Why does no one care about this guy nowadays...

Why does no one care about this guy nowadays? He was popular and influential enough to be the anarchist theorist opposed to Marx, but it seems almost no one reads or references him today. Even anarchists like Malatesta are more read than him. I guess the question further extends to Collectivism and why it's a deader ideology than Mutualism.

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Ancom largely replaced Ancol and Bakunin's work isn't as memeable or complete as Kroptokin's.

Because it turns out that Jews aren't evil statist goblins after all.

Idk, bakunin is pretty known in anarcho-punk circles, mainly because of his anti-religious edgy bullcrap tho

Because he's gay and stupid and wrong.

He was known more as an active doer than a theorist and his writing isn't the best. Still had generally the right idea about things, just was moving around to much to sit down and give an in depth analysis,although the stuff he does say is mostly spot on bar labour vouchers, which I don;t think will be applicable, I think you can go straight from money to distribution and there isn't much need for an intermediary currency change

and don't get me wrong, his writing is annoying to read because its verbose, but also it contains many highly quotable one liners, "The Passion for destruction is also a creative passion etc"

I'm reading him! He's great and I would recommend reading him, just keep in mind that he barely finished any books so most of what you will find was mashed together from drafts and articles. Not to mention most of it is still not translated into English. I was told he is more popular among the French and Brazilians. The Bakunin Library is working on translations so hopefully we can rediscover the full depth of his thought soon.

Because that asshole Marx and his ilk tried to burry him.

Dropping some Bakunin PDFs in case anyone is curious about the stuff he wrote because why not I guess. Don't have that many though, only these four.

What is Authority is included in God and the State.

There's more here:

Reading God and the State rn. I'm quite surprised too, I even had an anarchist friend explicitly tell me that I shouldn't waste my time reading him. Don't know what the fuck he was talking about, the book is fucking great.


When I spent time with anarcho-punk larpers few years ago, they only ever namedropped or quoted Bookchin, Bakunin, Goldman and Kroptokin and barely anyone else.

There was also an Anarcho-punk band that became rising in 80's and struck as one of the most popular rock bands in the 90's in my euro country (caused lots of normie interest in anarchism and punk even up to today when I still see teen girls smoking cigs instead of vaping and wearing leather jackets) this band has two entire unironical songs dedicated to political figures, one dedicated to Stirner, another dedicated to Bakunin. Rest is either songs about being ironically leftist or about romanticizing punk-rock lifestylism.

Pretty funny Marx lecturing Bakunin about dialectics.

is it vennaskond?

what do you like about it?

I think that's just how people wrote back then

Yes, thanks for remembering!

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because Stirner is the most popular anarchist now and rightly so.