Daily News Thread 10/16

Israeli Jets Bomb Syrian Anti-Air Battery near Damascus

The Israeli Defence Force has reported that they launched a retaliatory attack on a Syrian anti-air battery following a "reconnaissance mission" over Lebanon.

Iraqi forces taking over Kirkuk ‘a declaration of war’ – Kurdish Peshmerga

Iraqi soldiers have raised their country’s flags over key buildings in Kirkuk, and Baghdad has declared the Kurdish city be under government control. The Kurdish Peshmerga forces called the takeover “a flagrant declaration of war” and vowed that Iraq will pay a “heavy price.”

Turkey backs Iraqi moves into Kurdish region

Turkey says it supports the operation conducted by the Iraq government forces which moved in to the disputed city of Kirkuk and seized oil fields and other infrastructure following last month’s Kurdish independence vote.

Rise of the right: Austria’s election results & their implications for Europe

The resounding success of two anti-immigrant parties in the Austrian elections, with the right-wing Freedom Party (FPO) delivering one of the strongest performances in more than a decade, is a direct result of Europe’s open border policies, analysts say.

Maduro's Socialist Party Wins Venezuela's Regional Polls

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said it was the highest turnout in 15 years - more than 10 million people voted.

U.S. Supreme Court to decide major Microsoft email privacy fight

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to resolve a major privacy dispute between the Justice Department and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) over whether prosecutors should get access to emails stored on company servers overseas.

Tillerson Pledges Diplomacy With North Korea ‘Until the First Bomb Drops’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says President Donald Trump wants him to push forward on diplomacy with North Korea “until the first bomb drops.”

U.K. Fears Collapse of Brexit Talk Within Weeks

Brexit negotiations are heading for a catastrophic breakdown unless the European Union signals this week that it will allow talks to move on to trade, according to a person familiar with the U.K. government’s position.

Hurricane Ophelia: Three people die as storm hits Ireland

Two men and a woman have been killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit the British Isles.

A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years

The sun could be one of our biggest threats in the next 100 years. If an enormous solar flare like the one that hit Earth 150 years ago struck us today, it could knock out our electrical grids, satellite communications and the internet. A new study finds that such an event is likely within the next century.

Colin Kaepernick files lawsuit against NFL over 'collusion' not to sign him

Colin Kaepernick has filed a lawsuit against NFL team owners he believes are conspiring not to hire him because of his protests against racial injustice.

A confused police officer thought doughnut glaze was meth in a costly mistake

A man in Florida has been awarded a settlement of $37,500 after he was arrested by police who had mistaken Krispy Kreme crumbs for methamphetamine chunks.

Texas Justice Department employee 'stole $1.25m worth of fajitas'

A former south Texas Juvenile Justice Department employee has been arrested after authorities say he stole an extraordinary $1.25m (£940,000) worth of fajitas over nine years.

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Venezuela Regional Elections: Another Victory from Below

Venezuela gave yet another lesson on participatory democracy to the world and demonstrated their resilience and the courage to stand up.

Facial Recognition for Porn Stars Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen

The underlying tech being used by Pornhub could one day be used by more nefarious actors to identify amateur and unwitting porn models.


Six senate democrats have asked the Treasury Department’s inspector general to investigate whether Keith Noreika, head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, is illegally serving in office.

Trump, Iran and the US drive for world hegemony

At the conclusion of a bellicose and dishonest speech on Friday, US President Donald Trump vowed to blow up the 2015 Iran nuclear accord unless it is rewritten in accordance with US demands.

You, an old-fashioned Marxist: Egoist anarchist praxis is irrelevant and impotent
Me, the splendid Einzige:

It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back to wsws

they shouldn't aught to 'ave trusted 'em
Our timeline confirmed for being a mediocre Turteldove ripoff that's too reference-y and parallel-y
spoiler alert: we can go fuck ourselves and so can our privacy
got his habits mixed up lel
And that's terible. But how?
ya think??



What kind of age are we living in where cops don't know their doughnuts.

Thank you!

What the fuck, do the British Isles actually get hurricanes?

A bad one

Without technology to ship food around or keep it cold storaged, with basically all of the proletarian's limited wealth inside electronic banking accounts that will instantaneously disappear, and a near total communications blackout, just to begin the festivities- not even counting all the nuclear reactor meltdowns as coolant is taken offline or any shit like that- the entire fucking planet is going to get puerto rico'd all at once. The good news is, we may achieve communism afterward. The bad news is it will only be for the porky bourgeois, who will ride the whole thing out in utmost luxury inside their private walled compounds, being attended to by legions of slaves desperate to get away from the starvation, madness and death going on just outside.

The article also mentions that there are things we could do to solve this issue right now, before it ever happens- expensive things of course, which means nothing will ever happen. The guy who proposes it even immediately backs away from it. Why should the government spend billions to prevent the apocalypse when there are brown people and norks to slap your dick against?

Trump: Cuba ‘is responsible’ for attacks on US personnel
we /possiblystartinganotherwarinlatinamerica/ now

Will this fat fuck shut his mouth already christ

Austria wasn't always a right-wing predominant country?

They do now

Telesur is literally government media. Shit source tbh.

Let's all just die and get this nightmare over with.

I'd trust Telesur over whatever source you give me because the opposition still hasn't given any proof.

Solid rationale.

No because they haven't offered any proof to corroborate their claims, I'm skeptical.

Revelation 6:12
I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood.

At this point I have more faith in Jesus returning to save / condemn us than the possibility of the human race changing course.


Top tier Mother 3 image, user.

What, feel good virtue signalling? This isn't a meaningful course of action.





Like the only thing I expect cops to get right, and they fucked it up.

Back in 2004, the most bizarre cyclone in registered history hit Brazil. I moved near the hit area mere months before, I was 100 miles away from the damn thing.

Is it just me, or is this article just basically complaining that this tech will ruin muh amateur porn?

You say that as if a run-of-the-mill Porky-owned media is any more inherently credible.