Why arent you using AdNauseum yet you fuckers

Why arent you using AdNauseum yet you fuckers



I already am comrade

I am using adnauseam even on my work computer, stop bullying me OP.

I am paranoid about it.

but I am

Do I have to disable uBlock Origin? Is there conflict?


uBlock Origin is integrated into one package with AdNauseam, they work symbiotically. This does mean that your standard uBlock becomes redundant.

uBlock Origin is built into it.

Good shit, thx

installed! thanks!

I don't want to be a financial terrorist :^)

Fucking brilliant. Installing.

Because technically it still allows advertisers to track me. When I'm breaking multiple laws online every day, I'd rather not be tracked.

looking into it

what laws are you breaking, exactly?
t. Not FBI

It said it might conflict with ublocker so I uninstalled ublocker. Is it as good an ad blocker?

They say it's "negligibly" worse than your standard adblocker.

Using it already op.

I already block scripts because I am not a brainlet who needs a botnet to """block""" ads for me. Also I critically support google in its bid to trigger Holla Forumstard virgins.

tfw you've cucked corps out of $2000 since sunday

it doesnt work as well as others. And it constantly needs to be restarted.