Why is fascism so… seductive? A legitimate question concerning the psychological effects

Why is fascism so… seductive? A legitimate question concerning the psychological effects.

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women want to fuck fascists. No women ever fantasized about fucking a self flagellating impoverished (and proud!) blackpilled working class larper

If I remember correctly Freud basically thought that fascism was appealing because of how much of a domination/submission aspect the ideology creates…. Basically fascists are sexual degenerates who deny they are while projecting their fantasies into politics.

how can fascists be sexual degenerates when killing sexual degenerates is a very important part of the fascist political platform?

Not really, the NSDAP was full of "degenerates" back in the day

It's a mystery indeed…

The same way reactionaries have their cake and eat it on all matters: be huge hypocrites

Because humans are drawn to aesthetics and mythology. Fascism incorporates both, but still develops are somewhat modernist worldview. When old notions of an aristocratic elite are being discarded as decadent and obsolete, fascism replaces this. Most Nazis used to be former monarchist-national conservative type enthusiasts for Wilhelm II, and then later on got into völkisch circles like the Thule Society.

It let's losers think they're bigger than they are.

You do realize it's been scientifically proven that the most gay hating people are gay themselves because most of the time when tested arousal was found among them looking at gay porn right? Point being hating something doesn't mean you aren't that thing.

Has it been scientifically proven that most nigger hating people are niggers themselves? Has it been proven that spider-phobic people are secretly spiders?

So is it scientifically proven that Holla Forums are secretly all capitalists?

The question was "how can fascists be sexual degenerates when killing sexual degenerates is a very important part of the fascist political platform?"

The point I was making was not that hating automatically makes that thing, but that hating something does not automatically exclude one from that group. I can't believe you two you're really this stupid.

hating homosexuals has been a standard thing for most of human history every country that isn't part of the Anglo-Zionist conglomerate has laws that hate homosexuals.

I'm personally partial to the Chinese system of dealing with them. If you are a homosexual in China you have to get a gay card from the communist party that states that you are in fact a gay then you must go through months of medical exams and paper work so you could be allowed to fugg other card carrying gay Chinese men in a special designated communist party owned location once a couple of months all the employers in China see that you are in fact a card carrying gay and you will be blocked from all careers related to the bureaucracy and national security

It's easy to understand, and the idiot monkey parts of our brains love hating & smashing things.

because you're a misanthrope.

Because it offers easy answers to complicated questions. Fascism is capitalism with an extra layer of spooks.


But it's not?


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The life of a brainlet.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Don't forget the rather new "robots will appear out of thin air and do all the work".

Soldiers used whores since the time warfare was invented if the Soviet army had brothels set up while they were on campaign then they wouldn't have gone around raping innocent German and Eastern European women.

that's not even a lot.


Europe was a gay orgy fest until western christian religion properly implemented old testament into the western canon, ironically the zionists you hate so much are the ones who banned gayness. Even then the despise for homosexuality we found nowadays is easily the result of industrial revolution cultural shift worldwide. Read a fucking book fag


Right, because Germans didn't rape women on the Eastern Front. On a scale that dwarfed Soviet crimes.

Solon's laws in Athens made faggotry punishable by death same in Rome sorry fag

i will need to see some evidence

It appeals to many aspects of the human psyche. Firstly, it appeals to man's tribal instincts. Unlike internationalist movements, fascism expresses exclusivity among its adherents. People have a tendency to want to be in the in-group, and fascist movements play up the cultural, historical, and genetic foundations that constitute the in-group. In accordance with "us against them", it must coexist with "them", even if antagonistically. Otherwise, its basis of unity is nonexistent. If Hitler, for some hypothetical reason, exterminated every non-German on the planet, the whole thing would eventually fall apart. There is also great emphasis on the health of the family, and if the tribe is more socially intimate to the individual than the other, than the family is the most intimate social group of all, and that the family is considered so significant to the point of sanctity is an appeal of its own. The ideology has esoteric aspects that while most people don't understand, they do process them subconsciously. I don't think there is a modern ideology that rivals the existential power of Not Socialism. There are great leaps of logic that must be undertaken to live a faithful life in accordance with most religions, but in the case of NS, the race itself is the religion. One would have a difficult time logically deducing how his existence is owed to god, but to understand that his existence is owed to his family, his ancestors, his tribe and the cultural and technological achievements thereof, is simple. NS creates an organic religion of man's volk, and needs to provide little justification as to why man should aspire to serve and enrich his people.

Obviously I'm not from here, but I thought I'd make a genuine post for you. If you want my advice you guys should stop criticizing "spooks" and understand what they really are. They are extremely powerful tools for personal life and politics.

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why would I look for facts that disagree with me?


it says Polish women

False. There were cultures which allowed faggotry, but many more had a very harsh view on faggotry.

ah, the entire right-wing mentality. well played.


It didn't. Rome had 0 probs with homosex and solon's laws were useless shit and everybody hated him

Romans, celts and a lot of german populations had no problems with homosexuality. Jews had a problem with male homosexuality because in the desert you have to keep your liquids and by having gay sex you waste precious semen that could impregnate woman.

Why did you come here just to argue about faggotry? Go home Kamerad.