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This is the unofficial Holla Forums contact exchange thread. The scope is primarily romance but this is a friendship thread as well. Based off the ideas in

For security and privacy reasons, we recommend any anons exchanging contact use Wire or Riot
(, both if which can be created easily.

Please fill the following out:

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the absolute fucking state of leftypol

Not today FBI

We should make one for Holla Forums

0ch just got one

Handjobs (fully clothed)

In the email field ;)

u 'avin a giggle m8?

Milk steak
Ghouls. Funny little green ghouls
People's knees. Cover up your knees if you're going to be walking around everywhere
Writing musicals, the Waitress, kitten mittons, spaghetti days, guns, America, playing nightcrawlers, greenman, screaming at baby's faces, cheese, Coors
S you in your A's, don't wear a C and J all over your B's
In the email field ;)

Talking shit about Bakunin.
There's a specter haunting this board!

absolutely not canon

Oh shit were they secret butt-buddies?


Errr maybe you should start with a pen pal/reading buddy thread first?

Or a webcam thread, if you people are as thirsty as I think you all are.

Washington DC but I got the means to travel
revolutionary marxism, insurrection, illegalism
female (male) ;)
any! (im bi)
a nice person to do revolution with
reading theory, planning, etc
I like to dress in girly clothes ;3
You can send me messages on my spy-themed tumblr at
be sure to tell me all about your plans to kill the rich, I'd love to get a conversation going! :)

I think it sucks people are so cynical about this, sure there's a security concern but wouldn't it be great to hang irl with people from here? Oh well.


Legit fucking neck it keep this trash off this board

I dunno.

It should be okay to chat with people but I'll just end up talking to someone and realize that there's a six hour timezone difference between us or some shit.

Well that's why we should collect info on where people are… but yeah I guess that will never happen (as if the CIA doesn't already have your home address and SSN)

So what timezone are you in? :^)

GMT+1 here!

Give me tips on where to migrate to. Somewhere not so smugly neoliberal.


Don't come here, it's shit.

Fix your shit chodemonkey
Put this in the trash thread.
Friends, gf (female)
Films, listening to music, looking at art particularly photography, some vidya, working out, some cooking
I'm into rough sex and have a big dick
Too shy

Lol this thread is only a few posts deep and it's already really rough, I'm not suprised as to why anyone here would possibly be single

If I needed a GF, (or if I was a girl and needed a BF), anonymous imageboards would probably be my last place to look. Not necessarily because of the quality of material (I honestly believe that leftypol are better than average for example), but because of how terribly inconvenient this site is for that particular task.

Bring your most illegal drugs and explosives too

2646, not counting cryosleep years
Roswell, NM
A cow is fine too
Anal sex
Model rockets and uranium glass collecting
of the 3rd kind

There is hardly any security concern. It truly is an illusory security to think that the FBI or similar agencies would need you to tell them this stuff directly for them to know.

Right, that's exactly how I feel.

More realistic concern is catfishing.

Dominican Republic
Pan-African Maoist
An Irish American first basemen who can hit 70 home runs in one season.
Beisbol, Flintstones Vitamins, yellow sweaters, pink fedoras, boomboxes, needle-less injectors, photography
Beisbol been berry, berry good to me.
[email protected]

Those no gf feels

Northeast Ohio
Anarcho communism
Girl (Male)
Someone to read theory to me as I fall asleep before bed
I like playing pokemon games
I have discord, wire, and throwaway emails

There's a Lefty room.

we already have a room which is leftypol-ifested ( although not leftypol-affiliated )

What is it, comrade?

Is this for fucking real? A contact exchange thread that is for romance and organisation isn't even mentioned. Fuck I am so close to being done with place but I love it so much

Comrade, after the drinks and orgy we were totally gonna plot the revolution. Gotta break the ice ya know?

Thank you for replying seriously to this thread, comrade.

Organization is important but group management like that would be hard to setup here

Georgia, US
Marxist Socialist
Just friends mainly.
Reading manga, Vidya, just keeping myself busy etc.
Im boring but good looking
Implying anybody would care.

I still don't understand "progressive" gf like ?????

progressive usually = sjw

Dropped your flag

And now I got back to normal

Egoist gf sounds the best
Conservatard gf sounds too much like me family

go on citizen



Northeast PA

Orthodox Marxist


not regular cis-men, looking for fem transboys to butch lesbians


not much right now

If you are in NEPA I can hook you up with the local comrades

email: [email protected]

Any male Jewish comrades interested in shidduch dating please send me your info. I'll give you mine.

Hey im not circumcised but can we meet anyway?

Are you in Montréal?

I'm not saying I want to date you, I'm just wondering.


College undergraduate age.
Pacific NW of the United States.
Don't care.
I have a pretty fulfilling social life, so I'm not really posting this for my own sake. I am more interested in networking with other socialists for the purpose of spreading propaganda. That said, I know a lot of you are alienated from more than your labor, and I'm totally down to just chill if anyone is in my area.
Art, music, outdoors stuff.
420 friendly ;)
Just respond with your preferred contact info and I'll send you a throwaway email.

nah sorry to dissapoint

low tier bait

nice try fbi
brazil , extremely south city
fucking love the IRA , i think you need the state to benefit everyone equally and feel communism is flawed because of its anti-statist tendendcies
dont care
someone else to chat/shitpost/potentially topple the goverment with , things are boring and cold in the south (even in the summer , fuck this weather)
camping , cooking (specially BBQ'ing things), guns , making shit from scrap
ill see how this goes before sharing , tovarish

Early-Mid 20s
US, Southwesternish
Anarchist, although I've also read a lot of Marx and Lenin.
Cis Male
Cis Female
A friend at first that could get romantic if we click. I have a good circle of friends both online and IRL, I just feel lacking in the romantic companionship aspect. I'd like to meet a fellow leftist girl of whatever idealogy and keep each other from being alienated by capitalism as well as spread propaganda and just self improve / be there for each other
I mess with tech stuff (programming and tinkering with hw), listen to audiobooks and podcasts while commuting, and the usual chan stuff like anime/vidya.
I'm a student and I also work part time. I'm pretty laid back most of the time.
@noxis on Wire.
[email protected]

Sf bay
anything tbh
airsoft, hiking, boating
email's up there somewhere

This is retarded, even for Holla Forums standards.