So it looks like there's a 50/50 chance the UK could crash off the cliff edge and do the hardest of hard brexits...

So it looks like there's a 50/50 chance the UK could crash off the cliff edge and do the hardest of hard brexits. The consequences are pretty staggering, all the ports and airports would shut, movement of drugs and radioactive materials for Xrays would be restricted, millions could lose their jobs within months, shortages of food in shops, fresh foods would stop coming in, a physical border would have to be constructed in Ireland, etc etc
It could take a decade to fully sort out and would almost certainly cause a deep and prolonged depression. And it could possibly happen by this christmas.
There's a fair chance it could get violent quickly, and the awful British press will blame the EU for the UK's fuck up. There's a chance extremism will rise over the next decade, and it could be from the left or right. How can we work this to our advantage? Bear in mind the police has been gutted by the Tory govt's austerity, and would almost certainly not be able to handle prolonged civil unrest and the army is full of actual neo-nazis. How does this pan out and can the entire Tory cabinet avoid getting beheaded? (hopefully not)

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idk, 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧man,🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 but I'll pop some corn for sure

Is this fr? That's honestly a damn shame. Something Anglos have historically been good for is intense social shaming of fascist military officers. Even slight sympathy with Hitler was a career ender in the interwar period. I'm not memeing here, this is pretty sad if true.

Wrong. Read Orwell. Catholics, many nobles, petit-bourgs and reactionary newspapers like the Daily Heil supported Hitler.

Just started a leftist organization but you have to make it very explicit that that socialism is for the working class and no one else, liberal ideas about race or gender must be surpressed before they rot the movement.

He said in the army (no idea if that's true or not)

There's a HUGE number of fash/wn in the army. Probably half the army.


When shit hits the fan, will /ourguy/ be a Bolshevik or a Menshevik?

Young Labour brands Donald Trump a 'fascist' and calls for NATO withdrawal

I support Brexit, even an extremely hard Brexit, purely for its capacity to incapacitate the british state to some extent for a while and throw a spanner in europe

Weirdly enough it's hard to campaign with that premise when you're actually in the UK

He will be one of those mensheviks that joined the bolsheviks after they worked with the whites. And regardless, Corbyn is a front: true power lies with John "One million man revolution" McDonnell.

Do you guys think undercover as a SucDem

When he says shit like in I become more and more convinced that he knows how to conceal his real beliefs, I get that feeling. Could be wrong though

holy shit that was retarded (I'm not a native speaker). but you guys get it anyway

I'm in the UK myself, Scotland. We are down the pan anyway as it stands. The clock is ticking or has already tocked on the environment, I'm done with all the pussyfooting, it all needs to go

Fair enough but the dynamics are that we end up with fascism. History kinda suggests it too. People will want a strongman daddy and I'm not sure Corbyn is cut out for that. Looks like it's time to buy guns.

nice joke lol

I don't understand his power level at all. Some times he's like winking and nudging and other times he's pulling out his little red book in public like a local teen LARPer

I'm literally saving to buy a hunting crossbow, best weaponary we can get here I reckon, legally anyway, been mulling over 3d printing a gun and burying it in the hills somewhere


Seriously though, Corbyn is a genuine Demsoc; but the real marxist in his cadre is McDonnell.

Also the prison system is collapsing already imagine what happens if there's a super hard brexit

damn right

Guys I'm worried, if Jezza becomes Prime Minister would the fascists try to repeat what happened in Chile?


good man. i think i'll go down the crossbow route too.

yeah the generals oppose corbyn

Eh there are a lot of working class people in the army that aren't fash, I remember from the election Corbyn being approached by a vet (I think from the African conflicts in the 1960s-70s, maybe even Malaya) and him saying "I am voting for yu because you care about the working class and you will care for me in my old age, we need mental health care nor warfare" [that is a very rough approximation] He may not have the army on his side, but he may have the soldiers.

I cry everytime

we've already had rounds of riots that spread, officially according to Tory standards no youth jail in the country is deemed as safe, legal highs are causing havoc, drugs can be smuggled in so easily its a joke, mostly by guards. When the tories took power the jails were complaining about being overcrowded and understaffed, that was 10 years ago and they have only continued to cut, even accelerating it, staff have been banned from complaining about it. prisons are best hope of revolutionary agitation in britain IMO


It is possibly, actually there is a british drama about the very thing: A Very British Coup.

