What is leftypol's opinion on deplatforming? Does it work?

What is leftypol's opinion on deplatforming? Does it work?

Yes it does. Just tweet at Milo if you want to learn how effective it is.

Milo single handedly ended himself flr being a pedo though

(Get your priorities straight)


read Bordiga

aka edgy globalists

I thought you'd given-up on the West, and are literally waiting for "Third-Worldism", AKA letting the nigger hordes take-over the world.

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No, because deplatforming only gives the other side more ammo and peaks people's curiosity as to why they were censored (Streisand effect).

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2 questions: 1) are we at war ?2) when you are at war, do you let your enemies March in your spaces ?

He thinks helping Google control the internet helps the working class.


It depends. Sometimes it's necessary.

But if you are trying to deplatform something or some idea from public or academic discourse, that's just gonna backfire, bigly.

When it comes to alt-righters: Debate or ignore. Don't silence.

This doesn't work. As Zizek and others have pointed out, Nazis don't argue in good faith. Debating them serves no purpose other than to give them a space to promote their views.

Google has been hiding socialist org websites as "fake news" the fuck you talking about?

Also I thought Nazbols loved niggers?

Yes, it works great at giving the impression that "leftists" are fragile, anti-intellectual tools of the establishment, and greasing the skids for porky to strip away the civil rights actual leftists depend on.

1) Stop LARPing 2) Propaganda is the least of one's concerns during actual war, when you are far more occupied with dodging enemy bullets than enemy words against your feefees.

You are completely ignorant of history.

Are there actually unironic accelerationists here?

No wew lad enough

The correct answer is "yes, but with consequences and blowback; use sparingly". But autists on imageboards are allergic to nuance to expect nothing but shitflinging

More important things to worry about during war:
Things not to worry about that much:

Allowing nazis to organize and possibly take over IS accelerationism.

Not really. It mostly just keeps upper class twits from hearing what they don't want to hear.

No, just someone using their brain. Read about the Free speech fights in the American West and elsewhere around the early 20th century. Or, fuck, even just a few years ago when Occupy was being relentlessly fucked with, like the city of Portland declaring umbrellas a temporary structure and taking them all to leave the Occupiers standing in the rain. "Free speech" isn't anything, and the second it proves inconvenient for them the liberals will change the rules so that the law no longer protects you, just as they've done repeatedly, over and over and over again.

"Free speech" is as ephemeral a spook as every other, and just like every other spook it will desert you the moment you need it.

So free speech or not, speak up, because you're probably going to meet the business end of a police truncheon anyway.

Wow, gee, which sounds worse:
a) A group of powerless autists, the overwhelming majority of whom aren't "nazis"
b) Left-center-right-approved arbitrary censorship and elimination of due process in lockstep between "anti-establishment" activists and the establishment themselves

At the individual level, maybe. At the strategic, war-wide level propaganda is of the utmost importance.

How do you imagine that undermining free speech, as both a cultural principle, and a legal establishment, will help that? Do you seriously think that violations of free speech today, done covertly or in moments of weakness, are worse than the totally unrestrained tyranny that occurs when free speech is formally illegal and culturally despised?

Free speech doesn't exist you fag. Keep crying about Nazis not being allowed to have their gay jamborees if you want. Actual socialists have better things to do.

Do you seriously imagine LARP you live in a 3rd-world dictatorship?

so there is no class war then?
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please go put on the national anthem to the USSR and just think about how much of a fucking liberal you are

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I'm beginning to more and more unironically want Nazis to take over so the free speech fags will be shot first and I can see the look on their faces.

what part of that says to you "words don't have meanings" ???

Conflating literal and metaphorical war, describing a nation with working class rights that 90% of the world's population would die for their children to have as 3rd-world.

Seriously, stop LARPing so hard.

I didn't say shit about the third world, I asked you if there was such a thing as classwar and then questioned your idea that propoganda means nothing in a war. Also looking back I fail to see how your point about propoganda even connects to the previous point I made before it about letting your enemies march in your spaces in a war

Class war in countries like the US is a metaphor, because unlike an actual war, there aren't platoons of soldiers pumping hot lead into each other en-masse.

In the non-LARP struggle of class war in a peaceful, prosperous nation, what is needed is the ability to engage with your opponents, energize disinterested bystanders, and convince them of your righteousness. You don't do that by labeling anyone who dares to disagree on the slightest point (including leftists outcast as "brocialists" at best and cryptofascists at worst) with you as a baby-eating nazi literally murder-raping you with their evil wrongthoughts.

Further, the idea of establishing "your space" in a war of ideas, creating echo-chambers and monocultural bubbles of anti-intellectual circlejerking, is one doomed to lead to infighting and purity spirals where the most intelligent and capable are driven out, while the social climbers and opportunistic parasites consolidate control over both the group and its orthodoxy.

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Terror without virtue is fatal, virtue without terror is impotent.

Worst case of the Left blaming the victim. Totally missed Milo's points:

The notion of pedophilia is inherently heteronormative, and not fully compatible with homosexual coming-of-age.

If we were to take the ball on step further, we'd say that many cases of homosexual adults began with sexual development deviation as the result of what is known among heterosexuals as sexual predation, but among homosexuals is known as "totally normal love".

idpol, not even once

Sorry m8 i'm too much of a brainlet to understand this. Are you saying that gay are rape victims?

I'm saying that victimhood is subjective, and that the law regarding pedophilia is written for straight people to keep grown men away from younger girls, and applying it to other sexual combinations is discriminatory.

If they hold a monopoly on entire subjects (which they do), they are going to have the final word on those subjects.

Trying to silence Milo only made him into a celebrity before he blew himself up. Silencing doesn't work unless you create an illiberal dictatorship.

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That's bullshit. If really gays reason like this they should be shot

Why do you keep reposting this picture? Nobody is talking about idpol or SJWs, and deplatforming isn't intrinsically tied to those things

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We are talking about antifa. Read the post in the pic

No, deplatforming is an ineffective tactic in the internet era. The idea was born when the promulgation of fascist ideology required access to meeting places and printing presses: comparatively large and expensive pieces of infrastructure it is reasonably easy to deny them access to without undermining the notion of a free society. The advent of desktop publishing and the internet mean that any fash in a bedroom can produce samizdat and gather to his hearts content and the only manner in which a no platform strategy can work is to demand that the underlying institutions become arbiters of who is allowed to speak. Those institutions are subservient to capital and its representatives: given Donald Trump's recent noises about CNN et al, do you think handing his minions powers to censor as they see fit is a wise idea.

As a aside, observe who has clearly not noted that Milo Y is still pumping out propaganda on youtube, where today he uploaded an hour long chat with Pamela Geller to promote a book she is offering through his publishing business. No platform seems to have simply pushed the right into an apparent form of the dual power strategy.

Zero sources that that's what antifa wants.

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