Are you scared, Holla Forums ?

Are you scared, Holla Forums ?

Why would I be scared of faggots throwing their money at a shit game?

Kek, what a bunch of autists.

Shit. It's not like anti communist games don't exist. Think of homeland, rogue warrior, call of duty, mgsv…. Jesus basically every videogame where you are an american soldier.

So are they dropping all pretenses about not being Nazis then?

I love how Reddit thinks we would give a shit.
Anyone who knows the history of working class leftism knows we're used to being gunned down by the leaders of every single country. The overreaction from these Nazis proves that they're too childish to handle fear.

To be fair, they don't exist lately. At least the ones where the communist are generic evil minions, like in Wolfenstein. They've surely been before.

The funny part is that they will buy the fucking game regardless.

Gamer Gate is probably one of the most dead things at the current moment….



Well you slaughter a lot of soviets in afghanistan.

I love how gamergate somehow made Nazis even more pathetic. It recruited the worst male specimens west had to offer (incel gamers.) Talk a about a poison pill.

Holla Forums is their own worst enemy.

Metal gear solid five

It's not anti communist. Big boss fights for both sides of the iron curtain. You fight the Soviets in Afghanistan but also Rhodesian and South African mercenaries fighting the socialist government of Angola. In peace walker your main allies are the Sandinistas.


I hope they somehow gather up the millions that would be needed to make that game to anything like a professional standard, it would be great fun to do for my channel. But as if any of their ecelebs will put their money towards it, fascism is for bilking the retards out of their money, not putting it back into the 'community'.

Play Ground Zeroes then.

Done. Mgs was my favorite brand before that shit. Mgsv is probably the worst let down i ever had videogame wise

Why? MGS5 is my favorite MGS

It's boring. Empty. No epic moments, no badass boss fights, no decent conclusion to 25 years long series

Oh well. To me it's most well written and directed MGS and has the best gameplay in the series.

If MGSV is your favourite in the series you are a denegerate, uncultured normie who is probably and Amerikkkan as well.
Go back to COD.

iirc it's typical of social stunties to assume everybody shares their fears, thoughts and fetishes so that's probably what's going on with OP that and his love of homo cocks