less than 5 murders a year.

Found your problem.



probably FSB

Which FSB are you referring to?

How naive do you have to be?

How do you prepare for a car bomb, asking for a friend

So you are criticizing a journalist for not being prepared to die enough

successor to KGB

Why would they want her dead? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm curious

How the fuck are we going to overthrow the system at this point comrades?
I really want a revolution to happen but it just seems impossible. Every anti-state actor or revolutionary will be killed if they even get the basic power/influence of even combating the system and the narrative of the spectacle. We can't have a revolution now built on failed 20th century socialism and tactics. The military-industrial complex and the mass surveillance state are ever so prevalent. This is even worse than what Orwell imagined. Not only does the state is omnipotent, it is also constantly knowing 24/7, 365 days a year. Which means it can that knowledge for capital to reinforce state violence continuously. We just seem stuck in an endless cycle, like purgatory. I fear that late-stage capitalism may be much younger than I previously expected. Sorry anons, every time I see something like this it just hits me on a deeper level because this fucked system just won't change by itself and even if a revolution did somehow get kicked off it would probably go down in history as another failed revolt that future insurgents will just use as influence. I still want to hope for a better tomorrow and revolution but I must also be realistic of the material world that we're apart of.

So she doesn't expose similar info and as a warning to others who want to do the same?

This is disheartening but you need to chill

nothing to see here, it was just a spark in her gas tank.
it was an accident. move along prol

Sorry it just doesn't seem like anything is getting better only worse. I still have hope but my anxiety about the future has not been positive lately.
My b if feels>reals but I feel that I have a point in my anxious, autistic rant(s)

What I'm saying is apparently she had been threatene over the phone a few weeks ago yet doesn't seem to have done anything but tell the police. If you're an investigative journalist that focuses on the subjects she did you have to take more precautions.

I wouldn't trust the police either

It seems unlikely, Western pols and businesses were just as badly exposed, although she and ICIJ did everything they could to run damage control for them.

this, she had no shortage of enemies who would both want her dead and have assassination in their repertoire

the better the system functions the more quickly it breaks down. their success is what will kill them.

read marx

I know what you mean but you word it very bad.

The more martyrs we have the better. This is basic human relations and shouldnt be hard to grasp.

Yeah, nobody but leftists care about this, nobody but leftists really care about anything, the only thing thats going to agitate people is the End of the World.
People are too complacent and existing power structures are perfectly fine with that and encourage it.
Martyrs aren't going to do a damn thing except get some left leaning liberals and actual leftists something to murmur about until the next bad thing happens two minutes later, if they have time between their own shit they have to deal with.


panama papers implicated several Russian oligarchs

Try 5 car bombs a year.
Saw some local talking about it on twitter, not sure how good this article is though.

Check your car every day. Buy a dog.

how do you train a dog to start a car?

Have a bodyguard who checks those kinds of things daily I assume.

Positive reinforcement.

As much as I'd like to blame this on politicians or bankers, it was obviously the butthurt mafia.

Didn't she expose that some MEPs from Malta were taking massive sums of money from the oligarchies in Azerbaijan to curry their favor at the EC?

Just goes to show how porkies value their PR

Just a coincidence.

This won't reach mainstream news. Democrats and Republicans will never hear about it.

This is probably right.
Kills by the political elite are typically a bit more subtle.