Is Transnistria supposed to be communist?

Is Transnistria supposed to be communist?

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Trasnistria is a strange fucking place. I'd like to visit it one day.

If you are a braindead tankie, yes.

They wrote a story once in the news where some reporter in my country (baltics) went to Transnistria once. They had a border check literally in a school sports hall, and said reporter couldn't get in with an EU passport. He then decided to troll them and show his old Soviet passport to them. Transnistria border guards responded by standing up, cheerfully patting him on the back and roaring "you're welcome to stay, brother from our former union".

Also watched a documentary made in baltics about another trip to Transnistria. It's a weird-ass country indeed. 30% of their state budget is covered by Russian government, they are mostly agricultural and some local dictators continue to rule them. Basically, it's North Korea minus nukes plus slav stereotypes

I want to be there.

I dunno, looks like a third world country tbh

Maoists could get behind the Transnistria meme, just look at it and tell me they would rather turn to fascism than socialism in a capitalist crisis

Nod really. Their national ideology is based more on Orthodoxy.
t. been there, looks like Moldova, ie. shit and poor

Moldova's 2nd biggest party are the "communists" ( nod really again, they're CPRF - tier ) but in Transnistria their local "communists" have only one seat in the parliament. Transn. is basically a mafia

Basically a mafia state where everything is owned by one oligarch and his Sheriff company.

I'd like to know more about it, information on it seems to be rather scarce but from what I gather it's supported by Putin…

Why do people say that it is communist or that tankies should like it?
It's ruling party is right wing nationalists

Great post!

What the fuck, why are they so huge on Soviet nostalgia then

Because the USSR was right-wing, too?

Probably because it gives them a great buffer culture towards the liberal democracies encroaching on them. There's "Us" and "Them", rally around the flag, even if the flag is a commie rag.

Because it has a hammer and sickle on the flag obviously

Because it's the only identity they have, in a country that already doesn't have much of a national identity. Basically today's Transnistria is a part of Ukraine with a Moldovan minority that became an autonomous SSR in the 20s, and joined the Moldavian SSR in 1940 when Bassarabia was annexed by the USSR, Also it's the same in Russia, they have Lenin statues, red flags on official parades etc. but you wouldn't call the Russian government pro-communist. Their whole purpose is not being Moldova, and the rallying point of the entire "nation" is Russian language first and foremost, Slavic identity for the majority and as of recently "Russian values" etc. In reality the people there are not different at all from the rest of Moldova ( which is the most Soviet-nostalgic country after Belarus and even more nostalgic than Russia itself ).

Also Moldova was one of the best and one of the most "sought after" for immigrants SSR's in the old USSR, nowadays it's literally the poorest country in Europe and probably the entire ex-Soviet block, a literal shithole with Africa-tier GDP per capital. They unironically lived better during the Soviet times.


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I'm pretty sure that Transnistria has been begging to become part of Russia for decades, but Russia just keeps cucking them because it would create bad press to annex them.

It's not an uncommon thing for Russian oriented slav nationalists to be extremely pro USSR, provided they are not on the side that fantasizes about Nazism or cries about the dead Czars. One of the Russian ""communist"" parties wants to have a state oriented mixed economy, ban foreign companies, expel jews, and 'reclaim' lost Soviet land, for example. I also know a few people from Russia who would fit very squarely into the far right (they believe non-Russians living in slavic areas should be turned back into serfs and slaves, even some other slavs), but refuse to associate with it because of Nazism, and instead say they would welcome a return of the USSR, as long as it took back what was historically in it and didn't step on the Orthodox church.

It's a makeshift puppet buffer State, like those two republics in Eastern Ukraine. They have some Soviet window dressing. That imagery is basically just a different flavor of nationalism, but frankly, I think it's more of a tactic of plausible deniability, so Moscow can claim they have nothing to do with them.


The communist party only holds a single seat in their parliament and Transnistria literally started as a Russian separatist project.
If you have a 12 year old's interpretation of communism then you would love Transnistria.