I am not sure they could pull it off though tbh.

The Scottish and NI army has a lot of reactionaries due to many being loyalists/orange men

oh god i would cum if the UK breaks up and Ireland reuinifies

Yeah I meant army specifically. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This guy was fash but tried to be cagey about it. When WWII came around he was the only officer of his rank or above that wasn't asked to return to duty. Orwell also writes in his books (I think it was Burmese Days) about how for all their faults the anglos have always been good about not fawning over a guy just because he's in a uniform and boots.

Forgot link.

What's the chance every /leftylad/ that ever posted without a VPN would get disappeared if we went full fascist? It's one of those retarded things that worries me sometimes.


They mean catholics in the UK.

Tbh, perhaps yes.

I know under a fascist regime I would be pretty fucked so I would rather go down in the flames of their takeover rather than having to live under such cruelty.

I mean there was a coup planned against Harold Wilson

Same here as a black man i'd be fucked. The chances of Corbyn steering this juggernaut away from fascism are slim. Tories shouldn't even stand in the next GE after what they've done.

Just google "P. A. Luty".

If I get blown up because Theresa May is retarded I'm going to haunt 10 Downing Street.

we must critically support eu neoliberal tax haven ireland

It is the EU's fault though, they're being as harsh as possible to Britain as a warning what happens if you try to leave their business agreement.

im fucked then. I always try to stay vpnd but sometimes i leave windows open overnight and the vpn gives out but the pages are still auto refreshing.

You have no idea what's happening lad. Stop believing the UK media on Brexit, they are sugarcoating things to to avoid sparking riots.
Read the foreign press - Aus, China, USA etc.

yes and no.
Yes, there will be massive short-term economic damage on both sides of the non-deal, and europorkies will do nothing to stop it, and britain is pretty much powerless.
But no, they're not doing it out of spite but out of self-interest in guaranteeing the high-income, 0,65 billion people consumer market of europe is protected for German and French businesses rather than having to compete with the UK. Not to mention all the banks which will be moving into mainland europe and how one of the world's major reserve currencies will stop being used for financial transactions within the bloc, which will strenghten the Euro and probably help curb tax evasion.

I'm reading both UK libshit press and international press and they're all saying UK fucked up trying to leave. They're also all rejoycing in how ruthless EU negotiators are. Having the recent Syriza negotiations in mind though I know who's really at fault here, and if you want to leave a bad deal you should be able to without having your country revenge-destroyed by megalomaniac technocrats

They're doing what they are doing because it is EU law. Britain seems to think they are above that. Everyone else in the world has seen what sort of country Britain is. British public has no capability of self critique or empathy and that's fine cause you have no influence on anything anyway. You just look like dickheads.

You don't know what you are talking about you utter fucking moron. You think you can leave a 44 year union without taking the decade or so it takes to design and build the hardware and software to replace it? How do you think trade works in the modern, globalised, computer controlled economy? You want to blame the the EU because you actually don't know what you are doing? You think every org that says a no deal scenario is an suicidally bad idea is dishonest when your own govt has been a bad faith actor in the whole "negotiations"? Enjoy your "no deal Brexit", it will be as successful as a "no parachute skydive". Holy fuck the your right wing press and right wing govt really fucked your head up.

Yes. Fuck off Schäuble

The EU will collapse without the UK while we will FLOURISH.
follow this guy if you want to know what's REALLY happening with brexit, he's a brexiter but knows the eu and it's laws etc and intl trade very well.
yeah britain just owned itself super hard, don't let the lie spread that it was the eu pin it firmly on the political and media class and you might get an actual revolution. stay safe comrades.

Why are brexiters always low info mongs?

>y-you plebs really don't understand how complicated it is! there really is no alternative!
Really sends your neurons twirling

Fascinating. Not anyone else's fault you didn't rtfm before trying to do the most complex operation since WW2 but it will be good to see those Anglo tears when you leave us and 20% of your economy leaves you.

Are you German?

Fyi I'm not a Britbong, just glad to see the EU disintegrating and neolibs like yourself reeing about it.

couldn't have happened to a nicer country

fuck off neolib eu technocrat scum

I'm a socialist, I'm just aware that doing this will end in a lot of bloodshed if history is any guide. I'm usually okay with Brits but the ones in Britain seem to be pond life.


I was just trying to save you from yourself. You can do brexit but it's a 10 year mission.

actually fuck it, this. their people are scum, their history is evil, let them die in the fire they started.

