Soyboys of the alt-right

Post em

Don't use terms coined by Baked Alaska, thanks

Sorry bud

Most of us are "soyboy" nerds anyway (unless your intention for collecting all these Das Kapital volumes is to try and lift them), what a useless term to shame alt-righters. What happened to just calling them basement-dwelling NEET's?

the fuck is a soyboy

dont answer i dont want to know

making up new terms for everything makes you a faggot

kill yourself

Pftt weak

Soy has oestrogen in it, Soyboys are basically effeminate boys

Speak for yourself, DYEL.

What is this, #swoleleft gathering?




never let Holla Forumsflake run an entire 1st world country

If you workout for five hours a week and eat ok you can be decently fit, everyone here should aim to become swoletariat.

You can call effeminate men "soyboys" if you want to, I don't care. It's just not actually true that soy products or other foods containing phytoestrogens make men more feminine. Just wanted to throw that in, in case anyone here actually believed that.

shut it soyboy

I don't know m8 I tried going to gym for half a year once and it made barely any difference to my skinnyfat status. I could try again but with calisthenics next time. The diet part would be more of a struggle, since I actually eat cooked dinners at a cafe every day during lunch break at work but that's about as far as it comes to regular diet.

just cheat and do roids for a bit, better a junkie than a soyboy

I could end up dead like Zyzz, besides that I don't even know where to get roids.

btw what kind of music gets you pumped up for gym the most?

UK house/edm tracks that people on the sesh put up on soundcloud with photos of them totally minced


I listen to Dead Pundits Society while I work out

speak for yourself, some of us work manual labour jobs

Zyzz died because of massive amounts of coke and a congenital heart defect, not roids.

thanks for the recs

not to belittle you, but don't you feel like in a wrong company amongst us?


There's a problem with the left here and it isn't him

soyboys fighting is literally just taking a flurry of wasp-like fists (which usually do damage to the skin as soyboys often have incredibly bony hands which cut) and then knocking them flat with one or two haymakers

Not that it's nice tho, if they aren't salty about the whole thing I'm liable to give them a hug because I feel so bad about it

End yourself

That video
Holy shit it’s the right-wing burger version of Muke.

you're not wrong but 'my job is harder than yours' snobbery needs to end too

It's your diet nigga, look up the calories and macros on that shit you're eating for lunch. You're skinnyfat so do starting strength then cut. 1 hour 5 days a week should be plenty paired with a good diet.

Most of us are wage laborers or college students or both, the bookworm who doesn't work is a minority around here.

A guy who posts pictures of themselves on >>>/cuteboys/

Fuck hashtags. We /liftypol/ nigga.

It's a far right meme that certain reactionary retards all over the internet are co-opting.




give me a rundown on him









What's all the hysteria around soy?

Because it has a lot of phytoestrogens in it which is supposed to make you girly or something?

Pinto beans also have significant amounts of phytoestrogens in them. As you can see, these pintoboys in pics related are almost indistinguishable from women :^)

Americans males are fat and feminine because they eat too much hormone filled dairy (which is in everything courtesy of the federal government's farm subsidies.) The soy meme is just a meme.

Plant estrogen is not the same thing as animal estrogen, you absolute mong.

does it really works like this?
all that estrogen gets into your bloodstream and your organism has no feedback mechanism to adjust its estrogen production levels?

It also makes women into hulking dykes which is why processed foods with "extra protein" are marketed mainly to childless women.

I fucking wish

I wasn't saying that, I was saying I can't really be a soyboy because I'm actually in shape because of my job