Badmouse has Cucked Out

No more Badmouse for at least a year, if he doesn't just quit all together. Sad to see lefty YouTube with so little shit nowadays. Its basically entirely reactionary now.

Well fuck….

Good, hopefully muke fucks off as well.

It's always funny to see yotubers calling their "work" hard. Cucks

that didn't take long

his videos were not very good anyways

Wait, making one or two videos a month is "full-time"? Who is he kidding? Sure his videos are decently produced but I'm not buying it.

You have no idea how long it takes to properly edit

Well that sucks, but he had a shitty attitude about us anyway so, oh well.

Hot take: He's quitting because he's going to seclude himself in a cabin with 200 books of theory. He'll either return as the reincarnation of Marx or not return at all.

Can't say I'm sad to see this autist will no longer be representing the left in a public space.

Another liberal gulag'd
Sage for shit thread

what is this based on?

This shit is such a meme. You have no idea what proper editing is and how little does it take when it comes to youtube videos


They're both embarassingly ignorant of what they talk about and have changed ideologies based on memes and feels. I don't like either finbol or anarchopac but at least with those faggots you can be certain they have read up on what they talk about.

hope he reads and comes back as Lenin 2.0

BadMouse is and always has been fucking terrible. Just some kid who read a little theory and thinks that entitles him to say utter garbage.

I'm ready

Everyone ITT bitching about badmouse not reading any theory clearly hasn't watched the video - he specifically addresses this, and that's why he's taking a break.

You guys are so quick to hate on people ffs.

Honestly I don't know what you were excepting on a chan of all places.

A homie. But I don't need him. Good luck to him in whatever he does next.

Bitter virgin nerds hate it when other BVNs actually do anything or make a name for themselves. To cast off the anonymous persona is a betrayal that viciously lacerates what remains of their ego.

fuck off anfem

yes instead it'll be muke "leftypol is extremely reactionary"

Nobody posts with that flag lol

If YouTube is so important, why not start a Holla Forums media collective? I'm sure we have tons of talented persons who can actually do shit other than complaining about e-celebs all day.


YouTube is honestly a fucking failing cesspit and wanting to be a part of it requires you to endure the bullshit required by youtube. Only complete corporate whores or people with great endurance for its bullshit, actually want to endure it.

Podcasting is probably the home for leftism.

it shouldnt even exist and you should stop being a fucking worthless celebrity following faggot and read a fucking book

I can edit

So much for the "people will work for self fulfilment and not for a wage" left!

I have to agree with this. Every new iteration of youtube seems to only get worse. On PC I'm inured to some of the awfulness with adblock etc. On phone it's just awful. Ads everywhere, constantly pushing their official content at me and trying to get me to buy youtube red.

Also if I try to use swipe to type youtube it comes out YouTube. I can't delete that from the dictionary. I hate this.

You should opt out of life.

It's not like he was useful to begin with. If you wish to idealize some fat pussy making videos as worthwhile to a "movement" you ought to either reconsider your life choices, or kill yourself.

The reward is worth the risk.

I would do that but I got school, personal life, and reading theory. I do have a channel where I uploaded shit during the summer, but It’ll probably be a while tell I make more shit.

Can't say I liked him, but he was a hell of a lot better than muke. We need to do something to stop muke from becoming the next face of the left on YouTube. Try to shill for DemocraticSocialist01, TheFinnishBolshevik, and whoever else actually reads whenever you can.

Are we talking roo or mouse?


What would really work is if you could couple him with someone funny. To make his dryness digestible to the plebs.


I actually respect him for taking time off to go read.


I’ve seen it all.

I don't have to agree with someone says to know whether or not they are intellectually competent.

When you remove all the ideological fog, Leftcom positions practically align with tankie positions 1:1 (except maybe on anti-imperialism). The only difference is a semantic one, Marxist-Leninists think that socialism actually has been attained in some form, and Leftcoms don't.

Which makes their contrarianism against us even more absurd.


youtube is literally only useful for lectures, and this youtuber culture shit is cancer


that's not some minor cosmetic difference you moron, it shows that the two have entirely different interpretations of marxism!

that tankie's (somehow) think the USSR counts as socialism has to mean that they have a completely separate idea of what socialism can be than leftcoms. idk how this can possibly allow for them to "practically align with tankie positions 1:1"

He's going to come back as a market /non-commie anarchist. Screenshot this.

No Leftcoms think the USSR wasn’t socialism. They think in order to have socialism you must completely destroy commodity production. No while once socialism is established the abolishment of commodity production should follow rather quick what left-coms say is pretty inaccurate.

If he actually decides to read, he's going become leftcom.

I support this

Prolly not he started out as an ancap and was convinced of leftism thru debate

Lost interest immediately

Wikipedia isn't a good source of theory

Well I'm gonna prepare to shit a tank

Well done, YouTube. You made BadMouse's hair fall out.

My fear is him turning into a Sargon-esk centrist.

Fuck off

It's happening and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

In the same way that I don't support the USSR but would prefer a world with the USSR than a world with nothing to stop capitalism being fully unleashed, I'd rather have TFB around than nobody.

I am thinking of copying his concept for his avatar standing at the edge of the video emoting with my fursona, how cancerous is this on a scale of 1 to 1000?



It's actually the worst part of his videos.


Just do your actual face unless you have privacy concerns. In that case wear a balaclava or something.

No, we don't need weirdos on youtube.

Youtube is almost nothing but weirdos, familia.


Lefcoms are basically the kikes of communism

Even though you may be completely blind to it, there is in fact a line where social norms are.

And youtube is full of people who are over that line.

Again, you're just blind to it because you have some form of advanced autism which fails to let you see how cringy both the suggestion and most likely yourself are. Feel free to post examples that aren't also examples of people who are largely mocked for crossing this line.

Man, look at those goalposts go!

Why? That's boring

I dunno, kinda, I feel like being a known gommie would be bad for my employment prospects

Oh fuck I'm sorry professor I didn't realise this was the fucking Oxford Debate Society. My hypothesis of "we don't need weirdos on youtube" has been completely disproven by your thesis.

He admitted on twitter that he finds socialist and anarchist theory boring. His videos were well-edited but the content itself was pretty shit. I mean, fucking Muke is better read than BadMouse.

badmouse, and almost everyone on this board

Muke leave

Put Leninhat back on muke.

what the fuck does this even mean

Do something that isn't totally autistic then, like a not-furry representation.

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