What did he mean by this?
Why do you know so much about it then? It's a complete fucking mess from all angles over here, and no journo can back up any of the shit they say.

Never go full burger.

Maybe you should be asking yourself why you know so little instead?

You think the fash won't win when it gets violent? Read the damn thread.

Don't listen to his lies, he's literally Wolfgang Schäuble doing damage control.

So you don't actually know anything about it, you've got the same stance as everyone else: Repeat whatever shit has come in front of you the most and treat it as gospel.
Yeah, it's shit. It's typical leftypol giving hot takes on how fascism arises, despite it only actually arising once in history and the planet becoming hostile to it ever since.

I'm just saying, it's soft brexit or no brexit. That's the truth. And the MPs will vote for no brexit.
If I was schauble I would want you to do a hard brexit so you can come crawling back when you're broke and be my bitch.
Either way will be a humiliation for the UK which is how facism breeds.

You dumb fuck there's been virulent fascism across Asia and South America for the past 50 years. It's getting close to a critical mass in India now, same in Russia and Eastern Europe for the past decade. you absolute cretin. Keep being blase about it, You're probably a white middle class kid who thinks it's all a game and planning how to avoid genocide is idpol, and actually having big pro fash rallies like in Hungary is a all bit of variety.

Christ you Americans really are a bunch of broke brained fucks, really it's impressive how Europe created such a nation of mutts.
Here's how it looks from someone who actually lives in the UK and isn't smashing their hot take into a keyboard for the visually impaired due to their grotesquely obese hands several thousand miles away: The UK regularly stomps all fascist movements in their infancy, our opposition party is the most radical in Europe and more popular than the ruling party, we have the largest left wing youth movement in Europe, the right here is held up by a bunch of toffs who live in Tolkienesque hobbit counties and the fascists have become such a farce their HQ is now a lockup storage in a run down town.

You think you are going to win against the EDL etc and FLA? lmao

Who even are the FLA? Fuck off back to whichever brainlet hole you crawled from and take your deep fried hot takes with you.

Comrade Corbyn will use the full might of the state to persecute and imprison them if they ever become a threat. The right in the UK exists because we allow it, and it will end when we demand it.

Wow you don't even know what's happening in your own country do you?

I think he was joking re: EDL since they're the running gag of European fascism

You say that, the point I'm making is you ride that tiger at your peril. Just as many people have played a double game and got fucked by it as succeeded. Don't think you are in control, or that Corbyn will save the day. As said, the military oppose him too.

Holy kek this guy

I really don't think he is.

just about sums up the uk's negotiating tactics.

Don't worry, they'll probably splinter into the Provisional Lads Alliance, National Lads Alliance, Real Lads Alliance and SDP2LA any time now.
The real head cases you want to watch out for are the Mad Lads for the Liberation of West Bromwich.

Whatever man, I'm comfy in Paris, laughing at the sheer autism of it all. Don't get bitter.

I'm not bitter, the fact you think the latest repainted National Front will ever achieve anything other than harassing locals is laughable. They are Britain's Brainlets. The height of their power and control even from as far back as Cable Street has been the rare race riot, ours was bringing the country to its knees and almost starting a civil war.

Actually lol'd

Of course you're not bitter, your national humilation hasn't arrived yet.
Give it a decade and you'll probably be with the fash.
Don't think you're better than that, you have the same nostalgic mindset every other brit.
No one gives a shit about cable street this is the 21st century.

Sorry are you French or American? I need to figure out which arm of international finance and the global elite is ruling your country right this moment so I can laugh at you.

I'm American. Don't worry about us, we've coopted the EU and our real rival is China who can't project hard power for shit. But Brexit is like voting for Trump forever.


Yeah nothing's changed since then has it. It's not like the right is winning the culture war in the UK too. Even the BBC has moved massively to the right. Anyway I can see you're strugglying to piece things together, (I guess if you weren't such an uneducated population you wouldn't be in this mess) so I'm out.

Please post your dossier on the troop movements of the FLA before you go, my pub crawl map is outdated.

no there was a newspaper released that 5 british soldiers were investigating for Neo Nazi links hardly 'full of neo nazis'.

Exactly. It all needs to go.
I'm only an hour north of the fucked up money hungry capital and we've got as many jobs as Scotland, but house prices comparable to London.
That and, as you say, climate is fucked.